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We’re a community of friends who game and meme together! We play a lot of Europa Universalis 4, ranging from small co-ops with only a handful of players, to massive grand campaigns. We also hang out and play all sorts of other things, from Secret Hitler, to Cards Against Humanity, to good old chess. Above all, we want to have a good laugh and be a part of something.
Welcome to SHADOW SCHEME! We are a community/role playing discord that focuses around the middle/feudal ages of the Nordic/European Nations. Our main focus is Central Europe, however, the great nation of Shadow Scheme covers many area's in the world, just under different names. (If you are interested in the roleplay side of the server that's great! But if you would just like to chill and hangout, play so games this is a good place for that too.
THE LOLS DYNASTY is a growing gaming community mainly focused on grand strategy games.
We have looking to start branching out to other genres also and we could use more members to help us with this.
Moderator positions may also open soon so if you're up for it keep an open mind.
Other features include:
A chat for each game.
MVP of the day role.
Meme chats, politics chats and an NSFW chat.
Consider joining the server and we hope you enjoy your stay!
⚔ Are you ready to CHANGE HISTORY in Grand Strategy General? 🗺

➤ Looking for a server to discuss about your favorite grand strategy and 4X games? We've got you covered! Not only do we have many different channels for all of your favorite games, including EU4, CK2, HOI4, Stellaris, Civilization, and Imperator: Rome, we also have general chatrooms to hang out and meet new people!

➤ Looking for people to play against? We have that too. With different channels and roles dedicated to all of your favorite games, you'll have no trouble finding different people to play with. Not only that, but we also have voice chats to make voice communications with your allies a breeze!

➤ Need some tips from other players? Of course! You can go to one of our channels and leave a question for other players to answer.

➤ GSG is always open to suggestions! Feel free to leave one in our dedicated suggestions channel, where you can leave input on the server. Members of the community can also have a chance to vote on these suggestions with our voting icons! Simply react with one of them to leave your vote.

With that being said, be sure to stop by GSG today, and don't forget to CHANGE HISTORY! 🏴
(unaffiliated with a steam group of the same name)
Welcome to the Unofficial Paradox Interactive Multiplayer Discord Server! In this server we host games daily and we are always looking for new and active members on our server to host and play games daily!
Daily EU4 multiplayer hosts (around 2 PM EST on weekdays; 7 PM EST on weekends). Also a great place to ask for help in regards to EU4.
Hi, hoi4, eu4, Stellaris and ck2 MP hosts games multiple times a week, joining would help a lot, and grow this community, if want to host on our server just ask one of our admins and they will give you the role, we play casual games mostly RT56. We play from Vanilla to playing mods such as Kaiserreich, RT56, millennium dawn, The Great War ect
Mediocre Strategists is a chill group of players that aren't trying too hard while being averagely skilled. (At least that is what we tell us to not get depressed)
** Yaş ortalaması yüksek ve saygılı bir ortamdır.
** Gelene kapımız açıktır.
** Oduncu olmak istemiyorsan gel oyuncu ol
** Sen yokken 1 kişi eksiğiz
** Lafın kısası mutluluk için aradığın tek yer burası
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. We schedule HoI4 games every week. We also have an EU4 campaign for those people who love painting the map.
Also now we have Ck2, and later in the future we'll add Vic2 aswell.
Also If you need help about mods or other problems you can ask to our helpers... they'll help you.
Remember to choose your roles when you join so you can see everything
Group for anyone who wants to play multiplayer Paradox games, like CK2 or HOI4. Even if you don't have any of the games and just want some friends, feel free to join! We host games over the weekends, normally in the afternoon. Hope you can join!
Europa Universalis IV oynamakmı istedin? Bu gelişmekte olan serverda daima birileriyle oynayabilirsin ayrıca herzaman etkinliklere katılabilirsin sen olmadan bu server olmaz. Gel ve bize katıl
Questo gruppo è stato creato con lo scopo di riunire tutti gli appassionati di Hearts of Iron IV e, più in generale, dei giochi della Paradox. Si organizzano partite ogni settimana a Hoi4, Europa Universalis e Stellaris. Giochiamo poi a tutta un'altra serie di titoli strategici e non, dunque siete tutti i benvenuti!
A cozy server for lovers of strategic games and just people who want to find a nice company.

We offer:
- Fun and Memes
- News about Strategy games and Mods for them
- Company for Multiplayer games

Join us now, and have a new place to call home for years!
Ce serveur est dédié à la communauté de Zmeï! Ici, c'est dessin, langues et Europa Universalis IV!
An eu4 Server that hosts games that normally go to 1821.
Games are late at night for Americans so Europeans may not be able to play the games.
Join if you want we have a furry section too
We're a gaming community that hosts events weekly. Most of our games are strategy based such as Hearts of Iron IV and Europa Universalis IV, whilst we also play some FPS games such as Dayz. Don't hesitate to join, all are welcome!
This is a friendly International Community server, focusing on Paradox games. this Group for anyone who wants to play multiplayer Paradox games, like CK2 or EU4 and HOI4 Even if you don't have any of the games and just want some friends, feel free to join! the discord server is unfinished.