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🍁 San Andreas Nation Roleplay 🍁

SANRP is a roleplaying server solely based of San Andreas using Fivem. We push to provide a serious and fun roleplay experience for all new and advanced players. A brand new community and server looking to gather as many great roleplayers to make this community greater every passing day. Our entire staff team works hard to ensure that our roleplay is flawless and legit, creating a realistic environment. We would love to have you on the server, and hope that you check us out!

A menu-based RP server with structure and discipline set in place to ensure every member of the community has the best experience that any member could ask for. All members of SANRP are very mature and consist of members that want to make this server strive to be the best that it can be

A new FiveM Community &
Server based in Canada. ❄

Requirements: ⭐
-FiveM (Download online)
-A working mic & headset

Departments: 🚔
-Blaine County Sheriff’s Office
-San Andreas State Police
-San Andreas Fire/Ems
-Staff team

What Do We Have To Offer: ❗
- Active Staff & Support
- A lot of staff positions open
- Great roleplay community
- EUP, Custom EUP
- Clean HUD, Clean Server
- Anti Cheat
- Custom Civ Cars
- Custom Scripts
- Donator Perks & Packages
- Community & Player-base focused.
- Listen to suggestions
- Freedom to be yourself
- Community Giveaways
- Safe environment & more!

Discord invite link:* *
CSRP | Colorado State Roleplay | Hiring Staff & LEO | vMenu 300 Addon Custom Vehicles | 2 Active LEO Departments | Active Developers | Gangs | Serious RP | Join The Discord To Apply! Great community For Beginners!
Ich freue mich, euch die erste Version des Communityservers :desktop: präsentieren zu dürfen!

Der Communityserver steht euch kostenfrei zur Verfügung. Die "Basis" soll es euch ermöglich euch einfacher einen eigenen Roleplayserver zu kreieren!

Was bietet der Server :

• Saltychat.
• 32 Slot. Je nach FiveM Lizenz natürlich mehr!
• ESX Grundbasis
• % - Anteil übersetzt - wird weiterhin daran gearbeitet!
• Wunderschöne Landschaft und eine fortschrittliches HUD! -
• Gemeinsam, mit Dir wird der Server erweitert!

Was benötigst Du?

• Grundwissen zu FiveM / ESX.
• Teamspeakserver für Saltychat
• Zeit, Zeit & Zeit..

Was muss noch gemacht werden :

• Saltychat muss für dein Server angepasst werden!
• beitreten um den Server perfekt zu machen!
• server.cfg muss bearbeitet werden / Steamkey & FiveM Key
• Die in der Server.cfg rumspielen - Reihenfolge muss eingehalten werden!
• Download:
We are a new server with serious roleplay and many custom features. This server is an idea that has been burning in the back of the developer's mind since he started playing FiveM. Now, after being part of several servers, he feels that he can take the best elements and combine them into something that is both unique and enjoyable. He understands the frustrations and tribulations that new players go through and strives to make a server that everyone can enjoy. We have a like-minded team of committed people that like to take input from the community in order to create the most enjoyable experience possible.

We are a friendly and helpful community with active admins that are willing to help and answer any questions or concerns. There is a huge range of both legal and illegal activities to keep you occupied while building the storyline of your character. We are currently recruiting for all types of job positions and we would love the opportunity to meet you in the city!

- Casino
- Character Select
- Racing Script
- 400+ Imported Cars with Custom Handling
- Custom Clothing & Hair
- Custom Dealership
- Tuner Chip and NOS
- Pacific Standard
- Jewelry Store
- Drug Territories and effects
- Cow Milking
- Oxy Runs and USB drugs

Whitelisted Jobs:
- Taxi
- Mechanic
- Police
- Car Dealer (with beautiful custom beach dealership)
- Nightclub (with custom interior)

This is only a sample of our features so jump into the city to see more!
Are you interested in joining a community that is fun and professional and based around realism? Are you interested in a community that allows members to have an open voice in the community and the way things are ran? Well, you have come to the right place and there is no need to look further!
Kora Network

What we offer:

[] Active Dev team

[] Active and helpful staff

[] Simple and effective rules

[] Friendly Player base

[] UK Based RP

[] Good Economy

[] Constantly Updated

[] Whitelisted Jobs and Gangs

[] 40 Slots

[] Custom Vehicles

[] Active Discord

We are also extremely streamer friendly! with an affiliate role giving you access to promote in our server!

We are a new fiveM community, The Bois Roleplay community focusing on realistic roleplay and attention to detail and more
You can upload and find FiveM servers and get help from other people of the community.

You could find your new favorite FiveM server if you are looking for one!
🍇If you want buy scripts/interiors or more join to us we have special offers
for example🍇
🍇clawles casino
🍇Paleto Bay's Sheriff by Clawles
🍇UncleJust Full Prison
🍇200 esx scripts
and a lots of more✔️

This is a very professional FiveM community we offer the best serious-RP we won't take any shit from little squeaker so makes sure u bring your balls since we won't put up for the shit so make sure u follow the rules and RP the best since our server is becoming real-life RP
un server de discord pentru cel mai nou server de fivem,marea deschidere in decembrie,daca intrati pana atunci aveti vip 1
NRCHosting, LLC is a publicly registered Web/Server hosting company based out of Delaware. We offer affordable prices on high end machines for all of your server running wants and needs.
Swift Life RolePlay is a Serious RP server that is not
based on any state or city.
About the server:
Swift Life RolePlay was formed in August of 2020. The
server was created because we may all have different
stories or goals, but roleplay is what unites all of us. We
are an adult owned role playing server that is determined
to provide it’s members with a realistic and serious roleplaying
experience, giving the members freedom to use their creativity
for any realistic role-playing scenario.

We require that:

Must be at least 14 years of age.( Can be waived if we feel you are mature enough)

Must be mature on all actions made and take full responsibility for them

Must have a legal copy of GTAV.

Must have Discord

Must have a working microphone

Current Position Avaliable:


Police Officers

Sheriff Deputies




Business Owners


What can we offer?:

Custom YMAPs

Custom Vehicles for both police and civs

Custom uniforms

ESX based

Custom Civ Jobs

-Custom Gangs

San Andreas Highway Patrol
Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office
Los Santos Police Department

Fire & EMS Department
Civilian Department


Business Application:

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to join the discord and message me. Whiskey
Midnight Shift Roleplay
@Register Copyright Owner

Connection Information
Discord -
Open Departments
Civilian Operations
San Andreas Fire Rescue
San Andreas State Police
Blaine County Sheriff's Office
San Andreas Communications

About us
Midnight Shift Roleplay is a FiveM Roleplay Community created back in March of 2020. We are a group that is always looking to bring people together for a great roleplay experience. Our community is a mature and safe space for all. Every member of FusionRP is respected and looked after by the administration team and their peers. As well we take our roleplay very seriously and work hard to make sure it fits every one of your standards.

Roleplay Experience
Your experience of roleplay in this community will be amazing. We have constant patrols bringing many members into the server. We have high-quality Roleplay. If on any occasion that something goes wrong or you are feeling mistreated, you can fill out a complaint form on that person or people. All Complaints within Midnight Shift Roleplay are looked into and taken very seriously to ensure member’s satisfaction.

Server Features
- Friendly Members and Staff
- Server Side EUP / VMenu / Non-ELS
- Custom CAD/MDT
- Custom Vehicles
- Custom YMAPS (Fire stations,Mission Row station, Mission Row Police Academy, BCSO and PBPD, lastly grove street mechanic shop)
- Custom Scripts
- In Depth and professional LEO and Fire/EMS Training
- Farming simulator 19 server for members and friends
- And More

We can’t wait to see you!
My fivem server come and join it we are always looking for new members don't be scared to invite people or meet new people in the server.
City of Saints is a newly created FiveM GTA V Roleplay community looking for new members and roleplayers.

Welcome to City of Saints Roleplay

City of Saints is a serious roleplay community looking to grow and prosper

What we have to offer:
➼ Friendly Staff
➼ Balanced Economy
➼ Whitelisted job positions
➼ Active Staff
➼ TokoVOIP [1.2.5]
➼ Custom Civilian and Law Enforcement clothing

Departments that are currently recruiting:
➼ Los Angeles Police Department [LAPD]
➼ California Highway Patrol [CHP]
➼ Los Angeles Fire Department [LAFD]

➼ Teamspeak 3
➼ FiveM
➼ Must be willing to read and understand our community rules

Join CoSRP today!
Permanent discord link:
Welcome to Symm FiveM Role-Play! Were a community of people who love playing FiveM, And having a great time!

FiveM Server IP: Connect

How to join: Load FiveM, Press F8, Type "Connect"

Welcome to Bay Life Roleplay!

Hey there! My name's M. Massino, I'm the Head of Administration here at BLRP!

Now we're acquainted, here's a little guide to get you started!

1. Read over all of our #┆rules so them pesky staff members don't give ya' a tellin off!

2. To join our server, go to #┆important-info and use the Server IP to get in, don't worry, we're not a whitelist server so anyone can join!

3. We host patrols everyday to get our server populated and gain more members! #┆patrol-announcements. As we get more members over time, these will slow down
and we will rely on people to join at any time!

4. If you would like to join our amazing police force, please go to #┆applications!

5. If you would like to join the staff team, go to #┆applications and submit an application there!

6. Check out all our channels! They all have a distinct use and hopefully they'll answer any questions you have! If there is something you need to ask or don't understand, go to #deleted-channel and react to the symbol!