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Natural Order is a political, theological, and philosophical debate server. We allow any and all ideologies, beliefs, and stances. Free speech is important to us and as such, all topics are allowed.
Now an official Discord Partner! We are a Discord community run by academic economists and professional practitioners as well as aspiring economists. The community is dedicated to discussing economic research as well as topical economics, behavioral economics, finance, and business as it relates to economics. We strive for a chill atmosphere, with laid back banter and group events! We encourage people of all education levels and background who are intellectually curious, respectful and genuinely interested in these fields to join our dynamic and evolving server.
Academic Economics is an online group dedicated to modern economics, be it private, policy, or academic work. We aim to provide a welcoming and open environment to individuals at all stages of education, including next steps, current research, or professional information.
Welcome to the most anti-left discord server in the world! Join us and together we will destroy leftism! We welcome all ideologies but especially conservatives and libertarians. Based!
The main focus of this server is to provide an atmosphere in which civil discussion can take place over issues of politics across the globe.The goal here is to work together to form a better understanding of reality, not to simply argue our positions; to treat hot debate topics with tact and respect in the hopes of finding better solutions, instead of dominating our opponents. Feel free to change your mind here, or remain rooted in your positions, so long as you genuinely believe what you say and give others a chance to impress upon you their own worldviews.
The purpose and aim of the server is to be an environment conducive to intellectual growth and enrichment for our members. We wish to use reason above all else to solve problems and questions, particularly regarding those of politics and philosophy. “Truth" is our highest good and value, and our loyalty ultimately is to the truth only. Thus in Plato's Republic, we seek to use reason and logic to find truth through rigorous thinking that we wish to be as self-aware, self-correcting, self-directed and self-disciplined as humanly possible. We seek to create members who extol objectivity and eschew dogma as that is the first step in becoming a lover of wisdom.
Server for a broad range of discussion, open to various viewpoints. Join for debate channels such as: politics, economics, lgbt, sexuality, drama, and miscellaneous!

"the server is scary"
"i hate it here"
"owohoi sucks"
"i hope it gets deleted"

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Discord Autonomous Zone!
✰ Fair and helpful staff!
✰ LGBTQ+ friendly!
✰ Thought provoking debates!
✰ All beliefs welcome!
✰ Learn new things!
✰ Discuss your favorite hobbies
An Economics Study group server. For those taking their exams in 2021-22 or who started their 2-year course in 2019-20 September.
The focus of this server is to discuss issues of political, economic and social affairs. We strive to maintain a certain level of standard in our discourse. High effort discourse is prioritized and welcomed.
The Gentlemen's Congress is a server for those of all political stripes to discuss their beliefs. The Server also engages in gaming and casual discussion as a means to try and make a nice community.

Welcome to Philosophy of Politics! A server that hosts discourse on the examination of political theory for people of all ideologies and different levels of knowledge

We offer fair moderation, discussion channels around economic history and philosophy, serious channels centered around debate and discussing polls, ideological channels where you could associate with people that are within the same economic left-right and Authoritarian-Libertarian as you. All of this is ran by a welcoming community that fosters camaraderie giving each of our users the best experience possible. Come join this fast growing political server today!
We are a casual politics server with:

✔️ Self-Assignable Roles✔️
🎉 Events🎉
✅Nice Community✅
😆 Memes😆
🎵 Music Bots🎵
Head on over to theory lab for an ever growing library of theory all the way from Foucalt to Rothbard, and from philosophy to economics. We have plenty of educated individuals to ask questions to or just ask for advice for recommendations.

Political discussion on Discord has been depraved, with tyrannically unjust mods and unreasonably vast rules. Global Politics will not treat you to unreasonable bans for mere banter and lack-luster conversations. A server birthed with the sole intentions to debate aspects of politics, religion, philosophy, and history.

Characteristics this server exhibits:
- Honest and Transparent Moderation
- Unparalleled Freedom of Speech >> you will never find yourself being banned for any political adherence or words you muster
- Voice Chats
- Easy and Simple Role Assignment System
A server for high school students to discuss the current economic affairs around the world and to also ask for help with homework from other students in a similar situation.
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- This server is dedicated to helping with all the Humanities related topics and other Non-STEM topics!

- This server is for you if you are willing to receive or help someone in humanities topics!

- The server has a points & thanks system, weekly, daily and all time rank based on how much you've helped and specialised roles based on your help activity

- Helper roles which are controlled and maintained by a bot
Welcome to Debate Central! Our server is focused on debating topics such as religion, politics, philosophy, or any other topic you can think of.
At Debate Central, people of all backgrounds and ideologies are welcome as long as they follow the server rules. There are 200+ roles to choose from, including political and religious roles. There are also levels, level rewards, Server Boosting rewards, and more!
In the server we have:
•>Friendly community
•>Responsible and amiable admins
•>Interesting daily topics
Hello all, I just created a discord server for Julia.

It'd be great if you use Discord and I am expecting to have some cool people from other academic servers soon, where I am since an year now. Discord community is powerful and I hope people will get a remedy of their issues fast there, too.
And there will be great productive chats by people across the fields. I am expecting to have people from different areas, who use Julia.

If you feel like it'd be cool to be a part of this server, you are most welcome. Click on the invite link below to join.

Republicans is a highly active server for those on the right-wing who are tired of endless memeing and who eschew fascism, nazism, racism, etc. We have well over 500 active members, partnerships with several similar British and American discord servers, periodic planned discussions on major issues (Iran, Electoral Reform, North Korea, etc.), and a highly active general chat.

If you're looking for a more adult setting to discuss politics (and everything adjacent) then we're a good fit.