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✅Friendly Staff and Community 🙋‍♂️
✅This is all platform server(PC,Psn,Xbox)
✅Organize heists and car meets dailly👀
✅Be respectful to others✋✋🏻✋🏼✋🏽✋🏾✋🏿
✅Have fun king👑
Our Features:

✧ Hourly coin & item giveaways
✧ Premium Dank Memer & Carl (Less cooldown & more coins)
✧ Fun Daily Events
✧ Trading area & market
✧ Max server multiplier (More coins)
✧ Huge Booster Perks
✧ Large lotteries and raffles
✧ Great, active, non-toxic community
✧ Interactive Staff Team
✧ Fun daily tournaments and events!
✧ Large Heist events!
✧ No Requirement Giveaways
✧ Occasional Nitro Giveaways
✧ Moderator Applications

→ Rob and Heist disabled ←

Our Bots:

♡ Dank Memer
♡ Dank Memer Beta
♡ Bro Bot
♡ MafiaBot
♡ Pokecord
♡ Mudamaid
♡ OwO
♡ Yggdrasil (Call People)
♡ Yui
♡ Countr
♡ MarriageBot
♡ Aki
♡ Yggdrasil
♡ Rythm
♡ Octave
♡ Aki
♡ 5+ Music Bots
and many more!

Join the Dank Society Giveaway Server today for a fun dank memer experience!
GTA & Warzone Gang has a mix of car & crew meetups, heist helpings, Battle Royale & Plunder/Blood Money and having fun with Dank Memer in the bot commands channel. Interested? Come and join this server and make sure to Read the rules so you will not break a single rule. We are excited to see you there.
Join this fun and nice server were we stream movies
this server is all about having a good time so
join now to have an awesome time
while watching your favourite movies.
We also have dank memer giveaways and heists
*WE DO NON FRIENDLY HEISTS FROM 500k to 1Mil per day (yes I'm lying its 200k to 500k)
What's Eternity? Well, Eternity is a Dank Memer Based server that has Rob & Heist Disabled!

We Offer:
🎉 Loads of Dank Memer Giveaways, Nitro Giveaways!
🎁 A massive ton of Giveaways at our Member Specials!
🏛 Loads of Big Heist Events!
📜 Dank Memer Premium, that means you get faster cooldowns and pls weekly command!
⚡ Tons of Cool Pepe Emojis!
🙂 Chill Community!
⭐ Self Assignible Roles!
Welcome to the Forgotten Grinders. This server allows for people to...
-find a heist crew
-find associates for CEO work
-find players to do anything in GTA
-make new friends
-make money
So if you play GTA 5 and need someone to play with that isn't a random or if you want to play with new people, then the Forgotten Grinders is for you.
We are a Brand NEW Dank memer community with Friendly Staff, Admins and members
Why should YOU join us?

We offer

-frog Dank memer Trades channels and dank memer Giveaways Weekly!
- man_genie have Akinator and MORE fun bots
-face_vomiting No NSFW
- handshake A place to make new friends
- open_file_folder Self Roles
-man_police_officer A Helpful Staff Ready to Help you in support channel
-credit_card Rob & Heist PERM disabled
-✌ All peace no violance 0% Toxocity
-woman_police_officer Can report to people to staff
-movie_camera Maybe we will stream movies. (Just maybe)
- self roles
Hello, Welcome to The Paradise We are a gaming community, We play games together or just relax and talk. We like meeting new people!
we are currently looking for more management to help run the server!

•• Everyone is welcomed

•• Relax and Chill

•• We play games together

•• Music

•• Leveling

•• We listen to your suggestions

•• Looking for staff

•• Dank Memer Giveaways (50k Daily 100k Weekends)

•• Dank Memer Heist so far stolen 1m (NEW)
WE DO NOT ROB IN THIS SERVER. This is where we plan our heists. We dont have much members right now but we only need 5 people to bankrob. We also have auto memes please join.
We are an Indian Military crew who help each other with heists and stuff we also do military operations and simulate real army ops
Welcome to Pikachu’s Community. In this server, we are a community, in which is a community for anyone to be in! You can interact with others, and have fun! We are dank memer based and also have other bots as well. Don’t forget, the best part about us is that we are always a community. Come and join us, and have fun!
Welcome to P.A.C.O.! A Great Dank Memer Server!
We don't have much to say but we're a non-toxic community. Feel free to join us!
You'll love it. Fun members, great staff members and you can make this server even better by just joining!

Have fun!
Welcome to The Money-Cult! We are a heist alliance server which robs as a group in heists for Dank Memer. This server is a ROB DISABLED server for Dank Memer.

We have:
Friendly Staff!
Dank Memer, Pokemon Mewbot, and other bots!
Dank Memer Coin Drops and Giveaways!
And Much More!

We are a small, but mighty community server and alliance in the Dank Memer Realm! Come join us for the money, the fun, and an amazing community!
Dank Trades

–Rob and Heist Disabled!
–Join This Server For Safe Trading
–We have Monthly Events everyone can participate in
–Win the lottery -Up to 1mil!
–Win amazing giveaways -Pepe Coin Giveaway soon!
–Join Big HEISTs and win BIG!
–Organised Server
😎😎Welcome to POLITANS😎😎
Gta playing and chatting as respectful people
We only speak english
We actively chat and play games at night
This is a server for people to be social on, also make money on gta, we do giveaways everyday and we hope you have fun.
Pepe's Playhouse is mainly focused on Dank Memer. Rob is disabled, but we do have friendly heists. We've also have daily giveaways, as well as weekly and flash giveaways- prizes can range from Dank Memer currency to useable items. Anyone is welcome.
Instead of looking for group just join this server for help on heist,mc,vip,etc... and also just chill and talk
Hello and Welcome to Team Wolf!

We are a new and growing server who are looking for staff members.We are a dank memer server.Help our server grow.

What we offer:
•Many bots like Dank Memer, Idle Miner, Rythm, etc.
•Helpful staff
•We accept partnerships
•250k heist when the server reaches 30 members
•Giveaways when the server reaches 30 members.
•Tons of roles.
•Fun and chill community.
•Rob and heist disabled!
•SFW server.

Come and Join us! We would be so happy!