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This server is a great community for everything Dragonball but DBL in particular, we host tournaments, faction wars, and more. BUT most importantly and the main purpose for this advertisement, WE NEED ACTIVE GUILD MEMBERS!!! We have THREE guilds, one that is very competitive, with a rising guild point requirement of 500k per season, increasing by 50k-150k each season, one that has a requirement that will stay 500k, and one that is more laid back.
We have a variety of bots including MEE6, Pokecord, Purity, Rythm, and our *very own* specially made Kakarot bot that does most things around the server
We are a very active community of great people and would very much enjoy it if you joined us (:
We are a growing friendly community for Dragon Ball Legends players and fans of Dragon Ball. As this server is still new, as we grow bigger, we will host events such as tournaments and other sort of activities that will make the server interactive as well as more fun to playing DBL.

At the moment, we do have our own bot created for the purpose of making PVP through random matchmaking between members. Through winning battles, you will able to earn points and accumulate enough, may enable you to buy stuff in shop which will be added in the future. We also have other bots in the server which enables for a leveling system.

※ Custom PVP BOT
※ PVP Shop
※ Leveling System
※ Aki Bot
※ DBL Discord Game
Join the Saiyan Race to take part in many Dragon Ball related discussions, events & giveaways!
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Android 21 🤖 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Based on DRAGON BALL LEGENDS Mobile game by BANDAI NAMCO.
◻️ Collect iconic characters
◻️ Take on story missions against various enemies found in the Dragon Ball universe
◻️ Battle your friends
◻️ Compete for the top spot on the leaderboards
▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Server 💬 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
◻️ Anime & Game discussions
◻️ Weekly Giveaways
◻️ Events held regularly
◻️ Bot & Suggestion channels
◻️ Staff spots open
Dragon Ball Allegiance

This is a server dedicated to Dragon Ball

We provide the following
-Trusted Middlemen
-Farming Services
-Team Building
-Stone Vendor
-Pokecord, Mudae, Discord Ball Z, Android 21
-Dokkan/Legends News and Leaks
Goken is a fun and friendly Dragon Ball Legends community full of the chillest vibes, this is a safe place for everyone! not just Legends players- nobody is excluded. Unless you’re an asshole, of course. we discuss mainly the Legends game, summons/team building etc, talk general stuff but really anything else. Movies, Anime, Other Video Games etc.

This server offers:
•A good set of rules
•Various interactive bots/ minigames (including a Legends minigame bot)
•Responsible moderators
•Self and color roles
•Plenty of talkative DBL/ Off topic channels
•A layout that’s easy on the eyes
•QR Codes trading
•A welcoming community of a decent number of top ranked PvP Legends fighters satisfied with our environment.

If you’re interested, come on in and make some friends! We don’t bite.
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Welcome to our Dragon Ball Legends server with 1000+ members! Here you can talk and share your experiences about various games and Anime!! Our Old server got nuked but this is a revamped version!! we got:

💎Monthly Giveaways

💎Conquer new heights of a saiyan through the level up system

💎100+buyable roles just for you

💎DBL minigame,One Piece adventure game,pokemon games and much more!

💎Daily info on every Game and Anime!

Join now to meet with the greatest Anime fans around the globe!!
Salut a toi👋 tu es le bienvenue sur notre serveur Dragon Ball principalement consacré a Dragon Ball Legends, toutes les semaines les news leaks et astuces sont mise a jour. Des tournois hebdomadaires sont organisés avec des prix pour les vainqueurs⚔️. Mais il ya aussi des discussions sur des dessins📝, des mangas📖, des animes🌅 ou encore des vocs le soir pour différentes activités 🕹. Enjoy 🙂
Dhs canyon server is server for dragon ball community. Creator of this server was a AMV maker and he now playing dragon ball legends and other games.
We are friendly community who can help other people in server. If you wanna help our community grow you can join to us and have fun there. You can find there dragon ball stuff (We looking for people to guilds) / AMV tutorials etc.
Hello! 🌟

This advertisement is being read by you today to convince you to join our

✨ DB Legends Community Discord Server ✨

📍 We're a new group not even 5 months old

📍 We just started doing partnerships looking to grow the groups member count and activity but were already pretty active ngl. (DM Cheizean#6979 for a partnership deal if your interested)

📍 We include channels to flex your sparking box on legends and your card box on dokkan aswell!

📍 We inform everyone of new DB Legends updates in the future, Spreading Rumours, and DB Legends Unit Hints, and MUCH MORE!

📍 Hiring TRUSTED mods at the moment so come on down and sign yourself up to be a potential moderator in the future!

📍 Looking for nitro boosters. Currently have 1 and need just 1 more to get ourselves a animated thumbnail and custom server link background. So nitro boost us, get that high rank role, and enjoy the benefits!

💎 Theres alot to do in the group and you can see for yourself by joining now! 💎
This is a DBL server for our YouTube channel we do pvp tournament and the winner gets a legends we do giveaways we have a guild
Dragon Ball Legends Discord-Group is mostly about the mobile game dragon ball legends were all we do is talk about dbl but we do talk about dragon ball also. (p.s. we're not strict on rules)
Bonjours je vous présente le serveur LegendsFightZ FR un serveur qui à pour but d'organiser des tournois nous en organisons toutes les semaines sur dragon ball legends dokkan ou 7DS avec des prix alors rejoint et il y'a d'autre chose comme:

-De l'entraide sur les différent jeu mentionner
-des salons autres mangas et minis jeux
-Des salons pubs pour vos chaines youtube et vos serveurs alors rejoint vite
-Des giveaways avec plusieurs roles
Nous organisons aussi des tournois fun avec des règles un peu folles pour rendre la partie plus droles rejoint vite ton ticket et juste en bas
Hello à toi, fan de Dragon Ball ou de n'importe quels anime !

Tu cherches un serveur où tu peux parler avec d'autres fans de ton anime préféré ? Figure-toi que je l'ai trouvé! :sunglasses:

☆☆☆ "Le Café Des fans " ☆☆☆

Tu ne connais pas le Café Des fans ? C'est un serveur entièrement pour les fans de jeux et animes !
Tu as besoin d'aide sur ton compte Dokkan Battle ou autre jeux ? Nous sommes là pour t'aider!

Il y aussi un staff a l'écoute :eyes:
-Nous recrutons du staff ça c'est génial non ?
- Une communauté de fan de manga petit mais qui va grandir grace a toi
-Un fondateur qui est a l'écoute des suggéstions des menbres
- fait toi aussi des amis et voir un creush
PS: il y a des giveaways cool non ?

☆ Rejoins-nous vite, il ne manque plus que toi ! ☆

Voici ton ticket d'entrée. :tickets:
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Yoshaa, Je vous présente LE serveur DRAGON BALL LEGENDS qui VOUS intéressera.

-Serveur qui débute, besoins de modérateurs
-Basé sur #DBLegends des infos régulièrement posté
-Aide la progression aux débutants
-Serveur très sociable et assez actif
-Besoins de membre pour de futur évenements
-Salons memes intégrer
-Futur Guilde
-Je le dis pas assez mais recrute des modérateurs
Bonjour pour seux qu'il veulent de la compétition ou du fun vener sur le serveur BlackDiamond Modo toujours actif on vous répond en moins de 10 minute si il y a des problème et si vous voulez nous faire par de nouvelle idée on est a l'affut de nouvelle idée donc n'attendez pas que le jour se lève pour rejoindre le serveur vener directement !
Dragon Ball Legends!
Dragon Ball Legends, is the official discord server for the online game called "Dragon Ball Legends". Make sure to join and invite other members.