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North London Roleplay Community™️

What we offer:
NLRPC™️ strives to be a realistic roleplay community for those who play GTA 5 on the PS4. We have enthusiastic individuals within a friendly environment who are keen on having fun within NLRPC™️. We are the first PS4 roleplay server to integrate FiveM commands and roleplay style into console.

We are a server based in London so if you are British then come and join the family!

You choose which side of the law you're on. From weighing up bags and selling cocaine to doing SFO raids on trap houses. You decide your fate!

Some of the whitelisted jobs we offer:
MP | Metropolitan Police
LAS | London Ambulance Service
LFB | London Fire Brigade
Car Dealership

1. Must have a working microphone.
2. Be mature.
3. Must follow all server rules.
4. Must have a understanding of how to RP.
5. Must be able to speak fluent English.

1. PS4

If you wish to join:

Go ahead and join this, our Interview Server:

In The Gaming Hub we mainly play Grand Theft Auto 5. We have people in the voice channels 24/7 so you will always have people to talk too. All around a great place to have fun! We also give away free money sometimes!
Law & Rescue FivePD
∘ ────────────────
⇓ Offers Below ⇓
❐ Active and Friendly Staff Team
❐ Many channels, roles & bots
❐ Very organized
❐ 13+ aged members
❐ Subdivisions
❐ San Andreas Highway Patrol
❐ Blaine County Sheriffs Department
❐ Los Santos Police Department
❐ Flexible server
❐ Variety of vehicle’s to choose
❐ Redneck vehicles
❐ XBR410 vehicles
❐ Multiple call outs & Scripts
❐ Server must follow discord’s T.O.S., safety
is first
❐ Self-assignable roles
❐ Active, friendly community
❐ Raid-proof server
❐ Friendly and understanding staff and
❐ Open to partner

See Information section for more details

Этот дискорд создан для легкого поиска напарника по любой игре. Чем больше народу тем больше шанс!
North Western Role PLay

Welcome to NorthWestern Roleplay! We have many things to offer, so go ahead and read below on everything we have! We Are also looking for More Staff Members So Join Up Today

Los Santos Police Department
Blaine County Sheriffs Office
San Andreas Highway Patrol
San Andreas Park Rangers
San Andreas Fire Department
San Andreas Medical Department
San Andreas Communications
Civilian Operations

We also have neat Features like:
A Stable and Working Economy System
a Active and Friendly Staff Team
A Good and Working CAD/MDT System
Maybe you can become a staff member?

So, why not join today?
This is a Server, where you can find people to play with, you can make promo for your YT/Twitch channel, you can send your gaming arts, Videos and streams.If you need some help with PCs or any hardware, we could help you! Have fun!
Welcome to DIRT! This is a new GTA5 (PC only) free mods server. We give out a free mod menu for gta5 online players to reek havoc with.
Je vous présente mon serveur gta v mod fr.
il consiste a réunir des joueur Grand Theft Auto V
-18 ou +18 aucune restrictions d'Age.

la politesse et le respect est le ciment de nottre server.

Mod menu autorisé sans trop en parler bien sur ne pas parlé de drop money etc..

Enfin voila le discord est la pour passer du bon temp et des bon moment, de faire des rassemblement etc

Vous êtes riche ou pas on vous aideras,
on vous a attend
Hey Folks. MarkIVSuit YT - Official is a Avengers Based Discord Server with many interesting things starting from roles to even bot names named with Avengers name.

We are a friendly community where you can mingle with pc players across India and play with them.

Have fun gaming and fun communicating.

Love from
MarkIVSuit YT
We're an Oceanic FiveM community that focuses on story. We have a big development team working hard on making a customized experience. We're open to the public from Saturday - Tuesday just join the discord and you'll be assigned a role that gives you access to the server on these days! 24/7 Whitelisting also available.
This is a server where you can find people to do heists with and almost every week, my friend and I host a car meet for the community of the server, so if you are inserted in joining and hangout out, Stop by and see what it all about!
We are a fast growing server that has gotten over 20 people with the first 5 days of being active. We are trying to set up many different departments but we really need more people. Join us today for an interview and hope I see you on the streets.
This is a Discord GTA 5 Character Roleplay here you can roleplay in the military, police, FIB, NOOSE, and more. There is also every military rank in the server. Also you can be payed and collect money from heists and other things

So Please Join
We are a Grand Theft Auto V Online selling community accepting all platforms. You can sell anything from bogdan b2b, to modded accounts.
Just want people to grind GTA V during quarantine with? do you want to grind act 2 or do it legit fair enough. on this server you can do it back to back or act 1 through 3.
Looking for a cheap modded account for GTA 5 ( Steam/Epic Games)
Join now and get yours for the low low, We provide awesome things,

We take paypal only, Any questions please contact me!
This is my all new hangout server. What will I do here? you can make new friends. Make a looking for group post for games we play here. Add server suggestions to get features you like to this server. 0 to spend more to discover.
Selling In game currency cheap! For every 5 invites we will moneydrop you 100k in-game currency. Join fast as our offer is limited!