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We have all love Ricardo Milos memes, this is a Ricardo themed meme server that has a great community of hardcore memesters ( no normies pls)
Our staff is fair , our emotes are mostly all Ricardo, so if you want to just banter off and have fun join us.
Welcome to Succulent! We're a server that plays a multitude of games and other things. The rules aren't very strict, and you can state your opinions on here freely. People are fine with insulting each other, to a certain degree, if you can't take jokes or insults, this server may not be for you. Anyways, if any of this has gotten you intrigued, please, feel free to join.
This is a server for people to share memes and mess around and talk. Chill server everyone welcome. Bumps appreciated
We prioritise everyone's stay here at my restaurant
This server is Ideal for people who wanna make friends
This is the Meme Castle where we share our favorite memes and upvote the best memes to become meme of the week. Join us in our meme adventure. Advertise your server

Staff Applications open
big chungles official discord itd really awesome and i think you will like it also it's swag and cool also epic cool dope gaming weed r/dankmemes funny ugandanknuckles da wae 2015 mlg dorito swag dealwithit snoopmgh dogg

we'll be waiting, traveler.
We are a community on Reddit, Discord & Instagram, we mainly post memes.

We also have many game chats!
Welcome to the official Donald Trump Server.
(Disclaimer: Support Donald Trump)

. This is where we have dank memes about Donald Trump. We are chill and mostly funny.
. Donald Trump is Superior
. Donald Trump Prayers and Sessions
. Donald Trump is Ultimate.
. Donald Trump be the way.
. Donald Trump is top tier President 😫✨
NSFW sadece #booru kısmındadır
Kara mizah die gelip türk değerlerine küfür etmeyin
bu kadar
Where shopping is a pleasure!


In actuality, this is a hangout where I hope to build a community based on positivity and good vibes. Toxicity is rampant in discord, and I wish to take the best from this website and make some extraordinary. Check us out!
Welcome to ✨Straight Vibin'✨
A low moderate server
friendly mods and members where you can chill
Self-assign roles, bots, music, etc....
We also do some gaming (Minecraft, Krunker, Honkai, etc.....)
A cool meme server featuring auto memes, dank memer, game bots (coming soon) level roles, community chats, meme of the week and much more to come. I’d really appreciate it if people like you could help get this server off the ground :)
You like to draw, AND MEMES well why don’t you join us. We got hot cocoa and rule 34 Kim Jong uns younger sister. Latest memes, latest Reddit’s trending and what not. Join our community, and hey if you hate it I’ll give you mod to rule along side me with an iron fist. Whadaya say.
This is just another one of those servers mostly a place for anyone to hang out and do whatever feel free to join and have a good time
MemeCore is a server mainly for memes, chatting and gaming. The server is very organised and has fun bots. Have fun and enjoy your stay! ^^
A place where anybody is welcome, to talk to others and participate in our events, giveaways, and contests.
We also have some pretty cool bots
This server is for people of all ages to come along and join in the fun with us B) this gone be epic. JOIN US AND TOGETHER WE WILL RULE THE UNIVERSE MUWAAHAHAHAHHHAHAA
We are just in our uncles basement to "wrestle" and suck on "Popsicles"
Join our sister server "Aunt's Attic"

Here are perks we offer:
1. Invite Rewards!
2. STEAM game code giveaways!
3. Free memes, kids!
4. Open mod applications!
This is a Discord Server where you can just hangout and have fun! Have a good laugh about the humor and memes that are posted here and have a great time!
Server includes a selection of emojis and roles and music, to rank up your meme status as a dank memer. Join and have a fun time, you won't regret it!
Hi. We are a growing community where we let the people suggest ideas to our server. We're small, but you can fix that: join today! Also we're a meme server, which is also cool. Suggest you join!