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18 años | Jugador para nada profesional de Valorant, CCGO, LOL, Paladins, Fortnite, Minecraft | Catador profesional de Hentai | Hace vídeos chidos | Creyente de las avestruces | Cereal con jugo de piña | Su mamá aún le lava la ropa XD
1-Her türlü online,story oyunlarını oynuyoruz
2-Ekipli online oyunları
3-Oyun indirim Duyuruları
4-Saygı en önemli şey
5-15 yaş üstü girebilir
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A Fun and Friendly Server for being social and/or playing games with our wonderful members! Our active members will surely give you a great time!

Here are a few Features:
• Choose your own roles
• Fun Social Chat channel
• Memes and Dark humour
• NSFW channel
• Nitro Boosted Music and Voice Chat Channels (for high quality audio)
• Anime/Hentai channel
hello, so not to much going on here, just a few friends and a few channels, tbh im trying to grow so dont expect a whole lot when you or if you join, we a e a small group of people between the ages of 18 and upwards of 32 so we are legally adults but by nature immature fuck heads who like to play games. so again please dont expect alot i am trying to grow.
!Hello Team Members You have been invited to join an invite only server with tons of benefits. We give away gaming computers and much more.

Your team has been invited to our server for Fortnite and Strucid To compete in our tournament november 28th. winners will get nitro and team owners will get $500 for the republic of gamers website

Welcome To Super Scrims! We are a fortnite based gaming server bringing fortnite teams together and finding out who the best of the best are! Winners get the number one spot on our wall and people can view the teams along with the team invite so you can grow your own teams. We have an active community with very active staff
What we offer
>Any team can join
>Your team gets Put on the wall
We are sponsors

Why you should join us
>Easy place to go to meet new friends
>Easy way to have competition
>Top ranked teams get put on the top of the wall
>Every team gets recognized
>Easy way to grow a team
The Revolution

| Car Talk .   *  •  ゚ 。    .  .   。. * *
| Gaming . . 。  .  •   .   。 .  ゚ .  ゚ *
| Music    ゚   .  *   . ,  * . . • .
☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆ . 。 • :
★ We host giveaways almost every week!•   .  。 .  * ゚ *
★ Group of members that are active!•   .   。 . *
★ Fun diverse chats that never get old!•    ゚ . . 。★ Small fun contest with little prizes!•  
★ Many great server partners!•   .   。 . * *
★ Always get updates on the latest F1 news!•   。  •
★ Bot with fun commands and games! . * , .
★ Group of STAFF always doing there best!• 。 . *  。
★ Self promotion channels free to use!•     。 . • * , *
☆━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━☆ , • . *
| Just answer a few questions and be our guest in The Revolution!!
゜゚ .   •   ゚  。   .   .      .     。   。 .
 .  °. So c'mon what are you waiting for...  。 ඞ °
。    ゚   .     . ,    .  .   . °. • :+* ゚ ゜゚ +.。:+ ゚ ゜゚ +..。:+ ゚ ゜゚ *+:.。.:+ ゚ ゜゚ *+:.。.:+ ゚ ゜゚ *+:.。.:+ ゚
We are a new Friendly Forza Horizon 4 Car Meets Dedicated Discord. We let anyone join that can bring a nice friendly Vibe to this Community. We strive to maintain a fun gaming community even if we don't play Forza.
Hello! Welcome! Our server is still a little small, but I am sure with you, it will grow even faster! I hope you'll have a great rime meeting orher players and exchanging.
And of course showing off your photo skills :D
Prime Community - FH4 Meets, Cruises & Events

We are the Prime Community - hosting daily meets, often twice a day. Here at Prime we can assure all of our members professional and realistic car meets. We expect all participants to be performing at their best, adding a sense of realism however allowing people to have fun and enjoy themselves.

➼ Formal and understandable rules & regulations system for meets.
➼ Daily meets & events for our members.
➼ Approaching 200 members after only 12 days from release.
➼ Active moderation and host team to assist you with your needs.

We appreciate all those who decide to join our even check out our community.
You can visit our webpage or our discord directly. - We hope to see you there.

➼ Web Page Link ➼
🎇 Welcome to Forza Horizon 4 [FHES] 🎇

If you Love Forza Horizon 4 and would like to share your efforts and improve your ability then join this Server 🏎

Forza Horizon 4 FHES includes~

💬 ~ General Chat
💻 ~ Online Adventures
❌ ~ Eliminator-Chat-Screenshots
📈 ~ Weekly Challenges
🎪 ~ Festival Playlist
💰 ~ Auction House
🛠 ~ Car Tuning
🚕🚗 ~ Convoys
📸 ~ Photo Booth
🎨 ~ Designs
🗞 ~ Blueprints
🎥 ~ Live Stream Links
🎥 ~ YouTube Videos

Facebook Group
In game Club ~ search FHES in clubs and join 🏎

This is a new growing Server for new members to grow Forza Horizon 4 [FHES] ~ please come and join the server to be part of that new growth 📈
This is an automotive discord! I do hope we can build a strong community here, and have lots of fun at the same time! Here we talk about cars in game, or in real life. I did however manage to type up a little sorta map so to say. I hope it is useful! You know, so we don’t get lost, or anything like that. c:
Welcome to FH4MCRP! This server is dedicated to meets, cruises, roleplay sessions, as well as other types of events. We enjoy having each and every one of our members, and would love to keep having more join.

Go ahead and join to give it a try!
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Forza Horizon / GTA Online / Among Us / Fallout / Minecraft et bien d'autres
Приветствуем Вас на крупном сервере, посвященном серии игр Forza! У нас Вы можете найти новых друзей и соратников, найти команду, принимать участие в различных мероприятиях и тематических сходках в игре, совместно проходить еженедельные игры фестиваля, найти много полезной информации по игре, можете получить поддержку и помощь в тюнинге и настройке автомобилей, избежать проблем с игрой и просто провести время в хорошей компании))) Присоединяйся, если фанатеешь от гонок!
A Discord server for the community around growing painter TheZ06Addict, including chats for Forza liveries by me, as well as tunes and photography from the best of the best! We also have chats for art, general gaming and more, how about stopping by? 🙂
Welcome to JDM Squad. We are a community for people with an interest of all types of cars. We offer roles for your favorite brands, ranks, bots, a gaming category for racing games, and more. We take suggestions as well.
Welcome to 'The That Defender 90 Discord', which was created by the server owner, Fender, who owns the YouTube channel 'That Defender 90' (, and also the Instagram account known as 'same_picture_of_itsjusta6' ( This server is inhabited by a good community, which yes may sometimes get a little bit rowdy at times here and there, but are welcoming to new users. In the server, there are several things to do (like any other server). A few examples of these include:
-An RPG like game (using bot commands),
-Chatting/playing games with friends/other members with our voice channels,
-Talk about things in our wide variety of text channels,
-Enjoy some music with others, or alone,
-And a lot more (with more to come!).
Of course, we need people who monitor the server and make sure everything is going well and nicely, which is our incredible Moderation Team. If anyone has a problem, or something crazy is happening to the server, our Moderation Team will fix it. Also, if anyone spots an admin abusing their power, we have the Leadership Team who will thoroughly check that the Mod is abusing their power, and then will inflict punishment upon the abusing Admin. Feel free to contact the Leadership Team for any questions or to report someone if you are unsure about contacting a Mod. The Moderation Team makes sure the server is a nice place that people can feel safe and comfortable in. We hope to see you there!
We are a Forza Horizon 4 based community, we host events such as cruises, car meets, tournaments, races and other fun activities. Our community seeks to be filled with players who lack toxicity, as it's not tolerated within our server.

You wanna a nice server to chill with your friends and listen to Musik?
Come and hang out and have a nice time!