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This is a place to hang out, listen to music, and chat with other people. It's also a dating server so you can find a special someone.
This is a server where you can promote and you can use for gameing. we have stuff for booting codeing and hacking
This is a new community that I hope to grow. Just come and hangout, we are a very welcoming community. So please come and join us. We are very new.
Self promo chill with the boys play fortnite csgo minecraft CSGO designers anime time talk to me about your problems open up this is a safe place please don't be a di#k to people good vibes only
Wellcome to my server PADAKASI!
Here,I only want the nicest of people. Dosen't matter what.
This server will bring happynes and make you fell happy?
Anyways, join if you like meking friends.
Here are some things that we have, also disclaimer this is a really new server.
Ther are bots, yes.
-Interesting chanals
-NSFW channals
-Game nights maybe?
-and sins I can't make a server, thers alos a sugestion chanel.
-Some interesting rolles to.
All ages included, if it follows discords rules of course.
the cafe is still a work in progress but even so i hope you enjoy your time here
we have

.(a few) bots

.friendly users

.and plenty of voice chats

.and more!

come on iiiiiiinnnnnnnn
We are a community of dnd players who needed somewhere to play, we try to teach new players and just have fun.
just a friendly furry,weeb server
very nice, wholesome, and nontoxic
we welcome you with open arms and warm nuzzles uwu
Hello! This is the Founder of Robloxian Updates And I will like to invite you here so you can see all of the new updates for Roblox! Plz do not post links if it is not a roblox update And have fun.
-=->LBGTQ+ is allowed everyone is allowed
str8 people are allowed too
-=->Ages from 13+ is allowed if your 21+ pls dont dm any 13 Year olds lloll thx
-=->Be nice
-=->Pls join id love to have you here
-=->There is also a nsfw!!
-=->Choose your own roles!!
-=->Make Introductions!
-=->art, photography, gaming, writing, singing new channels

This server is pretty chill no strict rules if you break a rule once its alright come join make friends also str8 people are alowed too

Ok so hello we are a branch of ScOf we are a funny as F**k server now we a ton of bots. Now yes we help out we dont plage people
We are open to everyone join us and stay a while.
Team Hydronic is a Fortnite clan. Team Hydronic is a clan that is a very kind clan. You can communicate with players and make new friends

We are Team Hydronic
We make sure we get better and better everyday
You do not need to have Fortnite in order to join our clan, We need you to be Nice, and Loyalty to each other.

We will make you better and better all day —Hydronic