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hello, so not to much going on here, just a few friends and a few channels, tbh im trying to grow so dont expect a whole lot when you or if you join, we a e a small group of people between the ages of 18 and upwards of 32 so we are legally adults but by nature immature fuck heads who like to play games. so again please dont expect alot i am trying to grow.
Hey there,

This discord server is a community with people that play video games like GTA V, Among Us and Fortnite and much more. It is a friendly community and there is no toxicity; it is all handled by auto mods. So you wanna hangout with us and join the Crew, join the server and hope to see you there :).
(Continuation Of FARPC LSFD#01) (We're Open For Recruitment!) This is FARPC, a PS3, GTA V Online roleplay community. We focus on DOJRP Styled roleplay, that includes LAPD, LAFD, SACC, SASP, and BCSO, 10 codes and ranking system. We keep our RP as legit as possible without drama and arguments. We don't have a age limit, we judge by how much you know and how well you can execute your task. Feel free to join, take a look, and maybe stay for awhile.
(We primarily do RP During the Weekends)
(We are in desperate need of Fire Dept. Personal, and Dispatchers.)
Roleplay de xbox con un monton de trabajos somos poca gente pero por eso estamos buscando mas, estamos abiertos a que digais recomendaciones.gracias.
Moin Moin Leute
Ein Server für die Gaming Leute unter euch bei uns im Server wird sehr viel gezockt also kommt gerne rein
🔥 Hello, welcome to the MaD GaMeRs !! 🔥

💥 If you like to play games, share (semi-sfw) memes, and in general have a great time, then consider joining us! 💥

🤠 We all play games such as Among Us,Rocket League,CSGO, Fortnite, Valorant, Gta V Online And More! 🤠

👾 Looking for active members! 👾

💪Come join us, we are a small server and every member helps.✌
¿De que se trata este servidor?
Bueno este es un servidor gaming en donde quiero crear una comunidad gamer en donde se podrán crear equipos y mucho más.

en donde se buscará sacarle el mejor provecho a tu estadía es decir que semanal y diariamente habrán actividades torneos y mucho más.

siempre se tratará de tener una comunidad en donde todos sean cooperativos y se le dará a todos los que sean activos y buenos compañeros un premio.
GTA V Online
We are are small GTA V Online gaming community with a simple purpose: to chill and have fun. That's it, no catch!

What do we have to offer?
◆ 😄 Inclusivity.
We are an active and welcoming GTA V Online community.
◆ 🎮 Gaming Channels.
There are a lot of channels for you all to complete in game missions together, as well as other channels to just speak and have fun!
◆ 📝 Self-Assignable Roles.
We have roles you can assign yourself based on the platform you play GTA V on.
◆ 🤖 Plenty of bots.
We have quite a few bots you can play around with such as BlackJack.
◆ 👮 Active and friendly staff team.
Our staff team is consistently active and always willing to help you with anything.
◆ 💬 Active text chats and voice chats.
For most of the day, our server is very active in both text channels and voice channels.
◆ ✅ Verified Glitches.
We post verified glitches. We have members testing a verifying glitches to ensure they work. We post a range of glitches, for example money and clothing glitches.

Extra Information:
◆ 🤝 Partnerships are open.
We are currently accepting partnerships, so feel free to message our support bot if your interested!
Invito a todos a unirse a este servidor creado recientemente, lo cual podremos hablar de todos los juegos y demas, pero en especifico de GTA V ONLINE, Tiene un canal de Youtube. Tambien podemos modificar cuentas de GTA V ONLINE y ponerlas al maximo con dinero y nivel, entre otras cosas! Los invito a pasarse!

I invite everyone to join this recently created server, which we can talk about all the games and others, but specifically about GTA V ONLINE, It has a YouTube channel. We can also modify GTA V ONLINE accounts and put them to the maximum with money and level, among other things! I invite you to come over!
in this server we be gaming and sending memes you can chat with other people
you can also get help from other people if you cant find out how to do it
just join and have a great time and remember to invite your freinds so they can share it so the server can get big
If you play gta v online and have a girl char feel free to join our friendly community (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
For those who need to perfect heist, Recruiting Crew Member, and any member can create any event in GTA V Online, That not against the discord server RULES, and remember too have fun.
I made this server just to make some friends, nothing more and nothing less. This server is pretty new and has very few members but we are understanding and caring and we just want to make this server a fun place. Join if you are a Gamer, an Otaku or just want to make some new friends. We have:-
1: Cool and caring staff
2: Fun events and activities
3: People to play games with
4: Weebs who would love to interact with you.
5: Tons of memes for you to enjoy and laugh to.
So what are you waiting for? Join and we will make this server bigger and better, together.
bonjour est bienvenue sur le serveur 🧨㊧KAZOKU RP WEST|WHITELISTE㊧🧨( KAZOKU veut dire famille en japonais ) le but est de créer la plus grande famille de gta V est se serveur et en partenariat avec un autres qui se passe dans la ville tendit que celui la c'est dans le nord de la map d'ou le nom 🧨㊧KAZOKU RP WEST|WHITELISTE㊧🧨

cordialement : le propriétaire
Hello & Welcome to Temptation Roleplay also known as TRP. TRP was established in 2018 with both Xbox & PlayStation. Now TRP has a running FiveM community open for you. We have many mods, scrips, and other files in the FiveM server to make it as real as possible. We have an active & help staff team and members willing to help! We currently patrol around time zones for the ultimate RP experience. Below lists more information about the server & if you need help/want to join, click the discord link below.

- Active members & staff
-Helpful community
-Custom mods & scrips
-Custom CAD/MDT
-Six different departments
-And More!

FiveM Active Requirements
-14 Years of age on date of application for Civilian Operations , and 15 years of age for LEO, Fire, & Communications.

Active Departments
-San Andreas Highway Patrol (15 Y/O)
-Los Santos Police Department (15 Y/O)
-Blaine County Sheriff's Office (15 Y/O)
-San Andreas Fire Department (15 Y/O)
-San Andreas Communication Department (15 Y/O)
-Civilian Operations (14 Y/O)

For more information about TRP's FiveM server please message Itz Th1nk#7861 or THELITEGAURD
#8941 on discord & join the recruitment server.

For Xbox please contact Ethan744

For PlayStation contact Callum Hilbrook#9128

For further information or questions contact Itz Th1nk#7861 or THELITEGAURD
Recruitment Server:
Daca mai cunoști și alți jucători de GTA V online îi poți invita pe acest Server:

Va rugam să citiți regulamentul !
Eventuri live
YouTube Car Meet:
En este servidor puedes encontrar una de las tiendas de GTA V Online mas grandes. Aqui vendemos millones, cuentas chetadas, chetamos cuentas, niveles, moneys drop y mucho mas. Solo entra y escribele al admin para comprar!. Tenemos reviews y usamos procesos sin riesgo de ban.

Tambien puedes encontrar una comunidad para hacer golpes, activididades, encontrar amigos y jugar a GTA V Online!.
Somos un servidor activo de Rolplay de PS4. Tenemos un equipo Staff con disponibilidad horaria muy amplia. Nuestro Rolplay se basa en Paleto Bay y Greadspeed pero tenemos grandes proyectos en mente, únete y compruébalo tu mismo/a.
Et toi qui regarde cette pub, tu connais stucture v2

structure v2

🌐•nous somme la team v2

🎮• serveur Esport avec tous jeux

🛡•serveur sécurisé contre raid et faux comptes

🎉•cadeaux a gagner dans des concours

🎊Merci de nous avoir écouté et tu peut maintenant rejoindre notre serveur si tu le veut🎊