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Rebirth is a graphics community that founded in 2017. We have a great staff team and a bunch of great designers at our server. Once you join it, I bet you will never want to leave it! We also have the exclusive "battle" system (a battle between designers) its a system the staff team put a lot of time into and you will not regret trying it out!!
Roblox Graphics Society is a server primarily focused around ROBLOX. RGS is for all developers on ROBLOX to enhance their own personal development of graphics design, clothing production and art within the community.

RGS has no limits to learning, we are here to assist every individual looking for an opportunity to improve their skills. Our goal is to enlighten your experience on ROBLOX and within the field of developing by providing extra support. We hope to accelerate the experience you have in the ROBLOX discord community. We accept everyone no matter what your profession is. Join Roblox Graphics Society today!
Yooo ! 💯

Tu aimes le graphisme ? 🤔
Tu aimes c'est vrai ? 🤔

Bah tu tombes bien ! 🤝

Moi et mes collègue avons ouvert un serveur de graphisme, où tu pourras mettre toute tes créations 🥳

Mais ne t'inquiète pas... Je te sens un peu pâle... Si tu es nul tu peux quand même rejoindre ce serveur 🤩 . Les meilleur graphiste font tout leur possible pour aider les plus nul.😉

Mais ce n'est pas fini. 😎 Tu peux avoir des miniatures, bannières, logos... Gratuitement et faits par les meilleurs graphistes 💓

Bien sûr vous pouvez être graphiste pour le serveur si un des admins aime une de vos créations 💓

Ça t'a convaincu ? 🤔

WOW CALME-TOI 😨 je sais que ça donne très envie 😁

Mais... 😓✋

Bon allez je ne te retiens plus 😞

Recrutement staff ouvert 😉

┕━━━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━┑𝓖𝓸𝓸𝓭 𝓫𝔂𝒆 ┍━━ ⋆⋅☆⋅⋆ ━━━━┙
Looking for an active GFX Server? Well, this is the server for you!
In this server, we make the kind of GFX you desire. For a cheap price, you could get yourself a Logo, banner any kind of gfx well suited for your needs.
Diverse is a Graphic Design server filled with various levels of designers.
This is a server for beginners and experienced people alike! A great place for people to learn and get tips.

We have:
🏆 Points
🤖Custom bots for designers and our guild
🎨 Color roles for points
🧰 Technical support channel
💖 Helpful and friendly staff
📝 Buy & sell graphic services
✨ Nitro booster perks

A list of common topics;
• Graphic design
• Illustration / art
• Typography
• General layout
• Technical help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Gimp, etc.
• Print and colour help
Featuring some of the best GFX designs made for exclusively Streamers & Gamers. Frequent Giveaways, Discounts & More! Don't miss out.
We are a Graphic Design (GFX), Visual Effects (VFX), & Video Editing community called
'RMT Productions' that have a whole team that will make your GFX, Video Edits, & VFX aka intros/outros for cheap and affordable prices.

All GFX Designers, VFX Designers & Video Editors (GET PAID)

We are looking for some new VFX Designers that can make intros/outros to be apart of our team.
We have an official website, portfolio, Instagram, Discord server, & YouTube channel. We also have a whole team of GFX Designers, Video Editors, & GFX Designers.

Join our Discord server to have all of the information, be able to request almost anything you want/need.

~ ~
Lucid Editing ☁ ™ , c'est un serveur ultra acitf , 170h de vocal / 14 jours
Pleins d'éditeurs ( Ratenight , Nepera , NianZed , Ruze , Razox FX ect .... )
Concours de montage chaque semaine !
Design Hub is a Graphic Design server revolving around community based design.
this server contains experienced people and some beginners, benefiting from our workshop and tips.

We have:
Bots that designers can benefit from
· Color roles
· friendly and knowledgeable staff
· Buy & sell graphic services

Some topics include;
• Graphic design (GFX)
• Illustration and Art
• help in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and other various editing platforms
Slice FX is where a community of editors and gamers can get together and purchase GFX and VFX from other editors.
Are You Bored?
Well you have to join this exciting server where you can chill and chat with other people around the world wide about anything you like, you can play games, listen to music or you show your art if your an artist who wanted to show the master piece, join our community.
『♛』Owner: @MaayaFX (boy)#3801
『♛』Co Owner: @UwU#1029
『♛』List of what to do in this server
✧Main Chat (includes all other languages in separate channels)
✧Rules (Not Done Yet)
✧Announcement (For my youtube video)
✧AMV Promotion
✧MMV Promotion
✧MMD Promotion
✧Animation Meme Promotion
✧Promote Gfx Pictures
✧Fan Arts (from my channel)
✧Voice Chat
✧Bots Command
✧Off Topic
✧Apply For Staff (Limited)
✧Staff Chat (Admin/Mods only)
✧YouTube Promotion
✧ Instagram Promotion
✧ Twitter Promotion
✧ TikTok Promotion
✧ Discord Server Promotion
✧ Roblox Chat
✧Roblox Memes
✧Roblox Videos
✧Roblox Music
✧Minecraft Chat
✧Minecraft Memes
✧Minecraft Videos
✧Minecraft Music
✧Anime Game
Feel Free to join and meet other people 😆
Nous sommes un serveur de Ressource pour les graphistes !!! Nous rassemblons des illustrateur / dessinateur/ graphiste / modeleur / monteur photo

Nous avons une communauté Brawl Stars / Fortnite / Minecraft / Manga / Call of Duty

Nous avons tout les calques des grands graphistes en .png sur notre discord !!!
This Server is Initially made for a YouTube Gaming Channel but now it is Reagent Works , i.e. now this Server Aim is to help out people to get their servers designed.

There is no group of designers who make servers there is only me (Reagent) who will do his best to make servers for people who want servers. My works include server design, bot setup, and other things which will be needed in a proper Server! You can see my works in <#695278471399735317> Category.

Apart from this, I(Reagent) also do GFX Works like Thumbnails, Server Banners, etc. Recently I worked for ``YT Hathoda`` ``Fusion Gaming`` ``Rog Stream``.

This Server is also a place where you can Chill Out, make friends, interact with Bot developers, GFX Designers, Server Designers, etc.

This place is made for everyone to enjoy!

Invite Link :-
Fortnite Lounge Server Owned By Throatsy & Light
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This is a server for people who love bass, music, visuals, etc...
This is a friendly for all ages server.
In here you can leave song suggestions to be promoted, to be heard, or even bass boosted. There will be YouTubers of all types of recognition and genres. Have friendly conversations and even become friends! This a universal server but focuses on Music feel free to join and check it out! Enjoy your stay!
Voici un Serveur Discord digne de ce nom !
Archipel Graphiste vous propose un serveur d’échange de Création Artistique et d’entraide communautaire !

Sur l’archipel Graphiste vous retrouvez ; 📜
• 💭 Communauté active
• 🎨 Touts types d’arts, dessins, graphismes, photographies, etc
• 💸 Des Artistes Gratuits & Payants
• 🎉 De l'animation
• 🏆 Des concours
• ⁉️ Des tutoriels ainsi que de l’aide pour vos créations
• 🗃️ Un système de commande de créations gratuites, et payantes

📌 En approche de la V 9.0 du serveur ! Une grosse mise à jours arrive !

Nous recrutons des personnes qualifiées pour des postes tels que Responsables, Staffs et d’autres postes.

Pour toute information supplémentaire, rejoignez notre discord !
✮ Editing Unit It's a Community Of AMV Maker, Here You Can Enjoy Chatting With Friendly And Funny People's, You Can Play Discord Games, Listen Music With Your Friends But Most Importantly You Can Get Free AMV & GFX Recourses And It'll Help You, Anime Clips For AMV & GFX Help, Overlay's,Anime Masks,GFX Packs,Brushes And Much More. ✮

♥ Join Us. ♥
Are you looking for an editor? Join the discord server today and find one!

If your an editor join the community and see if you make the cut! GLHF!
Welcome to Designer's Heaven.
This is a place where *You* request,
And *We* create.
We offer many different types of gfx ranging from Logos, Banners, Profile Pictures Thumbnails, and many more.
Name it, and we'll try our best to create your desired GFX!
This is a server where you can request GFX and VFX (both free and paid). You can apply for higher freelance ranks to get a better reputation and improve your GFX abilities.
Static Space is a community for artists, designers, musicians etc where we share our work and inspire each other.
This is Visual Graphics. Here we have GFX artists who have their services to offer and so can you offer your services.

We have a great community with active staff and we occasionally do giveaways.

Want to learn how do 3d model or edit photos professionally, experiencing some issues or needing constructive feedback on your work? We have many experienced members who can teach and help with your issues.

Thanks for taking the time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out! We also have a game development section to share your work!
We are Pancake & Partners, a community built around creativity and art. Create and share, or just hang around for casual conversation.

*Fun and interesting community
*Creativity and art
*Events and competitions
*Featured artwork
*Request logos and banners
*A strong staff team

Feel free to share your work, we've got people with various skill levels so don't be shy, we're not here to judge. If you're looking to improve, we'll be more than happy to give suggestions to improve. We accept almost all forms of art, from GFX art and sketching to writing or even handicrafts like wood work, whatever floats your boat!

We're not all about art of course, so don't let the theme scare you off just because you don't believe you have some artistic skill, we enjoy casual conversation as a community too.