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Sunset Role-play has FivePD and much more! Economy driven RP server with many career paths to choose from. Server features include custom cars, eups / clothing, buildings and interiors, housing and much more.We Also offer:
Custom EUP
Custom Cars
Custom Houses
Custom MLO + YMAPS
AND Many More things! Join Us today!
California Five-O uses reaction roles for you to join and get right into whatever department you choose! We have remastered and refined Sandy Shores, Grapeseed, Mirror Park, Harmony, and the parks/mountain trails! Come check us out and become a member.

LSPD - Los Santos Police Department
BCSO - Blaine County Sheriff's Office
SAHP - San Andreas Highway Patrol
SAFD - San Andreas Fire Department
LSCD - Los Santos County Dispatch
SACO - San Andreas Civilian Operations

We role-play every weekend with impromptu role-plays taking place throughout the week. Come join us and experience our community!

- 13 years of age and up
- GTA V, FiveM, and Discord
- Working microphone

Extra Info: Our department heads are all above the age of 18 and experienced. Some of us work in the fields that we currently run in roleplay. We have a core group of members that role-play frequently and make scenes extremely realistic. We have a custom CAD through CADVANCED and developers that work around the clock.
This is an Indian Server and a Gaming + Fun Server. If you like to play games and want to explore gaming community so you can Join this server. You can also learn editing and you can do your Youtube Videos promotion too.
LSBC is a GTA 5 role-play community on Xbox. LSBC is built off the foundation of which comes from the previous well-established community of San Andreas State Role Play (SASRP) which unfortunately closed back in 2019. This former community had run for 4+ years. Now we are back and we are better than ever, following the same concepts from our old community and expanding and improving in all aspects. With a CAD system and dispatch channel, we strive to make RP as immersive as possible. We have members with 4+ years of experience in roleplay and others with real-life experience. We are open to all recruits for PD, Fire/EMS, and CIV. Welcoming new roleplayers and veterans alike. If you need any more info and to view our website please contact LSBC Jony on Xbox or LSBC JONY#8608 on Discord.
Καλησπέρα είμαστε ένας καινούργιος ελληνικός server και θα χαιρόμασταν να σας βλέπαμε στον server μας.
Στον Server μας θα βρείτε:
• Καταπληκτικά και ενεργά staffs τα οποία θα επιβλέπουν για οτιδήποτε λάθος συμβαίνει
•Άτομα που παίζουν αρκετά παιχνίδια όπως για παράδειγμα [gta rp,lol, cs go ] και άλλα παιχνίδια
•Διαγωνισμούς που ο νικητής θα κερδίζει έπαθλο
•Σοβαρό Community
•Αρκετά channels που μπορείς να παίξεις με την παρέα σου
We are one of the biggest role play communities out there for xbox we role play every single day with close to full or even 2 lobbies love more people to join and lets have fun.
Bonjour a tous je vous présente mon serveur Skyland Rp!

Sur le serveur il y a des jobs inédits en plus de ceux de bases :

Mais aussi les nouveaux gangs/organisations :


Presque toutes les entreprises/gangs recherchent des patrons ! Nous recherchons aussi des staffs IG pour le bien du serveur
Hello, who are we you may ask, well let me tell you!!

We are a group of Friends wanting to help people out by making them custom livery’s and selling livery’s we have already made, we have a terms of service which you have to follow as we wound hate to start having to ban/blacklist people from buying them!!!

We will be doing free releases out on LSPDFR where you can download them but are not allowed to claim any of our property are you own!!!

Can’t wait to see you in the server!!!!
LightRP ist ein Kleiner Roleplay Server der noch Spieler sucht. Wir suchen aktuell noch bad Fraktionen. Wir freuen uns auf jeden Spieler 👍👍👍👍
San Andreas Justice Roleplay
About Us:

San Andreas Justice Roleplay (SAJRP) is a place where friendships form with the use of professional, realism roleplay. Although your here for the roleplay, outside of it you can chat to new and admiring people who will always be there to help and give support. We are here as community to help you put what ever is going on in your life to the side and enjoy the quality time you need!

Requirements To Join!
• Must be 16 years of age or over
• Must have a working microphone
• Must speak fluent English
• Must have an Xbox

What we off to you:
• Realistic, Mature Roleplay
• Professional Leading and Management
• Online CAD System
• The ability to meet good and kind people, with an amazing staff team!


• Dispatch
• Civilian Operations
🌙 Welcome to Dreamscape! 🌙

Dreamscape is inspired by the greatest but with creativity and uniqueness of our own. We've created a trustworthy and fun environment and have made it our mission that once you join our server you feel comfortable and welcomed. Our city is filled with new and old role-players from far and beyond. We care about the community and will listen to suggestions and ideas. We have a dedicated staff team devoted to making the server last. Come join the community and have fun!

Some of our highlights are:

💻CAD/MDT System

⚪Easy Whitelist

🎤 Mumble Voip

🔥 Custom Unique UIs
Welcome to SWRP!
Who are we? We are a fast growing professional RP server for the PlayStation 4!
We have many jobs available to help you get into RP! If you are new to RP that's fine, we have a excellent training program to teach you the ropes!
Some of the available jobs include:
We have a quick and simple interview process that won't take you long. On behalf of the SWRP Server Staff, I look forward to seeing you in our future RPs!
Since 2013 Gta Roleplay servers are hard to find on PS4. Here at California RP we will welcome you with open hands for our PS4 and FiveM Community. Join and be interviewed by one of are interviewers. We will be happy to have you in the server.

Join California RP and begin your journey in the GTA 5 world with a fully working CAD/MDT
We have RP’s Everyday. Join and help enforce law or roam the streets as a civilian.

Be honest and you’ll get excepted into the training server where you’ll be trained by a trainer.

Civilian- OPEN
•911 Dispatcher
•California Highway Patrol
•Los Angeles Police Department
•Los Angeles Port Authority
•Paleto Bay Police Department
•Sandy Shores Police Department •Los Angeles Fire Department
•Special Weapons And Tactics (SWAT)
•Park Ranger
•Blaine County Sheriff

Join California RP and become one of the roles above.

Hello we are CSRP [California State RolePlay] We are a amazing rp server filled with over 100+ Roles you can gain. Also tired of RP? Well come listen to music in our music channel chat with other people in general and have a nice time at CSRP
San Andreas Priority Roleplay

Why us?

SAPRP is a growing Grand Theft Auto V roleplaying community for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One users. We have many things to offer, along with active and friendly staff and players, an excellent management team, daily roleplaying sessions on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and many different roles to choose from, and we don't require any sort of written application or long-winded process to get in, all you need is an interview and a very short training session. Also, our servers are filled with scenes and situations to get the adrenaline pumping like bank robberies, high speed police chases, massive shootouts, and so much more! We even have businesses and gangs available for people to set up and run like bike crews, the mafia, trucking, and drug businesses, and many more jobs available!

Our Departments
Our law enforcement has many departments available for you to choose from, such as:
• Los Santos Police Department (LSPD), including S.W.A.T, the F.I.B, and undercover police
• Blaine County Sheriff's Office (BCSO), including traffic and undercover police
• San Andreas State Police (SASP)

Our civilian operations have even more options available to them, such as:
• Jobs, such as trucking, Los Santos Customs, drug trafficking, and many more
• Businesses
• Criminal work, such as bounty hunting

Our Fire and EMS department is split into two groups
• Firefighting, dealing with burning buildings and cars on fire
• EMS, dealing with car crashes, injuries, deaths, and so much more

What we as a community provide

• An excellent support team
• A lively and friendly community
• Enjoyable and exciting Roleplay
• Realistic and professional Roleplay sessions
• An excellent economy system

Still not convinced? Give it a try, and we promise you that you won't regret it
Join us now using this link:
Hello! We are a GTA V Xbox One RP server that has realistic and fun RPs!!!

In our server we offer:

• Professionally run CAD system.

•Professional & Experienced Staff.

• A friendly, supportive and understanding staff team.

• Scheduled Role-Play Sessions!

• Leo/Civ/Fire and Ems Roles.

• Hundreds of jobs for civ (uber driver, Security, government official and a lot more!)

• A working discord economy.

• Professional, fun and functioning RP sessions.

• A fully complete and active Gaming Server !!

• Special events such as movie nights and bot games.

• Plus a lot more !!

We are also looking for experienced Role-Players! Even if you are new or interested in Role-Playing come join! We have an experienced staff team and experienced Role-Players!
╠-► Bienvenue sur꧁Los Santos-Développement ꧂FiveM
╠⇒:fax:┋nouveaux serveurs
╠⇒:page_facing_up:┋Serveur | Développement
╠⇒:crown:┋V.I.P |
╠⇒----------┇Serveur | développement :computer: ┇----------
╠⇒:computer:┋Script | Leak | Partage | Aide | Recherche
╠⇒:package:┋Serveur pour le Développement FiveM !
╠⇒:speaking_head:┋Staff a l écoute !
╠⇒----------┇Rôles sur S-Dev ┇----------
╠⇒:white_check_mark:┋développeurs certifier
╠⇒:art:┋Graphiste débutant
╠⇒:handshake:┋ partenariat

╠⇒----------┇Nous recherchons┇----------
╠⇒:closed_book:┋Du Staff
╠⇒:bell:┋Des Leaker !
╠⇒:warning:┋DES DEV SERIEUX !
╠-►:city_dusk: Développement | Vos serveur FiveM :city_dusk:
╠-►:blue_car: Des Packs De Véhicules Modée :blue_car:
╠-►:crystal_ball:des pack job/ script
╠-►:tada:giveway une fois par semaine (nitro/grade VIP exclusif.)
Est plus encore

╠Votre :airplane: avion vous
Welcome To LSRP, we are a professional roleplay server on Xbox dedicated to excellent RP!

SADOJ is filled with many different departments:
-San Andreas Highway Patrol
-Blaine County Sheriff's Office
-Los Santos Police Department
-Fire/Emergency Medical Services (EMS)
-Civilian Operations

We accept any and all members! Join and take a look at our rules and how to join! We are excited to see you in future RPs!
Elevated Roleplay is a new FiveM server! We launched just recently and already have 30-40 players in the city during prime time!

Whitelisted Jobs (police, ems, mechanic, realtor, mechanic and more).
Player housing and furniture.
Over a dozen different types of robbery and crime scripts.
Over a hundred real life vehicles to choose from at the dealership.
Many custom interiors including Pillbox and Sandy Shores Hospital, 3 police stations, bean machine, court house, city hall, taco stand, sit down restaurant, dojo, fleeca banks, car dealership and more!
Realistic economy with balanced wages.
A dedicated staff and admin team to get rid of people who RDM/VDM/Meta Game/Fail RP/Break Character.

We hope to see you in the city!!!!