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This discord server is a worldwide help desk community for Grand Theft Auto LSPDFR. You can use this server to ask all your questions regarding LSPDFR, but of course also answer questions from others. You can also share your own works with the entire community, so that your projects can also be downloaded and used a lot.

This is a starting server and we are still working on it. Changes will be made.

Discord invite link:
Welcome to the Forgotten Grinders. This server allows for people to...
-find a heist crew
-find associates for CEO work
-find players to do anything in GTA
-make new friends
-make money
So if you play GTA 5 and need someone to play with that isn't a random or if you want to play with new people, then the Forgotten Grinders is for you.
Fun Squad is a new Community
Staff members are all 25+ years old

Grand Theft Auto 5
💰 Money Drop
💰 Invite Rewards
💰 Modded Lobbies
💰 Recovery Service

We also play other games ofcourse!
Apex Legends, Rainbow Six, Battlefield, Call of Duty and many more!

The discord is also connected with our website.
Roles are synced this way!
*For this feature you need to create a website account and connect your discord to it
A PC GTA moneydrop discord server that specializes in account recoveries and hosting free money drops!
-Money Drop
-Invite Rewards
This server is for finding people to play with on GTAV online! It’s also a community server so you can chat and have fun with other members about other things!!
Welcome to Los Santos!

Be able to become the character you always wanted without having to get a powerful PC to download the latest mods and mod packs! Climb the ranks and earn a reputation in the city that never sleeps.

--> Climb the ranks of local gangs
--> Interact with fellow players, in roleplay or in-game
--> Music, memes, and a friendly staff
--> Create your own story or interact in others' stories
GTA V Online
We are are small GTA V Online gaming community with a simple purpose: to chill and have fun. That's it, no catch!

What do we have to offer?
◆ 😄 Inclusivity.
We are an active and welcoming GTA V Online community.
◆ 🎮 Gaming Channels.
There are a lot of channels for you all to complete in game missions together, as well as other channels to just speak and have fun!
◆ 📝 Self-Assignable Roles.
We have roles you can assign yourself based on the platform you play GTA V on.
◆ 🤖 Plenty of bots.
We have quite a few bots you can play around with such as BlackJack.
◆ 👮 Active and friendly staff team.
Our staff team is consistently active and always willing to help you with anything.
◆ 💬 Active text chats and voice chats.
For most of the day, our server is very active in both text channels and voice channels.
◆ ✅ Verified Glitches.
We post verified glitches. We have members testing a verifying glitches to ensure they work. We post a range of glitches, for example money and clothing glitches.

Extra Information:
◆ 🤝 Partnerships are open.
We are currently accepting partnerships, so feel free to message our support bot if your interested!
You're probably wondering why we brought you to our facility aren't you? Do not be alarmed, you are not in trouble, we just want to ask a few questions. We wont take up your time, so well cut to the chase.

We are The Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement Logistics Division otherwise known as S.H.I.E.L.D. We defend the world from terroristic threats portrayed by superhuman or non-human villains and extraterrestrials. The reason for our visit is to ask you weather you are interested in joining our secret Agency and help combat terrorism in the State of San Andrea's. Are you in?

Then come on and have a look, Cadet.

Radical Recoveries is a server with a team of people offering GTA Online recoveries which includes a variety of unlocks such as money and RP within the game, we also offer other forms of unlocks which are in the server. These services are only available for the PC variant of Grand Theft Auto.
A great server for you to come make friends to help you make money in GTA Online! There is always someone willing to help!
Loss Networks Community

We are a community and we are looking for people that want to have a great roleplay experience and understands what roleplay means. We are looking for people that want to have a good time and enjoy their time on FiveM. This is a serious roleplay server, we have players on all day and all night! Come join us for your best experience yet! We excited to see you out there in our amazing

Who are we?

We are Loss Networks. We are a serious roleplay server that enjoys a fantastic server. We strive to make your time here at Loss the most fun and realistic experience possible. We’re all one big family, and we’re looking for more like minded people to join this server! Looking to be apart of our awesome departments? Here at Loss Networks, players can have the chance to join the San Andreas State Police, Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, San Andreas Fire Department.

If you are looking to join : 8

If you want to apply now! 2


Easy to use!
Active staff!
Active player base
32 Player slots!
Serious Roleplay
Custom LEO vehicles
SASP, LSPD, and BSCO are now hiring!
Custom Peds
Many Well Paid Jobs
*LEO Makes Great Money
Fully Working CAD/MDT

Loss Networks | FiveM ESX #1 (32 Slots)
We are a Grand Theft Auto gang very skilled in making money and killing other players that don't serve our corporation well, join today to become apart of our amazing gang and also just have a good experience in our discord with our amazing features.
A server for cheap, fast, no bullshit recoveries. $5 for 1 billion dollars and everything in the game unlocked no questions asked.
A gta role play server definitely worth taking a quick peep, not big but we kick any people who fail
We also allow you to advertise any social pages:
:tada: Giveaways :tada:
:handshake: Partnerships :handshake:
:desktop: CAD/MDT Systems :desktop:
:notepad_spiral: Report Systems :notepad_spiral:
:globe_with_meridians: Websites :globe_with_meridians:
:writing_hand: Application Systems :writing_hand:
:eyes: Looking For Staff :eyes:
And Much Much More!
So Why Not Come Check Out Our Server (Remember To Invite Friends)