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Hallo Freunde,
wir sind ein kleiner Server, der für diejenigen ist, die Leute zum GTA Online zocken suchen. Wir freuen uns wenn ihr beitretet.
Welcome to GTA Trading Hub

Server is designed for trading cars on GTA Online using GCTF
Must read and follow rules upon joining.
-Scammer Free
- Trading Modded Cars GCTF
- Selling Modded Cars For Server Money
- Buying Modded Cars for Server Money
-Cool people
-Server Done Up Nicely
-Active Owner - Co-Owners
dedicated fan-server keeping you up to date with all the latest news, video walkthroughs and official trailers of the most successful video games published by Rockstar Games, including Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne, L.A. Noire, Bully and many others.
join me and my friends and play gta v pc
ONLY requirements
if u cant deal with cussing leave now 16+
we dont care if your a new player
----Things we do------
we do races
and screw around

We are odd people lol
This is a Gta V PS4 and Xbox community! We offer countess fun and services! You can cheap money or do b2b with other players! Modded cars and car meets are also not forgotten! So come and join to have some fun!

Hej! Zacząłeś/aś niedawno swoją przygodę z GTA ONLINE i szukasz osób chętnych do wspólnej gry? A może jesteś doświadczonym graczem i szukasz osób z którymi mógłbyś zrobić chociażby "Geniusza zbrodni"? Jeżeli odpowiedź brzmi "Tak" to świetnie trafiłeś, serwer "GTA ONLINE ZARABIANIE" jest dla Ciebie.
PEYAPOLSKA Ekipa zaprasza na serwer.
Na serwer nasz posiada:
Kanał na YT PeyaPolska
Glitche w GTA Online
Miłą społeczność
Pomocną społeczność
Pomocną kadrę administracji
Estetykę kanałów
Nagrody za pieniądze z UnbelievaBoat
Dużo Eventów
Dużo Giveawayów (w przyszłości)
Dużo Rang
Aktywna społeczność
1 boost (na razie)
Czego od ciebie wymagamy?
Kultury Osobistej
Schludnej ortografii
PS. Jesteśmy otwarci na partnerstwa ;)
[ Divulgação ]
Novo Servidor de RP - Éden Infinity ( TEMA PROPRIO )
Servidor LGBTQIA+
Com diversas modificações exclusivas.
MODS de roupas e cabelos exclusivos.
FACs disponíveis.
We are the Metal Heads MC on the Xbox One! We just recently opened up and are looking for PNMs, Potential New Members! We participate in club rides, games, selling product, and other various activities! We also like to play Red Dead Redemption 2 and other games if you’re interested in this as well! Join today if you want to become a member! Activity does not have to be everyday, but it is encouraged that you try to be online everyday so you can possibly move up within our club a lot quicker! We hope to see you soon!
The Monarchy Saints MC/CC is a GTA5 Online crew (Not an RP). This discord server is one of our most useful tools for keeping the crew connected and is used to plan events for the crew members. If you choose to join us you will need to join our crew on Rockstar Social Club before you have full access to the discord. If you do not want to join the crew, it's okay you can still join as "Hang-Out." You will not regret your decision of joining our discord, once you enter our discord please visit join us either to join us as a crew or hang out.

Here are some of the things we do:

✅Business sales
✅Crew playlist nights
✅Car meets
✅Help our members make in-game money in a variety of ways.

To become an official member of the Monarchy Saints, you must join our social club crew and our Playstation community.

Contact us at iombie#5591 for any queries about joining our crew.
This is a server where you can find people to do heists with and almost every week, my friend and I host a car meet for the community of the server, so if you are inserted in joining and hangout out, Stop by and see what it all about!
GTA V Online
We are are small GTA V Online gaming community with a simple purpose: to chill and have fun. That's it, no catch!

What do we have to offer?
◆ 😄 Inclusivity.
We are an active and welcoming GTA V Online community.
◆ 🎮 Gaming Channels.
There are a lot of channels for you all to complete in game missions together, as well as other channels to just speak and have fun!
◆ 📝 Self-Assignable Roles.
We have roles you can assign yourself based on the platform you play GTA V on.
◆ 🤖 Plenty of bots.
We have quite a few bots you can play around with such as BlackJack.
◆ 👮 Active and friendly staff team.
Our staff team is consistently active and always willing to help you with anything.
◆ 💬 Active text chats and voice chats.
For most of the day, our server is very active in both text channels and voice channels.
◆ ✅ Verified Glitches.
We post verified glitches. We have members testing a verifying glitches to ensure they work. We post a range of glitches, for example money and clothing glitches.

Extra Information:
◆ 🤝 Partnerships are open.
We are currently accepting partnerships, so feel free to message our support bot if your interested!
**GTA V Online [PS4 & Xbox]**
🔹 **What we have to offer**🔹

*♾️ lgf and B2b channels and voice ♾️

📱 Daily giveaways 📱

🚗Weekly Car Meets🚗

🚘Modded Cars🚘

💵Cheap Cash and services💵

🧨Support and Help whenever you need!*

*demonstration of working glitches!*

LifestyleRP is a fun GTA V Roleplay server. We don't intend to take things too seriously. We do have placements for jobs such as Police, Medics, Mechanics, Bus services and much more!
You can do whatever you want in this CUSTOM Scripted server. Give us a try!, join our community. You never know, you may enjoy and stay :)
we are a gta heist crew that has the best players in the game (bit of an over statement) but we also help with resuply selling cargo heists ect.
Hello I’m the owner of emerge roleplay we host daily roleplays on Xbox one on gta 5. We have a professional CAD-MDT. We have all departments open right now so hurry up and get in into the server.

Discord- 2-Bravo-37#0320
Xbox- Testypiggy04
Instagram- emerge_roleplay_xbox
Made for the well known “ 100k or Die “ Servers that’s in FiveM.. this server is gang based including custom gangs , along with tons of custom clothing & cars ready for players to join up.. hope to see you soon !
This is a Europe Fortnite Clan named 637. If possible we tryout Balkan people because the whole server is based on Croatian language. We also have channels for other games and we plan to add more. We'll add more features in the server as we progress, have fun!
Come join us were new and in development starting on roblox to expand to FiveM GTAOnline players are welcome to help us host GTA Sessions. Ill tell you more when you join :)
Hello fellow roleplayers! I am a member of an amazing RP community called "SARP." SARP (San Andreas Roleplay) is a newly established RP community looking to increase its player-base. SARP is a 16+ Xbox One Grand Theft Auto Five RP based community. All operations are run through discord. Roleplay's are held in free-aim invite only sessions typically taking place at 8PM EST. SARP has access to a fully operational CAD/MDT system complete with vehicle, weapon, and civilian registration. Build your character and create your story. Earn civilian levels by participating in RP's and being a seasoned member. SARP offers multiple roles such as Civilian, Blaine County Sheriff's Office, Los Santos Police Department, San Andreas Highway Patrol, Fire, and EMS!

If interested join our discord now!