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We're a new gaming community who are tired of unfairness and favoritism! We're here to treat you and make you feel like family! We can only grow with YOUR help! Game on gamers!
Looking to take your character past the weekly tabletop gatherings?
Are you seeking an online D&D community? Gildorym may be the place for you.
Gildorym, which started as a homebrew & simplified D&D 3.5e based Minecraft server embedded with roleplay, is now finally graduating to turn into a D&D 5e experience. Using content from official recent 5e sources including Volo's Guide for Monsters and Xanthar's Guide to Everything, you build your own character as you'd do for any DnD session - however, you don't only get to see the heroic adventures, vicious battles, and crushing losses of your dear adventurer, but also are able to play out their every-day life through roleplay within the world we've created over the past years.

This is not a traditional minecraft server. We are solely roleplay and D&D based. Gildorym is a close knit community of like-minded players, dungeon masters and staff who seek to create a positive and immersive environment that everyone who has ever wondered how it would feel to play out the life of their characters may enjoy.
Pack your bags and weapons; make sure your coin purses are tied tight. Move swiftly and don’t leave anything behind. To the docks you go all the ships are filling fast. The last one there seems steady. Step up and get settled a long journey awaits; sail 3,000 miles across the Trackless Sea to riches and dangers in Anchorome. Where friends are waiting and enemies are plenty.

Every day and every hour the story changes and grows. Gildorym hosts several Dungeon Masters, New and Experienced, along with a solid roleplay community. Find out what your characters would do if they were not in a dungeon or fighting bad guys. Gildorym expands on the Dungeons and Dragons roleplay by adding the day to day tasks: Farming, Selling, Arguing at your neighbor who plays bardic music too loud.

The server is accessible 24/7 with a growing staff of Dungeon Masters; always accepting applications. If the staff Dungeon Master life doesn’t interest you we also have a Creator World where non-staff Dungeon Masters can host their own campaigns.

Gildorym is a Minecraft server but Minecraft is one of the best places to host Dungeons & Dragon events. Each block in Minecraft is a square on a Roll20 or Dungeons & Dragons playing board. While Dungeons & Dragons has figurines and intricate setups to pull you into the scene at Gildorym we build the scenes allowing you to explore the map non-stop and finding new things every time. Step back from the board and come see your surroundings from the point of view of your character. Minecraft and DnD blend the threads of “Theater of of the mind” And visual map making and world building seamlessly
Did I just hear you sigh as you’re looking for friends to play with?

Well I am happy you’re here then, we, the Training Alliance Task Force are a large gaming community with the main objective to be as friendly as possible (with possible exceptions during banter). We have around 5000 members worldwide and are looking to expand the family. We aren’t some niche community that only accepts people from one game or maybe two; No we accept everyone, CoD to Slime Rancher, PC to Super Nintendo!
So what are you waiting for? Come give us a try over at our discord and play some games with us and make some new friends!

All the best
The whole of TATF
Looking for Gaming Community, Friends, Clans or even a Great Server?

JOIN us on Discord for exciting Events and Fun times.

☆in-game & discord Ranking☆
☆In-game & discord Prizes/Gifts☆

~NEW Community Full of Amazing and Helpful People. Come Rock the Games with us and Grow!
We invite you to join the Fiery Rebellion Alliance discord server! A community for gamers & NSFW enthusiasts alike!

▪︎Warframe (Primary Focus) ▪︎Minecraft
▪︎Rainbow Six Seige ▪︎Ark Survival Evolved
▪︎Call of Duty ▪︎Rocket League ▪︎Overwatch and Many More!

▪︎A friendly community to plug in, team up, and game out!
▪︎Channels dedicated to each game
▪︎Staff that listens to it's members feedback and changes things to suit.
▪︎Newly added 18+ NSFW Area for our adult clientele

Come join in on the fun! We hope to see you!
Looking for a non toxic, chill gaming server? Come chill with us and make some new friends. We are an 18+ community.

We are not game specific, and are open to gamers on any platform that play any game. We are also open to streamers and will be offering an affiliate system and private channels for streamers and their communities.

The server runs the premium version of mee6 and will have many more coming over time as well as a custom bot that is in the works.

Come check out the server and see if you like it! Happy gaming.
We are a friendly group of people here, just trying to make discord a fun place for everyone, this is more of a family than a server for us. Feel free to join and check us!

Here’s what you can expect to find in the server ⇣

> • 🌈Friendly community ★
> • 🌴Helpful and dedicated staff ★
> • Text and meme channels to chill and have fun ★
> • 🌷 Art, art tips , channels to express yourself ★
> • 🌊Voice and music channels for some quality good time and mystical vibes ★
> • 🌧️ Tons of self-assignable roles ★
> • 🔥 Awesome leveling system with 15 level-up roles ★
> • ✨Multiple fun bots such as pokecord, dank memer, owo, etc ★
> • 🦋A huge variety of fun emotes ★
🥀Server special
> • 💠 Gambling channel with fun nickname challenge ★
> • 🍥Our own custom bot ★
> • 🐟 Self promotion channel ★
> • 🔥 quotes and lyrics channel ★
> • 🍒Truth And Dare ★
> • 🥨Server events and givaways ★
╰─➞ • ₊꒰ **__We are looking for__**~ ꒱。˚∙!

> • 💎 Active members ★
> • 🧿 Nitro boosters ★
> • 🍉 Moderators ★



Let us start by Welcoming you :)

We have channels for other games where we try to link up with each other and get to know each other past the game of DayZ, as much as we love and focus on our DayZ Private Servers for Chernarus and Livonia.

We are a light RP (role play) server. We have rules to keep the game fair and fun for everyone and all play styles.

Our Factions are vastly growing, and within our Livonia server we are testing territories to soon bring to Chern, and with the newest 1.07/1.10 update and the ability to control the loot in our servers, we can now get a lot more creative with this.

Along with Factions we have different Mercenary roles that you can take if you would like to live more of a solo lifestyle in the game. Hitman been one of these roles. You can take the role as a Hitman and get paid in game currency to trade with player or use at either of our trader bases.

If you do join us, please take the time to read our rules, we do have a lot, however these are what make us different. So, once you give it the time, i promise, it will be worth it.

Anyway, say hello check your DM's from MEE6 when you arrive and say hello in the chat :)

See you soon and Stay Safe.
○◎●| Welcome to CCD |●◎○

Our server has a friendly community where we play games, hang out, and have fun!

Giveaways After Every 100 Members
Fun Economy and Entertainment Bots
Lots of Cool Custom Emojis
Themed Channels
Fun and Exciting Events
SFW Content Only
Lots of Updates
Creativity Channels
Arcade Hall
Private Rooms
Self Assignable Pings
Active Voice Chats
Friendly and Helpful Staff
Tons of Members
Partnerships Available

What are you waiting for? Join CCD today! You won't regret it!
MyFallen Gaming Community

Welcome to MyFallen! We are a community-focused gaming server for all ages. We welcome anyone who wants to come and game with us! If you love a game, you'll probably find someone to talk about it or play it with here.

Some of the things we offer:
- A friendly, welcoming community.
- Channels for art, e-sports and various games.
- A place to find a group.
- 'Professional' staff.
- Hosted events and competitions.
- Need homework help? Ask our community!
- Love tech? talk about tech.

MyFallen Gaming Community is a community for all. Come join us for a discussion on Overwatch League, Call of Duty League, League of Legends, DOTA 2 and more.

We can't wait to welcome you.
Glory Gaming / Glory Company is a fairly new, yet structured community.

What we offer:

💎 Start your own Squadron within our Platoons system! Be a leader and determine how you play your games, whilst finding others to play with easily!

👨🏾‍🤝‍👨🏼 Be a part of something bigger, something rapidly growing and exciting!

🎉 Earn rewards, gain reputation and have fun doing it!

🎮 Play multiple games on all platforms! We will allow you to register a Platoon (or Squad if one already exists), for any game or platform.

🚀 Count on our strong leadership and organisation to provide you with a fun, free and friendly environment for gaming!

🔰 Be part of our amazing team of admins and moderators! We're always looking for real leadership and talent. You can be part of a great team that is aiming to build the next big community!

What we want from you:

📣 Spread the word and get your friends involved!

🔮 Get involved with community events and initiatives!

🙌🏼 Help us to build a great community for everyone!
Infinite Esports
Founded in January of 2020. Join us as we are expanding and taking on our new endeavors. We are the home of Team Infinite. We are looking to build up our community both casually and professionally. Click below to engage within our community and see more of what we have in store at Team Infinite!
We are a gaming community if you need a game as a game featured here I'll make it if enough ppl are interested join us
English/Latino gaming community server open for anybody who's interested on old games, like Counter Strike 1.6 and so on, we also use tons of bots for users to have fun, and make the area as social and stabilized as possible. Great opportunity to make new friends and meet incredible people! Don't miss your chance and join our server NOW!
Dreamz Esports & Community is a gaming server where you can meet friends! We mostly play Paladins, but we do play some CSGO. Feel free to join and have fun!
Hi, I'm Floky and I have a dream...
I want to build a discord server where all gamers unite and meet new people and play all kinds of games with other people.
At the moment we mostly play Apex, Escape from Tarkov, we have some lol players and also a few CSGO players.
We also do competions with games as prizes once a month,
So if you're looking for some fun people to build a group, to casualy play or just to chat, play stupid silly games and win cool prizes, come and make my dream come true and join me and my (at the time) small community.
I hope to play with you soon.
[16+ Server Age Limit - You are also required to fill out an application before being accepted in.]

The TinyTubers community is a place for creators to meet and get to know other creators, make new friends, share and support each others content. This community is built on the idea of wanting to support & help other content creators and to have a place for people to chat and share their interests in what they do.
Fun safe gaming and community environment.

If you join click the thumbs up in rules to continue
Gaming Central is a growing gaming community. We have a great community of non-toxic friendly members. We host weekly game giveaways such as GTA Online Shark Cards, Fortnite V-Bucks, Xbox PS4 and Steam codes, Amazon giftcards and more! We also have GTA modders who would be willing to drop money!
ACTIVE Gaming Community Is a community built for everyone for everything it was originated for gamers but I wanted to take building a gaming community to the next level and I have made a community that not just can be a next gen social hub but can also be 3rd party’s for video games we also intend to have some Esports involvement just like we did with ACTIVE Football in VPG but unfortunately that didn’t go to plan however we won’t let that stop us from growing stronger and also potentially sponsor a few leagues and esports teams so that’s a little bio on the server now enjoy our great features 😁👍
This is a discord server that runs gaming events and gives out prizes for winning these events. Roles are earned through merit. We already have a great community but I have always liked expanding. Please join for some great games with quality people.

If you do join make sure to check #self-role to see what games we offer.
🍂 Hello! 🍂

Senpou Temple, Mt. Kongo is a server for anyone who likes to play Sekiro, Dark Souls and Bloodborne. We’re a friendly community that is willing to help eachother wether it be in game or emotionally. If you simply wish to meet other people who have the same interest as you, feel free to join!