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Hello everyone, we are a new server on the block hoping to find players that will call our server home. We offer a wide variety of mods and a custom map. Right now we only have 30 slots but we will expand the server as it grows. We look forward to seeing you around on our server.

Custom Rifty City Trader, Black Market Trader, Drug Trader, Custom militarized Balota & North East Airstrip
Unlimited Stamina
No Glove or Shoe Damage
Global Chat
And More

Mods List:

Best Regards - The Ravagers Admin Team

DAYZ PS4 Server

🗺-Map - Cherno
🕶- 1st Person
⚔️- PVP
🛡- Factions
🐺- Lone Wolf
🏴‍☠️- Custom Loot!
📦- Balanced loot
🚗- Built cars
🔫- Colored gun variants
💀- Killfeed
🪓- Base building
💳- Active trader
📱- Active admin
🤺- PVP events with heli crashes
🧭 - Inland spawns
Hello and welcome to BlayZ! We are a new DayZ modded server hosted in the united states! We welcome anyone and everyone to join our discord server and dayz server!
About to be your new favorite vanilla bean flavored server.

"Get out there and play DayZ the way its supposed to be played! You go out there and you act mfking SHADY."

Check us out today!!