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EdgeGamers (eGO) [NA/EU] [PC]

Hello Guardians! We are EdgeGamers! A multigame community founded in 2006, with servers in CS:GO, CS:S, Rust, GMOD, FiveM, and more, With clans in World of Warships, World of Warcraft, and of course Destiny 2!

We are always trying to expand and enjoy games with fun, friendly players across the world! Feel free to hop in our clan, Clan 1) Clan 2), and join in on our Sherpas, Trials Carry's, Tournaments, Giveaways, and so much more! Any player from the newest New Light player to the most veteran of Titans, Warlocks, and Hunters. We do NOT tolerate any form of bullying, so hop on in, have fun with a friendly clan wanting to play with you!

Fajna społeczność, jak grasz w lola, csa, destiny, minecraft, ultimate chicken horse lub wiele innych wbijaj i gramy.
💜💙💚 ----- Welcome ----- 💚💙💜

🔹 "Dreamer Galaxy"🌙 is your new favorite gaming discord, just hop on in & make yourself at home! 🏠

🔹 Solid group of Fun, Humble, & Respectful gamers alike! We feature Hot Games 🎮 / Giveaways 🎁 / Memes 😂 / Discussions & 🗣 Self Advertising 🤳

🔹 Currently Featuring:
Call Of Duty, Apex Legend's, Among Us, Warframe, Destiny, Minecraft, Counter-Strike, & much more! 🔥

🥳 All are welcome! Let's go! 🥳
Looking for a place to just chill and play games? Wish 15 is all about sharing, memeing, gaming and more! We play a vast variety of games including Destiny 2, Valorant, Halo, Tarkov, and are always listening to suggestions from the community about what games we should play next.

Join now:
The meanie weenies xbox clan was created to establish long lasting gaming friendships and discussing upcoming and current gaming news. As well as some humor and nsfw content.
This is my new clan. You can join the server without being part of the clan and just come to game and talk. Please follow rules and enjoy.
This is a Destiny 1 discord. If you want to play the first Destiny and do raids or find a group, this is the place. We are friendly and active and will help with anything you need on Destiny.
Server for gamers and everyone else! Join if you would like to meet people, play some games, or maybe even find that special someone! Our main game is Destiny but all other games are welcome! We hope to meet you!
Un clan Francophone sur Destiny 2 !

- Entraide, entre débutants et vétérans !
- Bonne entente, des events
- Quelques nitros à gagner !

Bon jeu Gardiens !
The server storyline takes place during the current DLC and we update with each added DLC. Admins are always there if you have questions and will try to answer as best as they can.

Character-wise we allow all in-game races and offer the ability to create custom exotics, weapons, and armor.

After the Former Hunter Vanguard, Cayde-6, passed by an untimely death, the murder of Uldren Sov soothed the hearts of Cayde's followers and friends. Due to the massive outrage that occured during this time, the Vanguard set up a Covert Operations group to handle these otherworldly, highly dangerous threats: The Omega Vanguard, most popularly known as the Omega. This platoon of the City's most dedicated and skilled Guardians are the new protectors of the City. For years, they have been the final frontier against all enemies of the Traveler and the City, and the rate of success was fairly high. After the events of The Almighty, the Vanguard took into consideration the amount of tragedy that was being caused. So, Ikora and Zavala stepped down from their positions of power and began to search for recruits. New leadership was said to be soon on its way. But to this day, no new Vanguard has been declared. Soon, the Pyramids arrived, and Omega decided to ramp up their procedures and recruit more members. In rough battles against these dark new enemies, there was a slow shift in power... Guardians became more and more scarce as time progressed through the war of Darkness and Light. Suddenly, signatures of Guardians and their Light were disappearing, and more enemies took their place. Soon after, Scouts were called to investigate the vacant parts of the solar system. What peaked the most interest in the Omega foundation was Europa. Strange signals were intercepted, and each try at espionage failed horribly with no clear explanation. Few Guardians were stranded with no way out, and connection was lost between them and the City. Now, more than ever, the Omega Vanguard knew they needed to recruit new Commanders-In-Chief, and figure out what dread was filling Jupiter's icy moon.
This is Hope For Humanity - a Destiny 2 semi-lit/literate Roleplay server that seeks to approach the world of the game a little differently. With a focus on the lives Guardians and their allies lead outside of the endless battle with the Darkness in a rebuilt and repopulated Farm. Come join and write leisurely or participate in GM'ed events focused on the atmosphere of Bungie's Destiny 2.

GOLDxGUNS is a social gaming community made up of folks from across games, platforms, and the globe itself. You'll find everything from looter shooters to MMOs to gacha and more within our Discord server. Play hard, have fun, make some new friends, and fill your pockets with the best and shiniest loot! So what're you waiting for? Join us!

• × ♡ ⠀GAMES WE PLAY⠀♡ × •

• Among Us
• Apex Legends
• Destiny 2 [3 Clan Rosters]
• The Division 2 [PS4]
• Final Fantasy XIV [Brynhildr//Crystal]
• Genshin Impact
• Rainbow 6 Siege [PS4]
• Warframe [PS4]
• and more in our general LFG channel!


• An active, friendly community (18+)
• Support for PC, PS4, Xbox, Switch, and mobile games
• Hobby and general hang out channels
• Game channels added based on community interest
• Weekly celebration of in-game achievements with special role
• A variety of bots for music, interactive LFGs, and goofing off
• Fun custom emotes of our server mascot
• Community events
This is a discord server for all Destiny 2 players to find fireteams, find clans, and just chill with other Destiny 2 fans. (For PC, PS4, Xbox, and Stadia players)
Salut! Cauti un server pe care sa iti gasesti parteneri pentru un joc multyplayer? Ai nimerit bine! Suntem o comunitate nou creata cu scopul de a va ajuta sa va gasiti echipa perfecta!
Hi, and welcome to the MLGvvt clan discord! We work hard and play hard, with hardcore players in PVE and pvp! Our pvp players do free carries in trials sometimes, as well as pve players in NF’s. However, we are all about community so we are all skill levels. We also accept all races, religions, gender identities, and play styles. So join today, and enjoy this amazing and active community! PS, we are primarily Xbox, with a few cross save players.
Destiny - Ambitions is a freeform Roleplay/ERP environment that is currently based in the Shadowkeep Era, and is moving forward with the seasons, allowing for player intervention on a more personal level.
(Restricted Canon Characters to Server staff, OC based server.)
"Welcome, Welcome all!"
Hello and Welcome to our RP Server!

We are a RP Server that have...
- A bunch of templates for Custom Exotic Weapons, Subclasses, and Faction!
- We have OwO, Dank Memer, Marriage Bot, and Tupper Box!
- We have a bunch of RP Categories and Channels. We also add more as new things or Ideas come out!
- You can claim characters from Destiny 1 or/& 2!
- We allowed Eliksni Guardians, Friendly Enemies, and more!
- We have a bunch of RP Factions!
- We have planets and places from Destiny 1 & 2! If we miss a place we will add it!
- We have more sub-classes than the original 3-4!
- We take suggestions!
- And more to come!
So join! We allow all Destiny related Characters!
Gin's Haven is a discord channel for you who wants a social gaming experience or just a place to chat. The server is in it's building phase, but this is exactly why we want more people to join and help us build it up. Most of us are pc players, but we encourage every platform to join. We have bots, meme channels, music channels and more to come. Feel free to join in and chat with us.
We are playing alot of different games, but the ones tagged are mainly being played.

( - use this link if doesn't work)

- Laiout
An active and mature gaming and social server aiming to have a unified place to hang out and chill with each other. It consists of 1800+ members. We cover some of the high profile games like Destiny, Rocket League, League of Legends, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm and World of Warcraft. Come join us
Join Destiny 2's most organized and well operated Erotic Roleplay Server along with several channels accommodating Rule 34.
Welcome to Ember Island! We are a Destiny 1/2 server with a wide selection of bots, roles, and emojis! You'll find yourself right at home here with tons of people who love Destiny (and anime) just as much as you.

- Mudae
- Charlemagne
- Virtual Fisher
- UnbelievaBoat
- AmariBot
- Rhythm
Hello, welcome to a simple clan that uses discord as a main way of communicating with everyone. We are PC based clan and are very welcoming to all types of guardians. We welcome all that are friendly towards everyone, as well as having all types of humor. This clan offers help and time as well as patients to get guardians through almost everything the game has to offer.
We provide help with:
* Anything related to The Vanguard
* All types of Crucible, and Trials
* Dungeons, and Seasonal activities
* Help with missions and Exotic quests
* Raids, Gambit, and Nightmare hunts
* And all types of activities we can help.
We hope you like what you see, and offer. Hope to see you along side us defeating the darkness, and putting a stop to the Darkness, unless... Stay frosty!