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An experienced, organized, and active community to show off our cars and drive our worries away, especially in these tough times. We accept all builders. From drifters, racers, to bozosoku style. No ricers, though ;). PC Only.
Welcome to CarPrism, we are a community aimed towards car lovers looking for an active PC Car Meet for GTA Online. We host:
-Frequent car meets
-Drag racing, Rally Racing, Crusing, etc.
-Money Lobbies
-Friendly and chill
-and alot more
Join and have a great time 😁
Low Faction is a community for people who are looking for a friendly and active PC Car Meet Crew for GTA Online. Low Faction welcomes everyone from all communities and provides the following:

-Frequent car meets and events.
-Race competitions.
-A friendly like minded community.
-Post meet activities.
-Meets from our Partners:
( Street Works: )
( Drivers Program: )

Feel free to join, if this is what you are looking for!

Low Faction Discord Server:
Are you looking for a good time with fellow car enthusiasts? Stanced Online could be the place for you! We are a car community that hosts car meets for everyone to enjoy on GTA Online. Come join our discord to meet new people and experience the world of cars in gaming.


We offer the following activities:
>car meets
>and so much more!
Welcome to Deadli!

♡ In Deadli, we welcome everyone to join us on PS4 GTA and appreciate cars with daily meets, friendships and a proper car scene community!

We'd be happy to invite you to our little family, with proper care and a friendly welcome💙🚘
A brand new car club dedicated to creating content and featuring our community on it! We specialize our meets on media creation, edits featuring the best cars, pictures, and more! And least but not less importantly, our community is one of the friendliest out there!

Our platform is only PC.

Our Meets:
Gta online server. PC,PS4, and XBOX. LOOKING FOR STAFF. Friendly community and staff. Need help with heist join this server. Also do car meets
Xbox GTA 5 Car meet server.
At Mayonaka Car Meets we obviously have clean car meets, but we also offer street/drag racing meets. We also have car clubs within this discord server. To start a new car club within said server you need a leader and 2 other people who want to be in a new car club. We are brand new and are looking for clean car enthusiasts to help build this community.
Hey Join us in Horizon car meets we do gta car meet and we're looking for people to help us out u can be a staff or admin here.we play on PS4
ECIM is a brand new, easy to join, active, professionally managed car meet community. We are car enthusiasts within GTA5, having clean car meets with civilized people.

We accept everyone, and we will provide the following:

• Frequent car meets, drag racing & more.
• Voting for the best car
• Showing your car with others
• A friendly community
• And much much more

Feel free to join, if this is what you are looking for!
Are you looking for going to car meets in GTA online without being disrupted by griefers and trolls? Then this is the server for you! we do organized car meets every week, and we’re new to the business, so if we do something wrong, please help us become better and bigger.
We love GTA 5 Car meets for PC.

Looking for regular car meets that are run seriously? But are still fun?
Then we you're looking at the community.

We Offer:
1. Car Meets
2. Races
3. Drag Races
4. Cruises
5. Demolition Derbies
6. Other Fun Events

If interested then join our discord and our community! We can't wait to see you in our next meet!
We will be hosting daily car meets and doing giveaways like money drop Ext we love stance cars and it’s just a place to come chill. 😀
Hi all! This is a GTA Online PC discord server! We host car meets and different events for our community. We range from drifters to offroaders. Join and you can become apart of our community!