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Welcome to the one shot society where newbies and veterans can enjoy oneshots and short campaigns together explore the world of (world name). through multiple oneshots and campaigns that take place all over the world they all connect to each other so you might meet people from a different campaign or oneshot who knows? You can create new stories and adventures and it’s all up to you and your imagination to make them come to life. Joins us as we make this world a fantasy come true.
This server is mainly focused on Dungeon Synth and Black Metal everyone that wants to chat or share their music can come here.
Horny? kinky? sex driven? looking for friends? looking for a sex buddy? wanting to watch porn or hentai? wanting a mistress to dom you? wanting to dom the owner?

Thats all here!

join to please all ur needs ;)
Hello and welcome to quincys sex dungeon! you can live out all your sexual fantasies here, being a slave (recommended for subs) a good boy (recommended for switches) or an overseer (recommended for doms) we hope you have a wonderful stay, down here at quincys sex dungeon

The Naughty Room is a NSFW BDSM channel to explore, socialize, and be a part of a growing, mature community. We offer a lot of different rooms to chat in for different fetishes, game and movie nights, and host a lot of good conversation, as well as kinky convo as well.

~We have a verification system so you can feel comfortable posting you NSFW content, ensuring all users are 19+~

~We take maturity as an important part of our community~

~We have people from around the globe so there are always people active all times of day and night~

~Server Admins are some of the best people you can meet~

~React roles allow you to really define who you are~

~Lots of content based channels where you can express yourself from writing to pictures to memes~

Come Join The Naughty Room for an amazing kinky experience.
Welcome and hello! This is my dungeon for voice actors and acting enthusiasts! (IT'S STILL IN THE WORKS! Not many voice actors yet 😔)
Here is where you can converse and have fun with other members, meet new people and mess around! We have many bots for music, pokemon and even collecting waifus!

This server is originally for my Youtube channel: HxppyVA
It doesn't matter whether you're subscribed or not though because all people are welcome!

Please select your own roles and have fun! Read the rules first!
->Thera {RP}<-

Thera {RP} é um servidor amigável de RP's váriados!

Está pronto para embarcar em muitas aventuras envolvendo ação, magia, poderes, monstros, mutantes e muito mais!? Então entre no servidor e divirta-se!
The Kink Dungeon is a relaxed 18+ server to talk about all things kink. Feel free to join this server if you'd like to meet new people and join a budding new community!
The Honourable Bro Gods is a non-requirement Dungeon Quest guild, owned by the Right Excellent Bro Gods, Regiisteelium_Z and SirPixelP. We seek to be our brother's keeper; to make the members of the Dungeon Quest community the cream of the crop as they step foot into this very guild; that is, one of us, the Honourable Bro Gods. At that, we focus on helping to better the members of the community by hosting raids and giveaways so that they have the chance to be honourably powerful. Join today, and remember - we are our brother's keeper.
The world of Kaizer is a mystical place, filled with wondrous races and rich wildlife. The world may have been ravaged by a war, but it wasn't anything they couldn't recover from. Now the people have peaceful lives and daring adventures....but something lurks in the background, and it may soon rear its ugly head.

Server Features:
*Hunt down monsters and humans that threathen the peace.
*You can be good or evil, your choice!
*You can go on on dungeon raids with other willing explorers.
*Wanna make a race? Creature? Maybe even weapon?Right this way!
*A magic system that is simple enough to learn, yet still plenty enjoyable.
*An economy with shop items.
*A fairly good timezone coverage.
*Fun members, Like for real they are lit.
*Tupperbot for making your characters feel that much more real.
*And so much more!
Join today!
Hiya there! Looking for a server for PMD discussions and help? Well come on down to our server. Here in this server, we talk about Pokémon mystery dungeon stuff, calling out rescues to other players around the world, and much more! Here in this server we do the following:

📑 We have customs roles that displays about your personality!

📷 You like posting random pictures or collecting many arts you desired? Well in this server, we post our arts and pictures almost every day!

🤖 We have Discord's popular bots and other newly born bots added in the server. Wanna add a bot you wanna support with? This is a perfect place for you! Here we support our bot admins to work harder!

💥 Oh? Did you just got defeated in a dungeon and needed to find someone to rescue you from far away? Don't worry, just request a rescue in our server and one of our members will DM you a A-OK later on.

🎲 When we reach 50 members. We'll make Discord events like other servers do. Join now and have a chance to receive a role that allows you to host events for our members! Come on and join us now!

😀 We have many Pokémon and other off related emojis that are completely ridiculous and fun to post on your messages!

📮 We also help our fellow members grow their own communities and social medias by letting them promote their servers and etc into our server.

🛡️ We are a friendly community server with friendly moderators and admins and we'll always take charge of the members to be sure that the server has a friendly and respectful environment.

We are still a small community and were still on progress! So please join our server. Making more members allows us to bring up new contents so please join us now!
Official Server! Talk with Herman Electro players and developers!

Herman Electro is a Puzzle Roguelike in which you try to escape dungeons made of puzzles using consumable tools and rare supertools!
Our discord server is called Rumble Questers. It is based on the game "Rumble Quest" located in ROBLOX. Rumble Quest is a dungeon game where you travel through newly generating dungeons to unlock new loot and to become more powerful and level up.
Welcome to an ordinary dungeon quest guild, We have for bots: Music bots, Auto moderation, Dank memer ect. What we have for channels: Recruitment tower for dungeons (Not advertising servers), Give ways and more things (Lvl req: 100 and up)
Welcome to the EvoDungeon! At EvoDungeon we are diverse with a variation of anything to role-play with!
We are looking to grow our server! So what are you waiting for?
Join EvoDungeon.
A fun community to discuss all the things going on with Grrbls - a zany hardcore tactical rpg deck builder with super epic loot.
Hello there fellow ERPers,I would like to introduce the The Dreary Caverns ERP server.
this is a modern era based server. (Sci-Fi and Fantasy type of characters are allowed btw.)
server is still small and can seem like inactive since it got opened few days ago but hopefully it ill grow soon. uwu
theres 2 locations for now. (more will be added at future.)
The dungeon and forest.
5 RP roles. (2 for subs,2 for doms and 1 for switch people.)
and more stuff!
if your interested welcome in! if not then hope you to find a good server for your tastes! X3
we just talk and have fun i guess. i'm looking to improve my server but i don't have the motivation to with no one active