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This Discord server was intended to assist players in creating teams for completing mission / heists. it serves as an alternate to the Official Grand Theft Auto server. We welcome gamers from all platforms. Come chill out with us and talk about anything GTA related!
Hey! Im making a very new page, that I started at January 1, and, finished in January 5. Here a lot people can join,
we disabled robbing, and we heist a lot people! If you want to join, come in!
Welcome to the Forgotten Grinders. This server allows for people to...
-find a heist crew
-find associates for CEO work
-find players to do anything in GTA
-make new friends
-make money
So if you play GTA 5 and need someone to play with that isn't a random or if you want to play with new people, then the Forgotten Grinders is for you.
This server is focused on making a GTA Online community where you can find people to play with with out getting killed by some cunt with an Oppressor Mark 2.
Focusing on letting people heist in peace.
This is one of the most popular a heist with markiplier (or just markiplier) fan-made community / ARG discord server. Come share your thoughts or just talk to our wonderful community!
Safest money glitch on gta 20 dollers for a 1 mill shark card (pfft) come join and get 1 mill for each dollar you decide to spend!
You went to school for ages but what did you learn? Nothing. I will teach you how to rob a bank
Hey we're a new RP server for being bank robbers and heisters. if it sounds interesting join and check the system out.
A new place to play GTA V online with friends. Help build the community to have a more enjoyable gaming experience.
If you are looking for a group of fun, mature and active players to play GTA with look no further. We are an online GTA Crew that enjoys grinding and help each other make money. We do Heist, MC Sales, CEO Sales. Supply runs and Sourcing as a team to help maximize the profits you earn. We run Act 2 for new players to help then buy the business and get started in the game. We are mostly 18+ but we will accept younger members as long as they act mature. See you in the server :)
This server is about GTA money drops, having fun, and much more!
We do daily money drops, once per day. On the weekends we do money drops twice per day. Our staff our very friendly and easy to talk to.

We are looking for staff (partnership team, support team, mods, etc...)
This is a payday 2 discoed server for all us heisters out there on the Nintendo switch so that we may have an easier time communicating during heists.

Welcome to the crew and let’s get ourselves a Payday!
The WOOF Crew is a tied up open/ like-minded team which was made for helping eachother on anything.
The crew is for everyone who's willing to help. (i/e: Races, Adversary Mode,Heists, CEO/ MC, Criminal Mastermind , Elite Challenge and so on)

Therefore will be ranks: Muscle, Representatives, Lieutentants and Commissioners. You can get these along with the time which depends on your activity.
We accept everyone regardless the race,gender or nationality.
A fun roleplay server with heists, accumulated from Payday 2 and Dungeons and Dragons. This is played with curreny in-server,
Create your own crew, join a crew, rob a crew, Rob the apple store and many more stores! Buy weapons from the black market or manufacture your own!