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Thanks for checking out The Furry Haven! We're a server based in the Furry Fandom but we welcome any fandom warmly, We have plenty of channels to socialize and have fun in, A plethora of User Friendly bots for your enjoyment, And we have a Monthly Art Contest for a Cash Prize!
🐾 | Art | Furry | NSFW | Cuteness overload | 🐾

Kaaz’s Litter;
We’re a friendly and welcoming furry community that’s always welcoming new fluffies with hugs and free cookies ❤️

We offer:
- A reasonable amount of channels.
- Quick crackdown on drama.
- A tight-nit community of active members.
- Many art channels.
- Giveaways
- Game nights and events
- Foxes!
- Free hugs!

Come and hang out with us!
- Kaaz

☾ ✯ ~ welcome to the buzzfeed unsolved fandom!
this server includes
• a welcoming community
• episode discussion
• watch parties / games
join us, look around and stay a while! ~ ✯ ☾
Welcome to Chicago!

Here you can have enriching discussions about the Divergent series with other fans of the book. You can also meet new people in the general chat, and have fun conversations.

You can also take the aptitude test, to see what faction(s) suit you the best.

Another feature in this server is the toggleable roleplay servers, where you can mess around with fellow server members and put yourself or your OC into the world of Divergent.

Hope to see you soon!
We're just a little server for anyone who likes to ship Harry Potter Characters.
You can do Sprints and talk about writing if you write.
We do not appreciate elitism or dis-respect.
All Harry Potter ships are welcome.
This includes Snarry, Tomarry, draville, or whatever ship you enjoy.
hi!!! welcome to fandom central!! a kinnie / fandom based server!!!! enjoy ur stay,,,,.
we have roles and channels for ur fandoms...... make new friends, join new communities. this server doesnt tolerate harassment.
[13+] We're Community Initiative, a growing & active group of people who love everything internet from memes, gaming, art, & socializing! We play all sorts of games, have community events, and are LGBTQ+, and fandom safe! So come chill, have a good time, and get to know the Community Initiative family!
This Server is made for all Sprite Artists and Animators to Chill. It also is the community of Kano The Hedgehog, an Original Character, and a possible animation series that is in the making. All users that wish to help with the making of the animation is free to do so and credits will be given, of course.
Hey there!
Do you do art or writing? Well this may be the server for you!
>Features we have or hope to have in the future.
-A community of chill like-minded individuals.
-Assistance with art or writing, and a place to share it.
-Original universe rp
>Things we lack, unfortunately.
-Flaming swords
We are looking for active staff and members, join for some fun times!
{~hey! welcome to 5sos family!~}
we're a (13+) discord server for 5sos fans to hang out and make friends!
what else do we offer? well,

⭐️we have 90+ custom emojis!⭐️
🌺we have interactive roles!🌺
☔️we're extremely active and do voice chats almost every day/night!☔️
🌻all the staff and members are welcoming and kind! our vent chat is always open.🌻
🍄recently added plural kit bot for anyone with DID/ or OSDD🍄

{~we hope you'll come join us today!~}
~!Welcome to our Server!~
The server is mainly focused on the game called Lobotomy corporation and Library of ruina. But we are all allowed to talk about other games too.
We are a welcoming community that is also LGBTQ+ friendly. Meet many awesome people here,and enjoy your stay.
☆ Pippin's Oasis ☆

Hello everyone! Our theme does lean towards anime/manga and vocaloid (and possibly DDLC), but we are multifandom! You don't have to be a fan of those to join. We also include Thomas Sanders/Sanders Sides, furries, theatre, and more!

Server features:

☆ Must be 13 or older to join if the owner does not invite you as a trusted friend
☆ Short verification process
☆ Partnerships!
☆ An active server you can chill in
☆ We are accepting of eveyone no matter who you are! All we ask is that you be nice here
☆ Role features: 51 color roles, self reaction roles, fancy role dividers, role rewards for different levels you reach
☆ Server events
☆ Many emojis to use
☆ Decorative categories and roles
☆ Our own welcome comittee! Others can join
☆ An assortment of bots including MafiaBot, ZeroTwo, Mudae, KawaiiBot, Akinator, DDLC bots, Dank Memer, Fredboat, and more!
☆ Different chats to show your creations!
☆ Vent chats
☆ Separate NSFW chats that can only be accessed with the NSFW role

Come join our oasis!
We're a multifandom Discord server originating from the Hazbin Hotel fandom, but also accepting everyone else! We're doing our best to keep our rules as short and straight-forward as possible, just to make your stay more pleaseant!
We have:
- events
- memes
- gore chats
- our own Minecraft server
- and more!
Stan TWICE? Come and Join Us Now!!!

We have:
~ Self assigned role
~ Self assigned role color
~ Daily Twice update
~ Fun Mini games from bot
~ Alot of music bot so every each call can have one
~ We already lvl 1 boosted server
Manechat is a MLP server for everyone. Started in 2015, it is one of the biggest and most active servers in the community. It fosters a friendly, SFW, and conversation focused environment where people talk about everything related to the show and more, like sharing their art, games, science and technology, and other media. No matter the time of day you will find someone to talk to.

Just a little fan server I made for Jschlatt. If you don't have enough money to join his subscriber server, join this one!
Welcome on the Homestuck Lounge !
This is a new server welcoming the Homestuck fandom for a mature public.
Our staff is understanding and LGBT+ friendly.
We hope you'll enjoy your stay here !
Hello there good user! Welcome to my server! Roleplay, chat, and have fun on this multi-fandom roleplay server! We have plenty of roleplay channels, a lot of bots, and chill staff! We hope you have a good time here! :D

- The owner of the server.
Welcome to the fandom zone, a safe place for people ages 13-21 to discuss their interests! LGBTQ+ friendly! (This is the remade version, the original server was hacked and destroyed)
Welcome to multifandom hellscape! This is a discoed server meant for people 13-20(ish) in fandoms to meet new friends and obsess over their favorite fandoms! We are an inclusive server with channels that appeal to everyone. We are currently in need of some administrators and some people who can help build our community.
Are you a fan of BJ Alex and can't find a server of your favourite fandom? We've got you covered in the Unofficial BJ Alex server!
Join in on the fun, be yourself and enjoy!~
Memes !
Friendly and fair staff !
Assignable roles !
Partnerships !
Music !
Bots !
What are you waiting for?~
Furry Haven cherry_blossom | A Close-Knit, LGBTQ+ friendly Discord server for the Furry Community!

With an ever-growing member count, there is so many reasons why the Furry Haven is arguably a major competitor to other furry Discords:

A Dedicated Staff Team 🍒
-Always active, always helpful!

Weekly Contests ❤️
-Try your luck and you might walk away successful!

LGBTQ+ Friendly 🕊️
-An awesome support system at your fingertips

Active Roleplay 🌺
-So many different opportunities!

An Active Minecraft Server 🟢
-Just mining diamonds

There's so much more to explore in the Furry Haven, as I'm just scratching the surface! We can't wait to meet you
Sir Pentious Club is a perfect place for Sir Pentious lovers. Join us if you share our love!
We are just a chill community looking forward to make some friends. We have specific channels for memes, art and nsfw
Are you looking for a server full of cosplayers of all different fandoms and countries? Are you looking for a place to be accepted for your hobby, and a place to show off your hobby? Are you looking for a place to share and get tips? Then your looking at the right server!

Our server is a small server, but that doesn't stop it from being quality! Our server is a safe place, having rules against all trolls, homophobes, and racists. We have high quality moderators to enforce these.

What are you waiting for? Join Cosplay Central and get talking to people with your same, or maybe different interests!