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We are a server that no matter your player style , there is something out there for you to do.

-RP SECTION(optional)

With role play elements to the categories we have created, to factions and faction wars, KOS and raiding weekends, robbery and safe/KOS zones added for the week days or simply log in with friends and have fun !

DestinationUnknown offers a little bit of everything you could possibly want while maintaining the original intense survival PvE feel.
DayZ Humanitarian Project RP (PS4) Livonia

Welcome to one of the best role-playing servers in Dayz for PS4 with over 1200 members! We’re a friendly, welcoming community looking for 16+ players on our newest iteration of the server: 5.0 Livonia.

We have an active UK and US player base.

50 slot server that frequently reaches High Population.

Active Staff both on the Discord, and Server that are always around to help out with any queries, as well as any new suggestions.

5.0 is here join in the fun and prepare for an RP filled Livonia experience!

A completely fresh wipe will kickstart our latest iteration. Added events, completely customized event spawns and a more focused survival aspect will headline our newest iteration. Come join in the fun! Create a bandit group, own a town, become the most well known trader in all of Livonia... the options are endless and are up to you!

Customized loot spawns that add: Cannabis, Different weapon skins, New Clothes, Vodka, New Weapons, and lots lots more.

A clear and distinct list of rules to follow by, and an application process to better ensure player enjoyment.

Role play is encouraged throughout. No KOS'ing or offline raids to improve player enjoyment.

Weekly events that allows players to have some PvP freedom.

Monthly giveaways, such as PSN vouchers, PS plus and gift cards, as well as in game loot.

And much, much, more.

If DayZHP sounds like a server you would be interested in, you can use the links below to check out the server!

DayZHP Discord:

DayZHP Twitter:

Hope to see you soon!
Server for all your DayZ server needs.

Currently offering a bot for KillFeed and Server Control.
Nearly 24/7 Support.
Will add anything you might need.
Open to suggestions and new ideas.

Any players and server owners welcome.
Welcome to Dead Corp.
A Faction based PVP DayZ Server for PS4/5.
Whitelisted, 1PP and 3PP. MnK. UK
Premium Killfeed, Mods, Currency, NPC Shop.
Full Cars & Spare Parts. Custom Spawns.
Reckless Gaming™️ is looking for players to make this your MAIN SERVER!
All players are welcome to join and don’t have to be in a clan or join a clan to stay on this server.
We're also in the TOP 50 Community Servers. :)

Freshly Wiped on: 09/09/20

- 50 slot high pop.
- Live Killfeed.
- All military is 2x’s.
- Vybor Server Trader.
- Server Safe Zone.
- Base Raid Zone Detection.
- High Tier Air Drops.
- Very Active Discord.
- Weekly Server Events.
- Fully built cars, ready to go.
- Create or Join a Clan Faction.
- Rare, Colored & Exclusive loot.
- Base Building highly encouraged.
- Custom build locations, like VMC.
- Server Economy with In-Game Rewards.
- Bases are protected for 6 days out of the week and not protected for 1 day out of the week.


DayZ PS4 Community Servers
Chernarus and Livonia maps

Updated and improved! These are balanced, thoughtfully coded and well tested servers. You probably won't find an M4 in the first 5 minutes of joining. But you will be exploring towns you've most likely never visited before. Civilian clothing is heavily suppressed, but military loot and Heli crashes have been increased. Come and join the fun. We encourage community involvement, making friends and frenemies. Your input and involvement directly shapes the game

☢️ Base raiding weekends
☢️ Pristine cars
☢️ PvP all week
☢️ Safe Zone
☢️ Custom spawn locations
☢️ Increased military loot
☢️ Increased heli & C130 crashes
☢️ Camping/BBQ/PvP Events with prizes
☢️ Active Traders
☢️ Factions
☢️ 3pp/1pp
☢️ Zombie Hordes
☢️ 1 hour nights
☢️ Killfeed
🔒 Whitelist on #Discord

Dayz ps4 community focused on basebuilding and pvp, all raiding tools taken out. Factions, and rp included
We are the original KillFeed Creators for DayZ. We now offer more than just a Killfeed, our community offers tools, mods and custom bots to bring your server to a whole new level!

• PvP Killfeed | PvE Killfeed | NPC Killfeed
• Bounty Hunters w/ Bounty Tracker
• Casino and Full Economy
• Live HeatMap
• Snipers Stream (distance tracker)
• Killstreak Stream (kill/deathstreaks)
• Earn money per Kill
• Full Admin controls (restart, status, ban)
• Whitelisting

... and honestly too much to fit. Check us out! !invite PS4 server with Boosted Loot, Full Cars Military Spawns. Monthly Events
Randy Servers PS4 ***Updated to 1.10****

Plenty of new blood and a community of nearly 400 players!

Following the recent complete server wipe, several new groups have joined and formed, including a very welcoming freshie faction that's filling up fast!

Randy Servers is a rapidly growing server with something for everyone - close to vanilla with minimal moderation, designed to be just enough to make it fun and non-toxic - virgins (arseholes) not allowed!

Whether you want a relaxed place to dabble in RP, organised races, boxing matches and PVP battles, or just a wide open space to set up a secret homestead (or wicked fort), make Randy your home right now!

Join our discord for all the latest news on events, make suggestions, get to know the OG's and just generally have a laugh in a chilled server that doesn't take itself too seriously;

**(some experience with friendly shit talk may be required)**

* New players are always welcome
* Trader base and in game economy
* 45min nights
* Mostly vanilla spawns
* Raiding allowed at weekends only
* Factions and base raiding at weekends
* KOS server wide (except safe zones) with some casual RP
* Dedicated kill feed
* Regular events - boxing, sword fights, car races and faction battles
* Swords & Weed
* Uberz available
* Worldwide community from Europe, Oceania, America and Asia
* No virgins allowed
DayZ n’ Chill aims to be a strong role playing community for both the hardcore and casual player, as well as a home for DayZ content creators. DayZ is a mature game and can be very chaotic and sometime toxic. Our server’s goal is to provide a safe place for all who want role play in a faction-based community with a real economy.
New World 2 DayZ Ps4
Full cars
Loot +++
HeliCrashs +++
Modded items, guns, magazines and more
Modded Buildings from Livonia and Arma III
Trader Zone
Discord shop with buildings .
You are welcome

Willkommen bei LastSurvivorRP

findest du auch das es schwer ist, einen Privaten Server zu finden, weil irgendwas irgendwie immer nicht passt? Dann schau doch mal rein! Wir sind eine deutschprachige DayZ Community! Wir haben einen PvE / PvP DayZ Chernaurus Server, egal ob Alleingänger, Anfänger,Abenteurer oder Hardcore Surviver , bei uns kannst du deinen spielstyl auswählen.

Wir haben Whitelist verfahren.Dabei haben wir aktive Administratoren die den Server zu den normalen Zeiten mehrmals täglich überwachen.

Bei uns hat der Admin keine Vorteile um den maximalen Spielspaß zu garantieren!

Du willst mitspielen?

Dann tritt unseren Discord Server bei und lass dich Whitelisten:

Hier noch ein paar Infos über den Server

Wir beschäftigen uns Tag für Tag um den Server zu optimieren.

-Erhöter autospawn
-Safezone Gorka
-Essen und Trinken erhöht
-kurze Nacht / langer Tag

Melde dich gerne im Discord.
Server ist auf der PS4.

DAYZ PS4 Server

🗺-Map - Cherno
🕶- 1st Person
⚔️- PVP
🛡- Factions
🐺- Lone Wolf
🏴‍☠️- Custom Loot!
📦- Balanced loot
🚗- Built cars
🔫- Colored gun variants
💀- Killfeed
🪓- Base building
💳- Active trader
📱- Active admin
🤺- PVP events with heli crashes
🧭 - Inland spawns
Welcome to The WinterSong Fallen Im not going to say a lot because you have to join and find out for yourself, But if you want a great server to play on with Traders, Factions, and good times this is the one for you I hope to see you soon!!
DayZ Console Community
This Community is open to all console players on DayZ. The Community was designed for console players to group up, help each other, create friendships, new groups, socialize about the game, and our experiences. The goal is to maintain a simple user friendly structure. Please be understanding that a lot of work has been put into the discord to make it user friendly. I will try my best to make everything work flawlessly.

Areas of support include but are not limited to:

✅ Server Owner Support

✅ Stream Promotions

✅ YouTube Channel Promotions

✅ Organized Faction Advertising

✅ Multiple chat channels

✅ Private Server Advertising

✅ Discord Advertising

✅ Faction Roles

✅ Event Support

**__reCAPTCHA verification__** is on this server to prevent spam bots from being sent in. If you do not complete it you will be auto kicked from the Discord by the BOT. This is to protect the Discord and its members.
Hello all 👋👋

Straya PVP 50x is a new PS4 Livonia server that is 52 slots and highly boosted!

We offer:

-Modded loot

-Colored Gun Variants

-Increased heli spawns

-Fully spawned cars

-50x all loot

-Kopa Safezone

-Trader soon to come

-Increased pig and cow spawns

-Friendly active admins

-2hr days 15 min nights

-1P/3P PVP

-Active killfeed

-Discord currency


-No PVP or raid rules

We encourage all players to invite their friends as we are a growing community and always open to new players!

We will be open to increasing the slots and open to modifying game files in order to achieve full satisfaction for all our survivor's 😁

Goodluck and enjoy!
⫷🗡⫸Factions,Purge,Modified Loot
⫷🚭⫸Safe Zones
⫷🚶⫸Player Spawns at the Safe Zones
⫷🐺⫸Modified Zombies,Animal spawns
⫷🧟⫸Juggernaut,Ghillie Zombies
What is Lonely Roads RP?
Lonely Roads is an attempt at creating a post-apocalyptic role-play server that strives to provide a mature, engaging and comprehensive storytelling experience. By creating our own lore and adding invisible additional features we can ensure that there are game play features players would otherwise not have to mold a fun storytelling experience.
Group of like minded people, having fun on a wide selection of games. We currently habe our own ps4 dayz server and a pc version in development


2) raids are weekends only

3)only destroy what you need to get through and take what you can carry

4)no builidng in military zones, single prisons are an exception (single prison cant have barracks nearby)

5) built walls connected to ingame walls are considered secure. must have locks and (survivor) a rag or (factions) armband outrfront for each member in a crate out front of the base

1)Have fun

2)No Alternate accounts

3)no setting other people up, if your gonna kill them. just do it, no need to be sneaky with that





8)NO homophobic or rasicts comment, banter is fine but dont take it too far within the discord. ingame i could care less


ars are fully built with gas can
feild shovel
santa hats, santa beards, pumpkin helmets
helis have hordes, more zombes and a few special items. nails have been boosted for base building.
wolves been raised and bears have been raised. 1hr nights 2hr dayz, basebuilding tools and nails have been raised, explosives have been lowered so raids put in work now,
also disabled the crosshair for a more challenging survival,
damage to bases and tents are turned off till the weekend so noone can offline raid you unles they glitch with the doors (not even sure thats even working anymore), planks have also been boosted
any rules broken result in permanant ban
i have no problems with what you do with the game but please follow the rules. anyone that catches someone breaking these rules with proof. the player caught will be automatically removed from the whitelist. please be considerate of other players but everything is OK to do. want to be a cannibal, be one. want to be a bandit clan. be one, ect, ect. but don't break these rules. i mean use your imagination, its DayZ
Our server offers the best of the best rp experience, we have an application and white/black listed server based platform so no random people join. As legit as it can get!!