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Welcome to Alonefield.
Aiming at creating an atmosphere and environment of brotherhood and fair game-play, we wish you a happy journey on the minecraft world.

Vote for our server and help us reach the top! But no Nobel cause should go un-rewarded.... so when you vote, you get a token and help us get 1 step closer to a vote party!!

Vote on these links below:


- 1 Minecraft server for both Java and Bedrock Edition
- Anti grief, and EVERYTHING is logged for catching thiefs and griefers
- Contests (Like art, mc builds, photography, etc...)
- Memes + fun bots
- Active community with over 500 members
- Earnable status/permission roles
- Server partnerships
- Handpicked mods to enforce non-toxicity

We welcome everyone!

Check us out!
Welcome to Whimplex! A community server with its very own Minecraft Survival Multiplayer server! (SMP)
Through our dedicated discord server, come chat with our wonderful community of more than 300 members! Participate in a vast array of events and community challenges, and fulfill your dream of playing minecraft multiplayer with your friends without any trouble once again!
The discord for the hermitcraft inspired community, SpyroCraft! This is ONLY JAVA EDITION. Click the invite link to join a fun nontoxic community! Applications required, but everything is included, including information in the discord. SMP server.
A discord server where you can make some new friends.
-Movie nights
-Among Us auto mute bot
-A hermitcraft like minecraft server with a chill community! :)
And more!

Hope to see you there. :D
Hey Hey! I've created a Minecraft java edition server, it's a few days old so not much is happening with it, but don't fear! I and my team of admins have big plans for the server to make it the best it can be.

The server is mainly targeted at members of the lgbtq community but allies of our community can join. I have very strict rules against hate speech, if you are found out spreading hate speech you will receive a ban...

About the Minecraft server: The server is hermitcraft inspired! So get creative, get friendly and most importantly... just have fun!

A few more words, my online name is Kawii, so please don't be afraid to reach out to me and ask question, I'm you're admin for both discord server and the Minecraft server. i'm hoping the server(s) grow and that every makes friends and have fun together... Hope to see you over on UnityCraft!

Post: LunarSMP
Edition: Java 1.16.4
When: Releases A FEW DAYS AGO!
Why: You should join because we have an awesome and none toxic community, we chat and talk on the server, and is very active.
This is an awesome server for fans and friends of the Cavecraft SMP! Feel free to join, check out the amazing vids, and chat with the community! We also have fun events and giveaways! Make sure to join!
Do you like Hermitcraft? Are you looking for somewhere to discuss Hermitcraft with other people alongside Minecraft? Well this is the place for you! We have
1. A Minecraft Java and Bedrock server
2. Active community
3. Awesome staff team
4. Fun Events
5. Hermitcraft discussion and more!
Come and join the server today!
QuackSMP is a fairly small mostly-vanilla minecraft 1.16 JAVA SMP hosted in America for playing with friends. We are a friendly hermitcraft-like community looking to grow.
Main difference we have from regular vanilla Minecraft is that we have custom terrain built from Terraforged.
We run our server on a dedicated server.
We have a few datapacks on the server, but mostly just quality of life changes.
When you join you need to do a application. This application will be denied or accepted within 24 hours.
Hopefully we'll see you here!
Hey there!

Do you like Hermitcraft too?

Well then I have awesome news for you!

We have our own Hermitcraft fan server!

Our fan server includes:

- Hermitcraft pings! Select your Hermits via role-reactions and get pinged whenever they upload a video!
- Hermit events! Join our very fun Hermitcraft events!
- Bots! Some dumb bots that nobody cares about!
- Nice community! We might not be with much yet, but our community is very nice!

We hope too see you soon! Later!
---🌲Gravity Falls Discord🌠---

Join for:

--- Awesome Chats about the characters!🎉

--- Awesome bots! 🤖

---The server's own bot this cool features !👀

---Cool videos😎

---Super cool Staff👌

---Best gravity falls discord 👍

---Awesome roles😍

--- Gravity Falls theme remixes! 🎧

--- Awesome news letter! 📰

--- The mystery shack!🏡

---Daily Questions!✨️

---Fun Activities🏀


--- Partnerships!🤝

--- Interact with Bill Cipher!🔺

--- Roleplay included!🕵️‍

---Be whoever you wish to be as a Gravity Falls Character👦

--- Watch Gravity Falls for free😃

---Get a Chance to become a Staff!👮‍

--Join Now!---------------------
Note: You don't have to know about Gavity Falls to join here. You can come for making friend and stuff.
Hermitcraft Fans also Welcome.

-Dipper & Mabel Pines.

Welcome to CraftTopia.
Our Hermit-like server offers the best of HermitCraft in the form of a community server. We are currently looking for active, dedicated players who want to be part of an amazing community and make friends.

!!! We will be starting new season 21st November so make sure to join !!!

Discord server invite:
This is a server for fans of the famous HermitCraft server! Get certain roles to unlock chats specific to a hermit! Staff applications soon!
Supercraft is a Hermitcraft-like, friendly survival vanilla Realm for Bedrock edition where friends are made and play MC together. Supercraft is a small community with experienced and mature players. Must be older than 14 to join.
On the doscord server, everyone is welcome. We play different mini-games and have the IdleRPG bot.
🔸Bedrock edition
🔸Vanilla survival
🔸Small community
🔸One player sleep addon
🔸Shopping district with user-created shops and builds
🔸Experienced and mature players
🔸Friendly atmosphere
Do you like Hermitcraft? Are you looking for somewhere to discuss Hermitcraft with other people alongside Minecraft? Well this is the place for you! We have
1. A Minecraft Java sever
2. Active community(Just started)
3. Awesome staff team (Not yet but accepting now)
4. Fun Events
5. Hermitcraft discussion and more!
Come and join the server today!
(We have rebranded ourselves but we still associate with hermitcraft and have fans of, in our discord)
This is an rp server where you can be your favourite minecraft youtuber you can be a very old on till a new one.You can be your own self if you want here.I basicly made a minecraft roleplay server where there will be at least a huge amount of characters so everyone will get someone.
Welcome to Grian Club! Here we discuss about grian, hermitcraft and more! YouTube notifications not working correctly? Fear no more! Get to know when grian uploads in this server! You can choose to be pinged or not! Have a good time! -Grian Club
A HermitCraft like server, brand new so no mega farms or builds have been done. Even playing field for everyone. Shopping district with diamonds as the economy. accepting staff applications
TotallyNotSuspicious is a 2+ year SMP Server based around vanilla Minecraft gameplay.
- Version: 1.16.1
- Kindred to Hermitcraft.
- Our main priority is to encourage interactions and creativity among players.
- Active community projects.