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Old School Roleplay™ | HQ
Welcome to Old School Roleplay!!!!!!

We are a new server (currently in development) which plans to bring you the best RP on FiveM!

We are actively looking for staff members and support team members to help us run the server, and of course, Police, Dispatch and, Fire/EMS are open!

What we plan to add:
-Custom cars and map ymaps
-Postal codes and scripts
-Diverse and enjoyable RP, fun but realistic
So why not join, take a look around and have some fun!
🔥 Rebel Role-play features: 🔥

Local Custom Cars
Tuner Chips
Custom Buildings
Custom Clothes
Custom Phone
Grow-able Weed (Working on making coke and Meth Craft-able as well.)
LOTS of Custom Scripts
Police, EMS and Firefighters.
Own a House Almost ANYWHERE on the map!
Drugs!! (Lots of them with Custom Visual Affects)
Purely player run economy, Supply the demand!
• At the start and moment you fly in you get to pick one of the multiple Motels spread across Los Santos to be your home.

• Player owned businesses. Buy your dream business from Mechanic shop to restaurants . We love player owned Businesses that focus on interaction and benefit for the WHOLE server. We welcome you with any idea's to Message me directly or create a ticket on our discord

• Player owned housing. Almost ANY Building can be a home, just Inquire with Rebel Homes on how!

TONS of jobs you can do and not all are locked to a WL job so you will never be bored! If you wanna open a Business feel free to create a ticket in our discord and share you Idea!

Actively Seeking:
This is Fivem/GTA developing server about developing cars and stuff like that i do custom orders for cop cars and stuff like that for Fivem Community's
Welkom in Veendam | Roleplay!

De stad zal voor iedereen toegankelijk zijn. Ga jij het criminele kant op of toch binnen de overheid werken.

Wat bieden wij:
- 50K Startersgeld
-Leuke Non Whitelisted banen.
-Leuke whitelisted banen zoals Politie of Ambulance
-Audi, Mercedes, Volkswagen etc
-Ambulance leidinggevende gezocht
-Wij luisteren naar jouw idee
-Actief en behulpzaam staffteam
- 24/7 open Server
- Gangs / drugs locaties
If you are looking for a fivem community to become apart of that treats you like a family, join FRGRP! We are a group of people who came together about 2 years ago and decided to become an actual community. We publicly released the community for applications to the public shortly after that and we are still looking for new members! We have all departments available with active staff such as LSPD (Los Santos Police Department), BCSO (Blaine County Sheriff's Office), SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol), CIV, Communications, and SAFR (San Andreas Fire Rescue). So what are you waiting for? Join the fan server below and fill out an application on our website ( Hope to see you soon!
Windy Solutions©

🖥 Selling CADs/MDTs, Discord servers, and various other web systems. Owned by Tornado Solutions©, our systems are very cheap, affordable, and most importantly, well-made! We have great ratings from customers! 🖥

▫️ Partnerships
▫️ Network Branches
▫️ Custom Made Websites!
▫️ Penal Codes
▫️ Paid Advertisements
▫️ Logos
▫️ 10 Codes
▫️ Discord servers like RP Servers and Company Servers
▫️ FTO System, Blacklist System, Report System, Twotter System, Web Application System
▫️ Company Deals
▫️ Custom CADs
▫️ Now hiring for all positions on Staff Team

We have extremely good CADs, at good prices.
CADs as cheap as $2.00 USD!!!

We also do giveaways/challenges to win CADs and other cool products!
Here at Mountain View Roleplay we strive to provide a wonderful community that promises stability, reliability, realism, and professionalism. We want everyone to feel welcome and safe in our community and to have the ability to have fun within our community. We want all of our members to be able to communicate with our staff team and other members about their problems, worries, and suggestions. We take pride in our wonderful community and it's members, so feel free to join our family and be a part of Mountain View Roleplay!
San Andreas Priority Roleplay

Why us?

SAPRP is a growing Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying community for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. We have many things to offer, along with active and friendly staff and players, an excellent management team, daily roleplaying sessions on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and many different roles to choose from, and we don't require any sort of written application or long-winded process to get in, all you need is an interview and a very short training session. Also, our servers are filled with scenes and situations to get the adrenaline pumping like bank robberies, high speed police chases, massive shootouts, and so much more! We even have businesses and gangs available for people to set up and run like bike crews, the mafia, trucking, and drug businesses, and many more jobs available!

Our Departments
Our law enforcement has many departments available for you to choose from, such as:
• Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), including S.W.A.T, the F.I.B, and undercover police
• Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), including traffic and undercover police
• San Andreas State Police (SASP)

Our civilian operations have even more options available to them, such as:
• Jobs, such as trucking, Los Santos Customs, drug trafficking, and many more
• Businesses
• Criminal work, such as bounty hunting

Our Fire and EMS department is split into two groups
• Firefighting, dealing with burning buildings and cars on fire
• EMS, dealing with car crashes, injuries, deaths, and so much more

What we as a community provide

• An excellent support team
• A lively and friendly community
• Enjoyable and exciting Roleplay
• Realistic and professional Roleplay sessions
• An excellent economy system

Still not convinced? Give it a try, and we promise you that you won't regret it
Join us now using this link:
We are a small growing Gaming Server our goal is to bring people together and have fun time and its a place to chill
Hello! We are a role playing community within GTA V. We have a range of jobs such as civilian and emergency services. As we are a upcoming community we are looking for new staff members all the time so you never know what role you may receive when you join!

We are an airport simulation group and have many departments such as civilian, emergency services (fire/ems, police) Pilot, Ground Crew, Cabin Crew and Air Traffic Control

Please feel free to join our great community!!!
New GTA 5 RP server you can join today


- AIR Department
-10+ Members every day
- fastest GROWING
- Started 29/10/2020
- Server Help Videos
Serveur exclusif communauté Xbox

Staff actif
Serveur communautaire

Différents jeux
Recherche de coéquipiers
Sessions évents tous les soirs
Concours et récompense

Forza Horizon / GTA Online / Among Us / Fallout / Minecraft et bien d'autres
This is a new rp server, we are trying to grow that way we can get more players in. The expected official release will be January 1st 2021, in the mean while you can try to become a beta tester, that means you will check for bugs/glitches and you will get 100k more starting money than normally that is 20k. Come join us, you wont regret it!
Bonjour/Bonsoir, je vous présente le Serveur Salamandra Life

Tu connais « Salamandra Life » ?

C’est un serveur Five M !


Bonne équipe de modération

Nous organisons des évènements

Il y a beaucoup de mode

Beaucoup de métier à prendre en temps que patron

Nous avons 12 métier Whitelist

Des gang à prendre

Nous avons une chaîne YouTube

Nous sommes disponible à toutes questions


Alors sa te plaît ? Oui !! Génial !
Merci a toi si tu rejoint et reste c'est très gentil
welcome to the official Chicago PD Roleplay server.

what we offer?

-Staff Roles

-Chicago Police Department
-Cook County Sheriffs Office
-Illinois State Police
-Chicago Rangers Office
-Chicago Fire Department
-Communications Department
-Civilian Operations
**Hello everyone, We are PBRP! We are a new FiveM server looking for Civs/Fire/Ems/Staff! And more we have so much to offer and so much to do and we hope that you can be here with us from the start!**
We are a new FiveM roleplay server, we're looking for new members to help build up our community!
We are a gaming community where we talk about games and theory's on them. We will have challenges to participate in. It is a really fun place to be!
City of Angels is a brand new, fun and exciting ps4 community that uses GTA 5 to roleplay as police and civilians to rp events and the aspects of everyday life! From law enforcement, fire / ems, criminal mischief or just even the average every day civilian, the possibilities are endless! Click the link below to join our friendly community, because at CoARP, your more than just a member, you're family!