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Welcome to iGraphics!
Here at iGraphics, we are passionate about the future of graphic designing and, illustrating.

Why did we create iGraphics?
We couldn't find a good GFX design server that had all we wanted to we decided to make our own.
Our goal is to grow this server to become the number 1 GFX design server on Discord!

We frequently do giveaways for high-quality GFX. Every member should be treated respectfully. If we see someone disrespecting another member, action will be taken! Thanks for taking your time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out!

Things we offer:

-Lots of Roles
-Helpful Staff
-Many Different Category Chats
-Community Games
- Much more!
Welcome to Graphic Community! This is a server based on graphic design and visual effects everyone is welcomed to join from beginners to to experienced ones, we hope you enjoy your stay.
Art'istique est un serveur communautaire regroupant, graphistes, dessinateurs, monteurs et bien d'autres personnes talentueuses ! En plus d'avoir des membres talentueux, la bonne entente immerge le serveur ! un Staff cool et qualifié est également la pour vous épauler que ce soit dans l'aide artistique ou personnel. De nombreux salons sont installés rendant le serveur utile à tous, des aides, des critiques, des salons vocaux pour communiquer ou même écouter de la musique !

Art'istique vous attends, évoluons ensemble !
This server is made by two cousins, both who make songs and play games, the older one, plays fps games and watches youtube videos and sometimes plays minecraft. The younger one, who plays fps games and Fortnite, sometimes watches youtube videos but doesn't play minecraft. But the thing we both have in common is song writing and producing the songs, and so, we thought of DashGang, a song and gaming and a gfx community, for people under or over 18, and there are still certain rules you have to follow, but there are a lot of stuff you can do here, you can participate in gfx contests, gaming contests, and diss track contests, and all of you could be apart of that, and join the family of the DashGang!
This is Visional Graphics. Here we have GFX artists who have their work to offer and so can you offer your work. Great community with active staff. We frequently do giveaways for high quality GFX, the more members we have the more giveaways we do. Thanks for taking your time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out!😄 We also have a game development section to share your work and get constructive feedback!
Welcome to GFX! We are a community made for people who would love to chat, you can sell/buy in this server and feel free to send some art projects we would love to see some! and if you need a helping hand with art/designing software's, also included a program called Lens Studio, please contact us (DM). More updates are coming soon!

Read: If you want to get a role please contact the owners and tell them why and what you are good at. If you are good at Lens Studio contact the owner JS he would be glad to get more and more people interested in scripting etc. You will get a helper role and a Lens Studio role if you are good at Lens or do use lens. This also includes the other programs!

You need to verify before we are going to begin to start chatting (You have to react to the checkmark).

🌸Please follow all the rules and do not spam! A cause of interrupting the rules will cause ban :) 🌸

See you in the server!
Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other.
MakeYourGraphics est un serveur français , de type communautaire sur le theme du Graphisme , nous accueillons des Graphistes , Dessinateurs et des Designers .

On vous attends sur MakeYourGraphics !
GFX Studio is a place where anyone interested in design is welcome!

We Offer:
◮ Buying & Selling Services
◮ Regular Contests
◮ Giveaways
◮ Tutorials (Beginner to Advanced)
◮ Friendly & Active Community
◮ Helpful Staff and Mentors
◮ And more...
🎨 |Graphic Center !

__Salut ! tu souhaites rejoindre Graphic Center ? __
Notre Discord
Notre Twitter :
Notre Site internet : (Bientôt)

Tu veut discuter avec un Fondateur ?
Twitter de Fatal Hype :
Twitter de ZIABRAX :

__Tu veut être Modérateur, Administrateur, Développer... du serveur G/C ? __
Un salons textuel sera à ta dispositions !
Tu peut aussi envoyer ta candidature au membre du Staff

__Sur le serveur Discord tu trouveras : __
-Des salons vocaux/textuels pour discuter avec les membre de Graphic Center
-Des événements
-Des concours...

Rejoins nous !

🎨|Graphic Center !
__**What is Central Graphics?**__

Central Graphics is the only Graphic design server you need.
You can buy, sell and share your GFX designs.
Get feedback from other designers to improve your work!
We are frequently updating the server to add new fun features.

**Why did we create Central Graphics?**
We couldn't find a good GFX design server that had all we wanted to we decided to make our own.
Our goal is to grow this server to become the number 1 GFX design server on Discord!
We are working hard everyday to update the server to every member can have a good experience here!

**What makes Central Graphics better then all the other GFX servers out there (except xStrom GFX Designs :smirk_two_hand: )**
We always want the best for our members.
We have decided that everyone who buys should get good quality for low prices.
Every member should be treated respectfully. If we see someone disrespecting another member, action will be taken!
We are working to add fun games such as "GFX Competitions" where members designers can participate and vote for their favorite design
▁ ▂ ▃ 🎨 GraphAcademy 🎨 ▃ ▂ ▁

Bonjour à tous, laisser moi vous présenter GraphAcademy !

Comme son nom l'indique ce serveur est principalement destiné aux graphiste, mais avec le temps il s'est ouvert à tous ! Adultes comme enfants, monteurs comme simple gameur, etc... En bref, voici une petite description du serveur :**

🎉 - Avec des giveaways régulièrement !
🗃️ - Un serveur propre et bien rangé où tu peut t'y retrouver facilement.
🛡️ - Une sécurité de bonne qualité pour éviter les raids de serveur !
🎙️ - De nombreux salons vocaux.
📂 - Des salons pour partager vos créations.

Le Serveur recrute !
📎 - Des partenaires.
📌 - Des membres pour son staff.
🎉 - Des organisateurs de giveaways.

Et bien sûre au cas ou vous êtes graphiste ou monteurs vous aurez un rôle spéciale avec des clients assez fréquents ! J'en dis pas plus et aller voir par vous même !

#Dessin #Illustration #Graphisme #Art #Créatif #Dev #JeuVidéo
:wave: Salut à toi ! :wave:

Tu te balades sur Discord mais tu n'as pas rejoint Le Paradis Graphique:lollipop: ?


:rocket: Nous proposons de pouvoir promouvoir votre Serveur / Réseau Social !

:rocket: Nous acceptons les échange publicitaire / partenariat !

:rocket: Une très belle communauté !

:rocket: Staff en recrutement et mature !

:rocket: Serveur protégé et travaillé !

Mention --> @everyone

We are a Professional Design Server. Our server specializes in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Web Developing and UI / UX. (Looking for additional Designers!)

We have professional staff and can make you quality work for an affordable price.

Join our discord if you're need work done!

Join this server for some amazing graphic designs and community, and also to get feedback on your work.
We are a Graphic Design (GFX), Visual Effects (VFX), & Video Editing community called
'RMT Productions' that have a whole team that will make your GFX, Video Edits, & VFX aka intros/outros for cheap and affordable prices.

All GFX Designers, VFX Designers & Video Editors (GET PAID)

We are looking for some new VFX Designers that can make intros/outros to be apart of our team.
We have an official website, portfolio, Instagram, Discord server, & YouTube channel. We also have a whole team of GFX Designers, Video Editors, & GFX Designers.

Join our Discord server to have all of the information, be able to request almost anything you want/need.

~ ~
Welcome to Roblox Graphics Society!
Here, we welcome everyone, even if they don't do GFX/Art or play Roblox.
In our server, you may submit your works of GFX and Art and receive an artist rank! We have a fun, loving, and welcoming community who you can always talk to or ask for criticism.
Rebirth is a graphics community that founded in 2017. We have a great staff team and a bunch of great designers at our server. Once you join it, I bet you will never want to leave it! We also have the exclusive "battle" system (a battle between designers) its a system the staff team put a lot of time into and you will not regret trying it out!!
Hello :D this is my discord server where you can get some Minecraft gfx like banners, logos, thumbnails, and wallpaper. The Gfx are related to Minecraft but soon later when we hit 100 members there will be more options!!
Timber | Request & Sell is a new discord marketplace, We allow our members to sell almost anything they wish, when it comes to websites, domains, video-game items, codes and licenses, The list goes on and on. That isn't enough? Well let me show you some more stuff we have! We have Highly responsive staff, Scam reports, Donations, Reputation, Verified users, Music, Chill lounge, Partners, Levels and much more! We hope you can join our amazing server!
Hello! I am Eternityy, The owner of this server! I make GFX for server invites! You can also become a GFX Designer also! Chill with the community and chat with other fellow members! The more, the merrier! Make sure to join the server for FREE GFX, Chatting with Friends, and have fun with our bots!