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A Cyberpunk2077 community server where we talk about cyberpunk and also mostly everything related to gaming. We also solve ARGs cause it's fun.
[Welcome to Night City, where you can be anyone... and anywhere]

Cyberpunk: All-Time High is an expansive, inclusive iteration of the franchise's lore. Place yourself in the realistic and immersive world of Night City, part of the grisly free state of California. Voted the worst place to live, you forge your destiny in this endless city of drugs, sex, violence, and everyone’s favorite, the catalyst of it all: Money. Create an original character to build yourself up from a lowlife intern, a proud Corpo, a poser gang's lackey, a nifty Netrunner, a slashing Samurai and more.

We offer many things:

-An immersive and realistic experience where the rules are limited, and the freedom blossoms.

-A multitude of locations that are both original and accurate to the source material and fresh, inventive locales for your pleasures and adrenaline rushes

-An official listing of all Cyberware

-A fair and engaging staff

-Freedom of choice with in-depth OC creation and use, no strings attached

-Open suggestion and question areas for improvement based upon member feedback

Will you be the next big Night City hotshot, or walk away for a calm life in the megacomplexes? Your choice, your journey. As the once legendary Johnny Silverhand said:

“Wake the fuck up samurai, we have a city to burn”
This is a customizable gaming news server where you can receive patch notes, find friends, have watch parties, and more for free! We are 200 different servers merged into one super server! We allowed you to reimagine how you use Discord. In case you're wondering this is a big deal; we revised a retired Discord feature called the Activity Tab. Retired and forgotten in February 2020, revived in March 2020.
Welcome to the Official Cyberpunk 2077 fan-server that's entirely focused on the game.

Currently a very small and new community, hoping to gain attention and grow so all Cyberpunk fans can unite and discuss the game we're all waiting for!

Come on and join us, this is where the fun begins.
🔹🔹Bienvenidos a la comunidad gaming! En este servidor tendremos oportunidad de comentar todas las novedades de juegos y en especial los de mundo abierto estilo Cyberpunk 2077, Genshin Impact, shooter como Call of Duty que juguemos o incluso juegos de miedo acojonantes como Visage. Únete y participa con la comunidad para echarnos unas risas🔹🔹

👍Habrá un apartado para SPAM por si quieres apoyar tu contenido!
📃Noticias de juegos. Estamos al tanto de todo lo que ocurre.
💎Tenemos unos roles donde según tu experiencia en discord irás subiendo de rango.
🥳 Emoticonos exclusivos
🎵 Bot de música
🤣 Memes
- Y más cositas que se irán añadiendo!
Night City is a 18+ LGBT+ friendly Cyberpunk 2077 community with an emphasis on lore, worldbuilding, meta, gaming, and fanwork creation. We welcome fanartists, fanfiction writers, fanmuscians, cosplayers, and any transformative creators of Cyberpunk 2077 and its related media. (Captcha completion & verified emailed required.)

Check out our tumblr at
W͟h͟a͟t͟ ͟i͟s͟ ͟C͟y͟b͟e͟r͟p͟u͟n͟k͟ ͟2͟0͟2͟0͟:͟ ͟N͟i͟g͟h͟t͟ ͟C͟i͟t͟y͟?

Cyberpunk NC is a dice roleplay set in Mike Pondsmith's "Cyberpunk 2020".

In this roleplay you have the free will to do quite a lot, this includes almost any feasible achievement an edgerunner might have. One of our players is actually running a food truck that sells cookies right now, and another will be selling his services as a detective.

We are currently in the [Little Italy] arc, where you can expect a lot of gritty mob violence, beaverville antics, and many an Italian accent in the main story.

We do not use the Cyberpunk 2020 system of mechanics, and instead opt for a 5e conversion.
On est un serveur de potes qui se sont connu sur Fallout à la base, puis on grandit, et on aime bien jouer souvent ensemble :p

ici on est là pour s'amuser, on joue à pleins de jeux différents, en voici une petite liste :

Fallout 76
Cyberpunk 2077

Puis d'autres qui s'ajoute parfois :
Star Citizen
Fonline 2

Il y en a plusieurs que je n'ai pas énuméré ici, les membres te les diront :p

Voila, on espère que tu t'amusera bien et on te donne rendez-vous sur le serveur pour passer du temps ensemble, bon jeu !
Cyberpunk 2077 is an upcoming action role-playing video game developed and published by CD Projekt. It is scheduled to be released for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S on 10 December 2020.
Hello! We are a growing 18+ gaming community with a main social hub designed around individual gaming servers. Come join our new Cyberpunk 2077 server! Introduce yourself & pick up your roles! All are welcome! We currently have a giveaway for a free copy of the game. Check out our #🐺wolves-den to join in on other games you play!
👾PRIMA community 🍕ITALIANA🍕 di Cyberpunk 2077!
Qui puoi trovare TANTISSIME persone con cui giocare o parlare 24/7, con tantissime informazioni inerenti a Cyberpunk 2077!🤖
Ayudame a formar esta nueva comunidad en español del juego tan esperado de cyberpunk 2077!!

//El objetivo de este servidor es conocer mas gente que quiere comparitir su entusiasmo por este nuevo videojuego.
Bueno y despues del lanzamiento seguir creciendo como comunidad espero puedas unirte al servidor y te conviertas en un cuidadano de night city.//
¡Nos vemos pronto cyberpunkers!
Large friendly gaming community (PC ONLY). We have a collection of extremely excellent people here and they are all waiting to meet you. We support each other with gaming builds, advice, digital resources and other tools to help each other succeed. We play many games including Satisfactory, Overwatch, Far Cry, Total War, Assassin's Creed, Cyberpunk 2077, Marvel's Avengers, New World as it drops and more! In fact, many of our Guild Officers are exploring the New World ALPHA at this very moment in order to provide you with better support at release. Our V9 Road Map currently has many of the upcoming triple-A tittle releases so if we don't currently play something you like, then that may change soon. This is a very large community that likes to help each other to have a more excellent gaming experience. Come Join us, and Welcome to V9!
This discord server is dedicated to the pyromaniac arsonist that's usually referred to by the name "Ryley Dawes" (pronounced Riley Doors).
Vast is a engaging, feature rich, personalized and unique environment to get to know people! Want to play games with others? Talk about tech, gaming or share your creativity? Or maybe you just want to interact with new people and make new friends? Sit down and join us in chat or voice, feel free to listen to our huge collection of playlists added to our custom music bots. Play together on our very own game servers. Our kind staff makes sure rules are enforced and everyone has a fun time. Enjoy yourself!
18+ only!!

A Cyberpunk 2077 themed omegaverse roleplay!

The city of TIHIA is a high tech world of robots, flying cars, floating billboards and hoverboards. Humans with cybernetic enhancements live alongside demons, vampires, dragons, cyborgs and organic cyborgs. The city is relatively peaceful one, the three noble alpha houses rule over their own sections of the city itself. Join this futuristic modern mixture of an omegaverse world, and walk the streets of TIHIA.

A mxm Yaoi Omegaverse AU with a twist set in a cyberpunk themed futuristic world!

18 + only!
1er discord en France dédié à Cyberpunk 2077 !

Ici se rassemble la communauté francophone fan du travail de CD Projekt pour partager autour de Cyberpunk 2077.

News, infos, théories, images et autres discussions sont au rendez-vous !
☢️ Premier serveur [FR] Cyberpunk 2077
✅ Sortie officielle le 17 septembre 2020

Ce discord a pour but de rassembler la communauté [FR] de Cyberpunk 2077 en attendant sa sortie.
The year is 2173 and during the technological revolution cities grew to massive sizes, cybernetic implants/augmentations, advanced artificial intelligence, robots, synthetic humans, flying cars, and space colonization became the norm. The setting is Neo-Tokyo, a mega city that has advanced more than other cities around Earth. A new race of telekinetic people have emerged who live by the ancient ways of the samurai, they're known as the Cyber-Samurai who form clans, rogues are known as Ronin, and who use katanas in battle, some are infused with special powers. The Samurai are hunted down by Bushi, a highly trained police force that not only polices the cities but also works as the military. The Yakuza will play a part in this, an enemy of the Cyber-Samurai and the Bushi.
[Wake the fuck up Samurai, we have a city to burn.]



The roleplay itself is a cyberpunk 2077 theme to get us all ready and hyped for cyberpunk 2077 the game. This discord roleplay takes in a city called 'Atroplist' and follows the same concept as cyberpunk 2077 with it's 1940's and 1950s view on the future with a nihilistic underground side of electronic society theme going on. We feature an easy to understand character sheet and 16+ roleplay rooms/channels!
With that all said, I hope you enjoy and get ready for one fun ride!
Peace out for now.