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The MOST active Star Wars Discord Community.
A server based on Star Wars, we invite you to join our friendly, fun server.
With many high profile u/PrequelMemer's here like Thibson34 and KifoPL.

We have a dedicated Minecraft server, frequent events and active battalions, and some of the friendliest/fair staff you will ever meet.
On top of this we frequently have active voice chats, and stream games, and Star Wars Shows/Movies | Minecraft 1.8 | German Factions PvP / HardcorePvP Server with Gambling, Custom Enchantments, Daily PvP Events, FTOP Wins and much more ;)

STATUS: Maintenance
Eggs DayZ server.
If you want to enjoy playing DayZ and be apart of a great community, then EggsDayZ sever is for you.
50 slot (increase if full)
Pvp based
Base building
Raid rules
Large factions and big bases
2x loot
3x food
3x Basebuilding supplies
Colored weapons and apparel
With a great staff team. With weekly events and bounty hunts it never gets old. Join discord and get started!
>>>>>> **ATLAS** <<<<<<

► Un serveur MinecraftSurvie, factions, build, qui est sur le thème de la Grèce antique

Dans ce serveur:

🔧• Des Mods développés exclusivement pour ce projet

👮• Un staff actif et a l'écoute des joueurs

💰• Un système d'économie

🤝• Un système de faction

📋• Voter pour la meilleure construction de faction chaque mois.

—>🛠️ Serveur Actuellement En Développement🛠️ <—

☀️𝓢𝓾𝓷𝓼𝓮𝓽 𝓕𝓪𝓬𝓽𝓳𝓸𝓷𝓼☀️

(Bedrock Edition)

In the faction realm we offer...
-Cool Custom Commands
-Rules & Info
-/wild, /sethome, /home, & /spawn
-Money System
-Custom Command Shop

Also, This is a Minecraft Bedrock Edition realm. In the discord we have some staff that are almost always online and are willing to help people out.

Hope you join!
Zenith Networks
custom-coded skyblock server, no pay-to-win, custom plugins and more! Brought to you by Zenith Networks!

• Custom Plug-ins
• Crates
• Custom Enchantments
• Rewards
• Friendly Staff

Up to $100 in PayPal or Buycraft payouts!!!!

We'll See you there!**
Je propose un serveur Minecraft prémium et cracké en 1.15.2
Toute nouvelle saison avec la saison 1.5

Dedans vous y retrouverez du PVP-Faction avec des Jobs
Ainsi que plusieurs sortes de mini-jeux du genre "tntrun" , "bedwars" , "murder mystery" et bien d'autres

Serveur chaleureux vous y serez bien

IP du serveur minecraft :
Lien vers le discord :
Jungle Realms is a Minecraft Network that strives to provide the best of SkyBlock, Factions, Towny, Prison and many other gamemodes.

Join our server and switch between our awesome realms.

Server IP:
Status: Releasing Soon, join the Discord for more information!
(Note. This server is WIP. It is low on members and if you join you have a good chance of being mod.)

《Welcome to War Of The World!》》

👋War Of The World is an awesome RP server where you can RP as either a nation or a character. We have an unfair combat system and a broken dice bot! The world itself is GARGANTUAN and you can take over the world or settle things peacefully. Or if you want you could just settle down in a cabin and live in peace. Multiple events are to happen so keep your eye open!👋

《What We Offer:》

-Awesome potential for war tactics that can help with bringing your nation to world conquest! ⚔

-Multiple events to have fun with! 📢

-A war and expansion system! 📜

-In depth roleplay! 🚩

-A helpful staff team! 👥

-A very small community! 👤

-A broken dice bot! 🎲

-Other stuff! 🤩

What are you waiting for?! JOIN IN!
ChivalryCraft is a minecraft server featuring medieval-themed factions with galore, events and pvp action!
Just a normal Vanilla Minecraft Survival Server with a Twist and a weird name. still needs alot more work as in beta, but set up enough for people to join. just join and do what you would normally do in minecraft, but with others...

Dont forgot to use a gold shovel to claim your land, but either way stealing or griefing anything is not allowed and everything will be fixed if it happens to you and the other player will be punished..

join and just have fun. also dont forget to invite your friends.
+ here is our discord chat if need any help or just wanna chat:
Expanding minecraft network with active updates and a fun community.
Come join in our growing community! We have Towny and Factions!
Hey you! Yea you! are you intrested in a brand new Minecraft server coming soon?
DREAMIAMC is currently developing a one of a kind Skyblock Server!

You start off by creating a island, this island you can store gear and other magic items you may find a long your dangerous Journey! DreamiaMC has a fully custom skyblock we know you will love! with endless content and weekly updates theres very little time to get bored. We hope to see you here!

Join us today to receive daily updates on how the progress is going! We would love to have you!


Head over to our discord!
This is a server for new/returning members of yugioh to roleplay on. The server has several factions with different roles to play in the future of the server. We have friendly staff and a flexible banlist.
Without further adieu heres a slice of the lore:
Rage. To feel or express violent uncontrollable anger. Whether you choose to believe it or not this is the story of our universe, how it came to be, and how celestial city became the last known human civilization on earth.

Let's start at the beginning when everything was simple. When our universal predecessor collapsed and exploded causing our big bang it created 2 gods. A god of patience, good, and hospitality who created the planets, plants, and animals. The second god was the opposite of the first, a god of recklessness, evil, and stinginess. He created humans, the elements, and sickness. After thousands of years of slumbering man kind grew and grew developing a society based on not brutality, but understanding. The beings meant to be evil and brutal became good and calm, embracing the god of good. The god of evil was outraged. He lashed out at his creations sending waves and waves of monsters. The god of good soon got word and gifted select humans with special abilities to seal them away. This was labeled the first Yin Yang war...
For more drop on by the server and say hi. We welcome everyone :)
LaVaCraftMs is a free to play minecraft server which anyone can play anytime anywhere. Join now!!


Cloudy Network


Cloudy Factions:
🎈Rise Up And Become The Best!
🎈Working Sell and Buy Shop
🎈 Active Community
🎈 Claims!
🎈 Events

——===Join Cloudy Network Today===——
ArcadeHub is a professionally done skyblock server who are opening next week. We just released skyblock beta like 1-2 weeks ago. We are looking for staff and YouTubers for our server. as well as builders, developers, etc. Join the discord server to check it out!
A fun minecraft block and mob randomizer!

RPG items and crazy enchantments also included!

To join server, you must go to on minecraft and type /join randmized. The server should start up shortly after.
Welcome to Redstone Oinkcraft! Multiple worlds, from parkour and creative to factions, along with custom written minigames! Join our Discord to join our wonderfully tight-knit community :)
1.15.2 java anarchy survival factions skyblock prison server.
Minecraft server IP
Will be up as soon we get 100 members in discord <--- ITS DONE 100%
Minecraft Survival Wars and Raids Griefing is allowed but Using Hacks or Xray Is NOT ALLOWED Just build bases and Buy things with Diamonds!