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Are you looking for a new experience in Fivem? If so, the family of GCRP is a perfect choice!

We as a community strive to be a serious and professional roleplay community with the necessary assets to be utilized while roleplaying.

Community/Government Recruitment
We are currently looking for new members for our: Civilian Department, Police Department, Sheriff Department, Highway Patrol, and the Fire Department.

Development Updates
We are currently working on an ESX server so that we can transition from a non-ESX server.

Community Update
We currently have around 40+ members within the community. We have policies in place to help secure and enhance Roleplay.

We are currently working on new documents daily, including but not limited to new subdivisions so that we can enhance the roleplay experience with specialized positions for our law enforcement. We are also currently working on Civilian Jobs and the SOPs surrounding said jobs so that civilians have a chance to add realism to their way of life.

What we have to Offer:
We offer a professional and serious roleplay experience
Custom Vehicles including Civilian vehicles
Custom EUP
Custom assets to enhance your roleplaying experience
Custom CAD
Experience leadership within a Fivem Community and members whom have real-world experience

If you are interested in joining our Family, please follow this link to join our Interview discord. Once you enter, please review our FAQ channel and proceed to apply to join our welcoming family. We can’t wait to meet you!
We are a Merica Gaming RP based on America server that has a zero tolerance level for FRP. We are the best community ever. We are going to whitelisted soon, so claim your spot now so you don't have to apply later. We also have staff members that are active 24/7 so we can help you as soon as possible.

Check Out Our Website: COMING SOON!
- Custom framework servers for sale! For low low price! Randstad / Qbus / And more new servers are coming.
- ESX Servers for sale! For the low price ;)
- Paid Scripts.
- Paid Car Packs (Custom Cars & Government Vehicles)
- Free Fivem Servers for download!
- Free scripts for download!
- Discord Designing!
- MLO's.
- Vehicles.
- Clothing.
- Programs.
- EUP's
- Mini games.
- Reskinning projects.
- Custom Hair Styles.
- HIGH TIER LUA Mod Menu's.
- Anti Cheats.
- Meos (Police Databank systems)
- Reviews
- Partnerships.

✅ 24/7 Hour Support.
✅ High Tier Scripts.
✅ After payments immediately receive the download link.
✅ Non Toxic Staff.
Hello, we are a new fivem server named AfterLifeRP. We have a lot to be excited about including Custom Cars, EUP, Custom Clothes of all sorts, Drugs, and much more! If you are interested make sure to stop by and check everything out.
The current state of many public RP servers is abhorrent. Why don’t we change that?

New York City Roleplay Is a new server with amazing community and leadership team. We understand the many struggles with public Fivem RP servers and we are changing that.

What do we offer that other server can’t?
- Very Caring Leadership Team
- Amazing, In-Depth RP
- Daily/Weekly Server Updates
- Awesome Community of Players
- ESX Society With vMenu

Interested In LEO? Consider joining our FNDY and NYPD

What can the NYPD offer?
- Detailed and Realistic Trainings
- Amazing and Detailed uniform structure
- Completely organized department
- Realistic Fleets
- High Positions are available

What Can the FDNY offer Firefighters?
- Realistic Scenes
- Detailed, Organized, and Realistic Trainings
- Organized Fleets with Custom Liveries
- Fire Scripts that spawn throughout the day!

What is different about this server than others? Ex. CSRP
- Realism
- Staff Team That is Trained to handle all situations
- Loving and non-toxic community
- F1 Racing
- We don’t want to make a profit, we want to make RP
- And Many More Reasons!

Join our amazing server, we may be small, but we are definitely different.
StreetRP to nowo powstający serwer na platformie FiveM!.
Co możemy zaoferować?
- dobrą optymalizację
- brak grania "na dzwona"
- dojrzałą i miłą administrację
- stabilne 64 sloty
- innowacyjny system mieszkań i narkotyków
Serdecznie zapraszamy!
Benvenuto su Oregon RP. Questo è un server di Roleplay FiveM, in stile americano. Buon divertimento da parte dello staff.
Welcome to BlueStorm RP! NoPixel Inspired!
Hi, my name is Shaun, and as an owner from BlueStorm RP, I'd like to introduce you to our RP server! This is a serious RolePlay server with a lot of opportunities. We are a new server that is currently non-whitelisted. We have put a lot of money into getting the server to the way it is now. We are a new community that is willing to grow as much as possible.
We have officially opened the discord for 2 weeks before we open the server, This is better than most / all servers currently and we expect to get better, there has been no copying and everything we have done is original.
Thank you for reading, i hope you can join and become apart of our community!
Do you want a FiveM server that is fun to play and listens to their community well then join “Prosperity Roleplay” we are in my opinion a very good FiveM community. I would say the best but we don’t have many members that’s where you come into play you will be a part of developing the server off how you and the other members think the server should be. -Prosperity Roleplay Owner
Loads Of FiveM Scripts
- Dev Work
- Protect Your Server With These Scripts From Modders [Anti-Modder Scripts]
- We Can Make You A Server
- Buy Our Scripts

Here are Some of the Things You'll Find in Our Server:
Departments Currently Hiring:

➣Los Santos Police Department


➣Blaine AND Los Santos County Sheriff's

➣Highway Patrol

➣Media Team

RZRP has staff who are consistently checking in on things. We have a unique community that is slowly growing day by day.
Things you’ll find within RZRP:
- Unique Scripts
- EUP IS HERE!! You can now have a proper Uniform!
-Actual K9's! They attack, search, all that!!!
- Active Community
- Live in any home!! You pick!!
- Server Events with prizes
Are you interested in joining a community that is fun and professional and based around realism? Are you interested in a community that allows members to have an open voice in the community and the way things are ran? Well, you have come to the right place and there is no need to look further! Join us Today And become A department Head or a 01 for a department.
Queres jogar num servidor de roleplay serio?
Então estás no sítio adequado!
Switch RP, o melhor servidor de roleplay SERIO!

• ESX 📌
• PSP 👮‍♂️
• INEM 🚑
• Mecânico 👨‍🔧
• TAXI 🚕
• Organizações ilegais 💀
• Drogas 💊
E muito mais!
Junta-se a nossa comunidade!
We are a new ESX server growing fast!
We have several jobs to offer listed below:
Several other jobs!
We look forward to having you join!
🌴 EdenRP - Early Access! 🌴

Join EdenRP while we are in early access and help create and mold an amazing city. Be a part of a city when your voice will be listened to and your opinion matters! We strive to create a toxic free environment where you can enjoy serious RP, create interesting storylines and find new friends.

-Serious RP
-Friendly staff and community
-Active development and staff team
-Lots of custom clothing and hairstyles
-Recruiting PD/EMS/DOJ!
-Stable and realistic economy
-Lots of drugs ... Grow your own weed!
-Chop Shop
-Mechanic shops!
-Lots of legal jobs to choose from

We are currently doing a referral program which will last until December. What does this mean?
-You get $2.5k cash in the city for every person you refer and bring to the city to help you get started!
-If you refer 10 people you will be able to get your own Custom License plate!
What is Northern Network?
Northern Network is a big community of people who want to play games and enjoy there time here; our main goal is to provide an enjoyable experience to all users of the network and is to create and achieve goals of the network so players can everyone alike can enjoy what we do in the Network, plus the additions of celebrating and enjoying ourself's in the community and this promotes a positive environment.

Why have we started Northern Network?
Chaotic & Esplike wanted to create a Network called 'Northern Network' to promote the amazing idea of gaming and how if a network is run correctly it can have a great effect on people's lives and how they live - So we wanted a place online to where you don't need to stress about anything and you can enjoy what services we provide.

We also would like to address the community in ‘general’ - We are trying to create a positive and enjoyable but realistic experience where everyone can do as they desire as long as they follow the set of guidelines we have set in place, the reason for these guidelines will be to ensure that every user has a fair and easy experience on our server.

If you are only looking to partner; we will NOT accept any ‘partnerships’ - We are trying to build a healthy and respectful community and to have it a loyal network; We do not trade or want your members because they are not trading objects they are people.
Come join us on Fresh Life Gaming on FiveM where you can come and explore whatever you enjoy doing best anywhere from becoming a law enforcement officer to becoming a pizza delivery boy we are currently looking for people to join as
Law Enforcement - Sheriff, State, LSPD, Park Ranger, and Dispatch.
Jobs Include: Tow Truck Driver, Store Owner, Miner, Fisher, Lawyers, Uber Driver, car salesmen, and much more!
Our server also offers
--> In-Game visuals menu
--> Custom vehicles
--> Up to 4 different characters
--> Active admins
--> No AOP
and much more!
Come on over and try our server, tell your friends, and anyone else that is intrigued.
We are happy to welcome you here at Fresh Life Gaming!

Server IP:
What we offer:
->Active Giveaways.
->Bank Robberies
->Unique Scripts
What we expect:
⓵ Respect everyone no matter what you think of them. If we have a common basis of respect the server functions very smoothly. Keep your personal issues with others out of our server please.
⓶ Use your common sense. Everyone has it and everyone should use it. If you think about things before you do them, you'll find things will work a lot better.
⓷ Don't get 'worked up' about small things. Do remember, although we want you to take it very seriously, this is only a Discord server for a game. If you get upset about small things that people may say or do, it's going to slow everything down.
⓸ Ask for help when you need it. We know not everyone is going to be the best at role play, and we want everyone to realize when they need help! If you need help, just ask.
⓹ Don't be big-headed, arrogant, or cocky. It's annoying and no one likes it. If you think you're the best at role play, that's fantastic, maybe keep that to yourself.
⓺ Be dedicated to the community and show interest. If you're inactive or lazy around the community, we'll lose you really quickly.
⓻ Don't do silly/stupid things. The last thing we want to do it treat people like children... but we will if they act like them.
⓼ Take it very seriously, but have fun too! Enjoy yourself.
Sunshine City RP is a new public ESX/Economy server in the FiveM community. Our server Offers serious roleplay with our awesome community. SCRP is currently recruiting for all departments
including staff. We are trying to grow our community so we can have a good time. We are also focused on having a very realistic roleplay! If you are interested or want more information please read down below, thanks!

- LSPD (Los Santos Police Department Recruiting)
- SAHP (San Andreas Highway Patrol/State Trooper Recruiting)
- LSM (Los Santos Mechanic)
- EMS (Emergency Medical Service Recruiting)
- Custom Vehicles/Trailers for Civilians to purchase!
- Custom Civilian EUP
- Custom Server Scripts
- Realistic Roleplay Experience
- Buildings
- Emotes
- Realistic jobs
- And a lot more!

Discord Link:

Note: we are doing mass recruitment for all of our departments including high staff contact the owner for more info. (Giveaways will also be provided!)
Comunidade de Configuração, de servidores de FiveM, e Leaks, aqui encontrarás tudo o que precisas para tornar o teu sonho realidade de abrires o teu próprio servidor de Roleplay no Five M.
Ако попаднете на този сървър ще си останете тук!❤️🎀Всяко едно нещо ще ви хареса!❤️🎀
Хората,скриптовете,къстъм колите,roleplay-я,СТАФА!,и всяко едно нещо!❤️🎀
Опитваме се да създадем втори свят всеки от нас да има шанс за всичко независимо от годините му!❤️🎀
Благодаря ви!❤️🎀🧸
Welcome to the Division RP. The division roleplay is a custom FiveM ESX server developed for more than a few months. TheDivisionRP is different from other FiveM servers; we arent here for the drama, we arent here for the FailRP. We are here for some quality custom roleplay with a community filled with adults.

TheDivisionRP is a 18+ Community however we welcome people to come in and play around as a CIV if you are not 18.

We currently have 2 departments open -- Blaine County sheriff''s Office and Los Santos Police Department. We have many of custom jobs ranging from the following --

- Taxi
- Police
- Sheriff
- Crip
- Blood
- Bus Driver
- Ammunation
- Car Dealer
- Real Estate Agent
AND MANY MORE! Come check out our friendly group of members that are more than just friends -- But a FAMILY!