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.・゜✧゜・ ❈ Enjoy a chill ・゜゜✧・.
✧ . ゜ ・・ and supporting ・ . . ✧・゜゜
゜ ✧ ゜ community open to all・✧ ゜・
.・ . ・✧ kinds of things! ^^ ❈

╔══ Here's what we can offer: ══╗

║➛Friendly community & Staff
║➛Custom Emotes
║➛RP and ERP areas
║➛Music bots
║➛Interaction bots
║➛Private rooms to rp in
║➛Spaces for members' art
║➛Media sharing, lewd or SFW

Libre Échange 🔞 ce veut être un serveur de qualité ou chacun de ses membres se sent en sécurité.
C’est pour cela que nous avons opté pour une progression sur le serveur par lvl.
Chaque nouveaux membres arrivent déjà dans une zone ou tout le monde discutent ensembles et c’est seulement en participants a la vie de la communauté que des accès au reste du serveur leur seront autorisés.
Ce système nous permet D’avoir des membres actifs et d’évincer les curieux et les voyeurs.
Un espace certifié est présent pour tout les membres qui auront passés la vérification.
Une catégorie VIP est également disponible afin de créer vos propres salons privés.

A bientôt
୨ ╭ ୨୧ ✦ ︶꒷꒦・⎯⎯・⎯⎯・₊ˎ✧๑ 👄
┇・💦 ❏ Join us at Slutty Palace! ˎˊ
┇・ 💋 ❏ 18﹢ NSFW Server! ˎˊ
┇・💦 ❏ Age verification! ˎˊ
┇・ 💋 ❏ Variety of channels! ˎˊ
┇・💦 ❏ Hentai, Porn, and more! ˎˊ
┇・ 💋 ❏ Plenty of roleplay channels! ˎˊ
୨ ╰ ✦ ・⎯⎯・⎯⎯・꒷꒦︶︶꒷︶꒦ ♡ˎˊ˗

🔗 :
18+ A community of femboy enthusiasts and lovers. What else do we offer you ask? Well if you shut up and let me talk il tell you!
-Sub and Dom searching channels
-Plenty of Nudes from femboys
-Several roles to describe yourself
-An *active* community to talk to
-RP channels
-gaming channels

(Join at your own risk😇)
Hello everyone~! Welcum to the Velvet lights!

This is the new kink point on the block~!
We do let you have as many kinks as you wish yet there are some limits.. please if you are interested in the lewd server by all means go ahead!

We do not support






This is the new kink place! And please by all means join~ we love new friends and breeders~ Hehe~ *giggles*
Hey! There's not much to say but if any teens wanna get naught and rp or just make friends join the server! Also no one over 18 is aloud srry
Take a gander at the World of Mythos!
A planet that has underwent a cosmic cycle of destruction and rebirth!
Humans have now taken the reins of Mythos under the ashes of the previous godly overlords. Yet that doesn't mean they are completely gone now! With shattered Grace across the globe all sorts of myths have come to life!
Broken Pantheons have begun to emerge once more in a world of independent humanity!

Mythos is an rp setting built by mythology and on the ruins of a previous modern era. Take a look at what we have to offer:

•18+ RP community
•Lore based on the pantheons we love!
▪︎Become a Demigod, Mortal, or mythological creature!
▪︎Multiple RP channels and a warm community!
▪︎Shopping system to help customize yourself or buy IC items!
You are now entering Boku No Lewd Academia, Discord’s newest lewd RP server based on the popular Shonen series Boku No Hero Academia, created by Kōhei Horikoshi! Upon entry, you’ll be able to choose from the variety of colorful characters within the My Hero universe to play as on top of creating your own unique character(s) to add to the mix!

If you somehow still aren’t interested, we also offer:
- A music bot
- Friendly and knowledgeable staff
- Areas to chat and hang out or discuss the many happening of BNHA
- Roleplay events
- And (hopefully) you!

Please come in and give us a look.
Kinks 'R' Us! Is a fun and welcoming community of strictly 18+ Kinksters and Roleplayers. We accept all genders, kinks, identities, etc in our server! We also have a very bustling community full of fun and interesting people to talk to, hell we even have a kinky Minecraft server! Check us out and stay kinky!

Level 3 Discord Boost
Custom Colors for Boosters
18+ Verified Section with Nudes, VC, and Chat!
Community Events too!

Reminder - We are STRICTLY 18+

🔥❝ **H e l l** ❞🔥




**10% - Active NSFW, Anime Roleplay Community!**🧩


**20% - Dank Memer, Carl Bot, ZeroTwo, and 3+ Music Bots!**🤖


**30% - Weekly Giveaways!**💸


**40% - Amazing Booster Perks!**💖


**50% - Reaction Roles, 15+ Roles, and 30+ Channels!**💌


**60% - An Alert And Report Channel To Ensure Our Member's Safety!**✨


**70% - Friendly & Active Staff!**💞


**80% - Bots Like OwO, Dyno, MEE6,Etc!**👾


**90% - Staff Applications Open!**📊



Welcome to Kitten Castle!
Here in our Castle, you’ll find a variety of frisky felines for your perusal.
Be you neko or neko admirer, all are welcomed here!
Kitten Castle offers a casual RP environment, light-hearted pet play and fun, as well as an interactive community that is ever growing.
Please remember that we’re 18+, so there will be quite a bit of adult material.
Welcome to the Cream and Sugar Cafe! A lovely little spot where you can enjoy a variety of sweets, tea, coffee, and perhaps one of our lovely maids too! Our Maids are trained in all aspects of service and are ready to fulfill all those desires! Either enjoy your time as a customer or work as a Maid.

An ERP/RP (With more of an emphasis on the rp) server set in Faerun in the grand city of Waterdeep. We often quest around and have fun times with each other with a sizable cast of friendly characters and players.
Obviously given the nature of the server its 18+ but feel free to hop on and see if our little slice of The Sword Coast is for you.
Hello there, welcome to our [18+] love hotel. Only Enter if you’re 18 or older.
Here we're a very welcoming community to all people (LGBTQ friendly) as long as you could return the kindness. We may be strict on our rules but this is to keep the community thriving as we grow more and more. The goal for us is to create place that tribes on Erp/Rp but at the same time to create a community welcoming to people interested in meeting others whether that be just over online or more.

These are a few things we offer you here.
Three active general chatting channels. First for new coming members to get a chance to get used to the community and find friends. This helps with those that are shy enter channels with traffic.
Secondary an sfw area for chatting this is our main channel. Where most of the establish community/ most members will be hanging out. Don’t be shy to come say hi~
Thirdly is a chatting channel generally used to express your..sexual side with others. Flirting or talking about your sexual experiences, come here to talk with others as perverted as you can be.
A leveling system with rewards based on your activity within the sever. Such as one to open
A wide vanity of roles to truly differentiate yourself from others. Expressing yourself sexually, personality wise, and your preferences.

So coming see for yourself if this hotel is the place for you~
Hey, I'm really not into the whole "fake friendly" descriptions most servers provide on disboard, so I'll just give it to you straight. We're not necessarily new, but it's been a bit stagnant recently. We've only been up for a month and a half, but we're finding it difficult to kick off into the public sphere with bursting activity. If you wanna join a futuristic dnd erp server with factions, free range homebrew, and lore that you can add onto, then come on over. Go nuts if you don't want to join though, I won't mind.

plz dungeon masters, this is a cry for help
The Hyperflux

Hello there! Welcome to the Hyperflux!

This place is an +18 NSFW ERP Server.

We have a variety of chats for you all to roleplay in. You can also talk about gaming, art, and memes! At the time of me writing this message, it is the beginning of the server. My dream here is for this server to be a well known roleplay discord server. I hope you enjoy your wonderful stay!
The Slut palace an ERP server where we glorify being a slut and try our best to get men off. This community of like minded individuals talk and socialize and we focus on having a safe environment for everyone. We have a review system in place for those slut who ERP, share pics of themselves if they are verified, and for ones who do their dirty deeds in public. After each session give those sluts a review and tell people your opinion on the experiences. We have a good community, our chats are active nearly 24/7, we have nearly 30 boosts, tons of cute emotes, and a caring staff. so come on in and join us in our quest to please men whether you want to be pleased or want to please!
#Quest: an ongoing story in a 'living' server (hybrid world based on d&d) - quests are posted frequently and you can join to experience the world as it changes with each individual player's action - it is more like a real-world than a server or campaign. You can battle monsters in the arena for xp or work at the local shop for a wage as well as join the jobs and quests for gold, xp, and much more.
#Time: 24/7, quests are subject to GM availability
#Levels: Starting at level 1 with the potential to reach 20+
#Gameplay: A balance of combat and roleplay. (if you wish to be a DM then you do not even necessarily need a character)
#Edition: 5e with lots of homebrew and such (your homebrew will need to be reviewed by server staff upon character submission, please feel free to bring your homebrew content here and we shall try to accommodate them into your campaign)
#Players: Infinite, though each job/quest usually has 7 people
#Style: Primarily played by post (pbp), mic is not required though can be used in quests
|✨ VALHALLA ✨| A lewd community up in the heavens, beyond the pearly, golden gates. Join us for an eternity of fun~ Join in for one hell of a time either chilling socially or even roleplaying! Did we mention the huge porn vault as well? Hush hush.. |✨18+✨|
This is my first server there is a suggestions channel so you can ask me to add stuff this server is still getting worked on
Have you been looking for a kinky experience on a high school? Then feel free to join us, we have awesome bots and distinguished admins that will help you on anything that you could need.
̩̩͙˚̩̥̩ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩‧͙ Welcome to Club Echo.·͙̩̩˚̩̥̩ ✩ ̩̩̥˚̩̥̩‧͙ .

Welcome to our buyers club! We invite you to come join our welcoming, accepting, 18+ community of role players and gamers! Come write and live out your wildest fantasies with some pretty awesome people!
The club offers MANY public rooms such as a stripper stage, a dungeon, and of course a bar! If publicity isn't your style you can use the economy system to purchase a contract with one of the lovely hosts/hostesses or slaves for your needs in the shared apartment building near by! Offsite rooms are available as well! Or, join our club as a Host/ess or slave yourself!

Here is what we have to offer!
・゚✧ LGBTQ+ Welcoming and Friendly!
・゚✧ 18+ Verification to have access to NSFW channels, no more worrying about underage persons in your ERP! (We do not ask that you provide anything more than your birthdate, everything else on ID can be blurred or blacked out.)
・゚✧ A community full of all kinds of writers that are willing to help newbies!
・゚✧ Active and friendly moderators.
・゚✧ Tupperbox Bot allows a variety of characters!
・゚✧ A gift store where you can purchase fun items such as roles, economy message suggestions, and more with in-server generated funds!
・゚✧ Monthly auctions are held where buyers can purchase time with slaves, submissives, switches, and dominant roles. (No worries if this isn't your style, it is optional!)
・゚✧ Ability to buy hosts with dom, sub, or switch orientation
・゚✧ Many chat rooms, as well as an active voice chat that often hosts games such as JackBox and AmongUs.
・゚✧ Separated hard and soft hentai channels.
A new, homebrew-friendly and lewd Dungeons and Dragons server! Featuring either West March, Play by Post or regular rp! Play as a monster girl/boi, or fight them, lose and get lewded by them or take them back alive! Homebrew rules for combat sex, play as a teasing, sexy character as a viable combat style and gain experience from more than just slaying monsters.

Or be a dungeon master, running the characters through lewd situations and still getting to level your own characters while you're at it.
Suddenly pulled through dimensions, before you lies a set of islands... A siren's call luring you through time and space, to this place. Welcome to Hermfuta Triangle! We are a group of futa/dickgirl fans that have decided to start our own themed ERP server! Attempt to appease the Goddess of Fertility Estara while also engaging in your own lewd fun, and perhaps she will greatly reward you... Our server boasts the following features:

-Veteran staff, in both ERP and non ERP communities
-A tropical themed paradise, complete with server events
-Themed roleplay channels, from a futa amazonian jungle to mysterious and forbidden forests
-LFR and porn channels to suit all your roleplay and smut needs
-A fun, welcoming and safe environment to fulfill your desires
-Level rewards at 50 and 100 respectively, at 100 create your very own roleplay channel on the server!

If you're into futa/dickgirls, ERP or themed roleplay, you may find a suitable home in Hermfuta Triangle! We hope to see more visitors soon... Must be 18+ to enter~