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Bored Club is an expanding server, with expansions being made every now and then.
What we focus on:
To build an orderly community.
To reduce every member's boredom as long as they talk.
To try and give every member their place in a community.
We Strive to be Social, Clean, Humorous, Outgoing, Optimistic, Loyal.
open for PH and ENG

Staff recruitment is ongoing! I will personally observe!
This is a server with lots of things to do. There is something for everyone! We are a new and growing community that is inviting everybody with open arms. This server isn't all that strict. You have freedom of speech for the most part. Staff will never bug you unless you clearly broke a rule. We have a different category for whatever you like. When you join, all you have to do is read the rules and get some roles.
The server is simple and easy to get around. The rankings and rules are put out VERY clearly. We are currently looking for staff so if you're interested, please apply!
The Equality Project (#TEP) started on February 24th 2018 is a project dedicated to helping others. This includes suicide, depression, anxiety, the problems with our world. The staff and members are here to try and help people who deal with these, because sometimes people just need to talk. This discord is to show everyone regardless of age, sexuality, ethnicity and anything about anyone makes them equal. Join The Equality Project today to show and make a difference!
A chill place to hang out with fellow patriots. We welcome all political sides, but communists and alt-right is prohibited. If you are left politically please be respectful. We strictly follow TOS.

Our server has:
- Economy and earn-able roles
- Leveling and level up roles
- Elections and polls (become President!)
- Friendly staff
- NSFW Channels
Do you want to make friends, connect with others, get tech support, play games, promote your stream and listen to music?
Well Gaming Galaxy is the place to go !

🎨 Custom Colour Roles !
⌚ Leveld Roles !
🎵 Music Channels !
📷 Now Streaming Role !
💬 10+ Chat Channels !
🔒 Private Chats !
🎁 Giveaways !
🗳️Vote Role !
🕹️ Game Bots !
📢 Self Promote !
🎉 And More! 🎉
Official bot server for Sin!
Whats Sin you might ask?
Sin is a economy bot with quite a bit of commands!
The server includes: a friendly and open community, friendly staff, a place to talk and hangout with other users!
Come join us in `Toilet`

Here's what we offer:
-:GWnekomakiNotLikeBOYE: Anime hub
-:woman_artist: Art hub
-:musical_note: Music hub
-:video_game: Gaming hub
-Bot commands channel
-Music bot
-:pencil2: Question of the day and Quotes.

**Our server upholds respect within our community. We have a variety of custom emojis to choose from. Right now our server is looking for active members who are willing to contribute, on top of that, we are also looking for dedicated staff members to lead the server alongside everyone.**

*If you are someone that likes hanging out, join us, we are currently not very active, so we need more active members*
Wafclast é um continente sombrio e brutal. Cicatrizado por misteriosas catástrofes do passado e habitado por criaturas tenebrosas, o próprio ambiente desafia os viajantes que ousam explorá-lo.

O continente abandonado é o lar de muitos horrores se contorcendo, bestas assassinas e mortos-vivos famintos. O próprio solo está impregnado de poder obscuro e ancestral, e a terra treme de malícia. Aos mortos é recusada a paz, levantando-se e vagando desesperadamente em dor, tristeza e fome eterna. A vida selvagem é distorcida e disforme, anormalmente agressiva e selvagem. Espreitando nos cantos mais escuros, horrores indescritíveis aguardam por presas desavisadas, ansiosos para dilacerar a mente e também a carne. Wafclast é um lugar onde poucos permanecem vivos e menos ainda permanecem sãos.

Venha se tonar o jogador mais poderoso, vendendo itens raros para outros jogadores, matando chefões e montando Guildas. Tente não morrer ou sofrerá as consequências.

Troque - Compre e venda para outros jogadores!

Explore - Explore o mundo e descubra coisas novas!

Eventos - Participe em eventos!

Guildas - Crie uma guilda com o seu amigo, e faça ela crescer!

Encantamentos - Encante todos os teus itens!

Habilidades - Teste novas habilidades!

Classes - Escolha uma das 7 classes disponíveis!

Faça parte dessa aventura!
Welcome to Mini Cash Cup website. This is the future of gaming tournaments and we are dedicated to provide gamers the best of the best prizes and rewards! This is just the beginning more is to come, Stay Tuned!

Mini Cash Cup is made for enthusiast gamers and for the gaming community as well. We provide you with the official game tournaments to compete for prizes where you can find them in the "Tournament" Section on the navigation bar. Stay tuned for more upcoming tournaments/events and information on the website ( and also follow us on our social media platforms to stay updated!

Our mission is to be the best tournament hosting website and to provide the community with the best possible experiences throughout the years. We hope you enjoy your stay with Mini Cash Cup or in short MCC and we also hope to see you win some exciting prizes and more in the upcoming future!
═══════ ⋆★⋆ ═══════

💖 ➣ Active, non-toxic and friendly community!
💬 ➣ Variety of channels to hang out & socialize in!
👍 ➣ Friendly and available staff from around the world!
🤖 ➣ A wide selection of Discord bots to use (Dank Memer, Pokémon, EPIC RPG, etc.).
💰 ➣ Active and well-developed server economy.
🎉 ➣ Frequent giveaways and events!
📣 ➣ Public advertising channels!
📈 ➣ 24/7 Active Moderation!
🤝 ➣ Open for partnerships & alliances.
🎨 ➣ Self-assignable roles!
👋 ➣ Always recruiting staff members, in our various departments.
💎 ➣ Constantly updated and growing!

═══════ ⋆★⋆ ═══════

・We strive for the satisfaction of all our members!
・So give it a try and join us, we hope that you'll enjoy it here! 💕
Support (bot 'Fish n Economy') and community server! 🐠
-> We're a small community and we're still growing. 🚀
-> We 💙 to chat with people and help them with discord bots.
-> We have some cool economy bots 🤖 for you to play.
-> 👉 We're waiting for you. 👈 Have a nice day! 👋
Welcome to the server we are a new server that will hopefully grow and hoping you will join us on the journey and make this server bigger we have counting, memes, economy, and a role shop that changes everyday there will be 5 roles in the shop everyday that you can buy and get more stuff!!!!!! so join up and remember..... times precious.

Krótko i na temat co mamy wam do zaoferowania:

①:bulb: Otwarcie na nowe pomysły użytkowników
② :kissing_heart: Ciągły rozwój serwera
③ :ping_pong: Mało pingów
⑦ :cloud: Wyjątkowy desing
⑧ :no_entry: Unikalny system kar
⑨ :hearts: (zazwyczaj) miła atmosfera
⑩ :reminder_ribbon: Współpraca od 10 osób
⑪ :clapper: Wspieranie Youtuberów
⑫ :trophy: Kanały do pochwalenia się swoim skinem, rangą lub akcją

I inne...

Wejdź i się przekonaj :smile:
Server de discord con gente humilde :v hay entretenimiento como economia, akinator, ia. juegos como lol, csgo, fortnite, mc, valorant, rocket league, among, brawlhalla. +6 bots, spam, etc... De todo!!! Venite a pasarla bien, Unite fiera!
Join Bundesrepublik Deutschland
A political and economic simulation server from Germany.

🇩🇪 We are a welcoming political and economical roleplay server of Germany
👔 We have all political parties of Germany, if you don't like any party, you can create your own party!
📆 Realistic elections system and elections every month
📰 Be a journalist, create your own newspaper, or do posts for an already existing news channel.
💶 Be a businessman, we have a complex economy bot that allow you to create any business.
📈 Start as a member of the Bundestag and make your way to the top
🏛️ Full Government simulation, chancellor, cabinet and more!
🌐 You can write in 🇬🇧 English, 🇩🇪 German or in any language in the international chat
Join us now!
Hey! Admin of Society Phantom here. The world’s a little hectic right now. Don’t you wish you could change it? What do you want to see in society? This server is an online reflection of the world we know today, featuring an economy, government and even jobs to serve! Come on and serve your purpose in Society.

It's a me, Owner! Sadly I have the job to tell you the boring stuff. Luckily there is few things I have to tell you. Admin/Mod is not available! So if your looking for that, uh, yeah no. Follow the rules, blah blah. You get it. You came here to have some fun. So enjoy!
The Kingdom is a community Discord server. The Kingdom has been an active server for nearly two years, filled with welcoming fun-loving people, and more:
Level up rewards for Activity roles (Tatsumaki support!)
Giftcard and Nitro giveaways each month.
An interactive casino with special obtainable roles.
Active and fair staff/moderation.
Gamenights in which the server plays games such as, Cards Against Humanity, and Jackbox Games.
Smash tournaments.
Welcome to our official community!
In our server there are many things you can do!
Play with bots/grind/sell/trade/buy/bet and much more! Daily giveaway happening, don’t miss anything!
This is a server where the world has been flooded and only remnants of old nations remain now there are new ones such as thermotol Yutec and Jactec