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My Life in opdracht van Dyverse ©️

My Life is een nieuwe gamemode die verwacht word in Juni 2020, Het is een economie game met zeer veel aspecten, Hiervan een paar kort uitgelegd


Het spel speelt zicht af in de provincie Ruice, Het landschap is zeer groen en er zijn weinig tekenen van leven. Je zult moeten reizen om een stuk grond te kopen bij de graaf of om een nieuwe tools bij de smid.


Je kan alles doen en worden, Wil jij een slager worden? Of word jij een landbouwer en kweek je varkens? Het kan allemaal!


De handelaar is er niet veel, Maar als hij er is heeft hij heel veel bij zich. Koop voor een prijsje een nieuwe kookplaat en maak nog sneller nieuwe hotdogs. Hopelijk kan de slager je vlees blijven leveren.


Je zult gevarieerd eten moeten kopen, Heb jij al een huisje en ga je zelf voor je eten zorgen? Of ga je toch even op restaurant en krijg extra reputatie punten.

Ieuwl, Dat koud stukje vlees smaakt toch niet, Word jij een chefkok en verdien je reputatie punten adhv je kook skills? Of ga jij toch voor de afhaalmaaltijden?

Reputatie punten

Hoe hoger je status, Hoe beter, Ga jij voor de meeste reputatie punten? Word jij een Chef Kok en breng je je eigen kookboek uit? Of word jij het nieuwe gezicht van de stad?


Ga jij je geld beleggen bij een lokale bank? Of ga je het investeren in jouw nieuwe winkel? Wat ga je verkopen? Zeldzame items die je kocht van de handelaar? Of word je slapend rijk met jouw fabriek die 300 koekjes per dag maakt?


Vlug! De trein komt eraan! Neem jij de trein? Of zorg je voor je eigen vervoersmiddel.. Ik hoorde in de straten dat de koets het vervoer middel van de eeuw is!


Word jij wetenschapper en ga je op ontdekking? Vind jij een nieuwe wapen uit dat mensen moet beschermen tegen het kwaad?

Provincie Bedrijven:

Het bouwbedrijf bouwt precies wat jij nodig hebt, Ze doen dit natuurlijk niet gratis. Hoeveel heb jij over voor een grote villa. Hopelijk stijgt je reputatie met je nieuwe villa!

De Schout zorgt voor rechtspraak binnen de provincie, Hou je dus aan de regels… Gisteren stond er nog iemand aan de schandpaal.

Onderhandel over stukken grond of heb je wat extra geld nodig? Misschien heeft de graaf wel zin in een investering.

Kom het zelf ontdekken, Binnenkort (Juni 2020)!
We are a custom Minecraft skyblock server with a totally new expierence! We are working on a lot of custom gamemodes!

Wij zijn een custom Minecraft skyblock server met een totaal nieuwe speel ervaring! We werken aan een hoop nieuwe en custom gamemodes!
Basically what this server has in store for ya...
-A stat-system so that powerscaling is better instead of just assuming ur opponent is faster because his powerlevel is higher.
-A 'verify urself' channel to keep the noobs out, basically put an RP-Sample there thats acceptable(about 5 full screen pc discord lines)
-Custom factions, lore and lore NPC-s
-Custom Systems such as a dragonball system and a stat system channel which includes: Magic mastery, ki mastery and martial arts mastery.
-Friendly and experienced staff!
***__Void: A New Geo-RP Experience__***

We've been tired with a same kinds of Geo-RP. And Void is here for revolution. Here's what we have renovated:
- Economic system so you now can manage your nation's treasury
- New NPC countries so you can interact with them when no one is online
- Special events and shows up the latest trend of global
- Advanced map atlas that shows all states and provinces
And here's why you should try:
- Different era from 1300s to mid 2000s
- Better development and research system
- Cleaner, detailed and more fun

Yes. That's the reason. So why are you still looking at here? Start your own nation and create history in no time.

👉 👈

Be a leader, and lead your nation to victory.
< bloom (っャ押)>

彡 bloom is a fun and active discord community with friendly staff 彡

✿ active and friendly staff
✿ fun economy and games bots
✿ weekly giveaways and events
✿ lightly moderated

Welcome one, welcome all, to BNHA: New Generation! If you're not familiar with BNHA, that's Boku No Hero Academia, otherwise known as My Hero Academia! This is an anime based off of "quirks," also known as powers! Villains and pro heroes roam these places, along with civilians and even students trained to become pro heroes one day!

**AHEM** Enough with that talk, this is a community roleplay server, semi WIP but with roleplay channels and all! Create custom quirks and characters to roleplay on the server! The setting is Minato City, Tokyo, but there are some custom things added! Join to see more information! ~ Thank you!
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King

We offer 14 Races and still counting! With numerous new systems and constant updates coming Bi-Weekly (Or a little later, because we like flavor) we constantly look to bring joy and happiness to our players!
🌇 Livin' in da Inner City, 🌁
🏙️ Some say dat it ain't nah pretty~🌃

This is a small city roleplay server; that revolves around your events, in the city. Some events will still be random, and things may not have the expected outcome, but that's the beauty of it.


You can be anything here; a cop, gang leader, civilian, politician, businessman, medic etc, its all up to your creativity. Magic exist, for my sake at least. Come and explore the inner city.


I'm interested to see how this server goes. Much much anticipation on my part. 🎆


Follow the Rules. 🌈

This server's additions are what most have, leave suggestions in the suggestions channel.


Looking for Mods 👮
Post your City Photography 🌆

Set 45 years after Season 8, Westeros remains under the control of House Baratheon and has continued from Princess Myrcella who is now Dowager Queen with her Baratheon son on the throne. House Baratheon rules the Iron Throne and Daenerys’s death has led to drastic changes in the political situation of the Seven Kingdoms with new rivalries.

Some of things that happened in the show were changed, and the lore is completely different. It's a whole new type of RP so come on down and Join us!

-Helpful Staff-
-Friendly to all people-
-Harsh words may be used at times, due to this being a 14 Above server we highly advise you to not join if your uncomfortable with swearwords etc.-
-Staff Applications may be released soon-
-Growing GOT Community-
-Custom Houses Available-

The CTP Foundation is an rp based off both the SCP Foundation and the lesser known RPC Authority. We allow custom CTP's, Mobile Specialized Teams or MST's and much more! This sever is an over all work in progress but its ready for RP!
This is Phantom Designs

What we offer?

* We offer vehicle skins, EUP skins, and Ped Skins for FiveM and LSPDFR.
* If you don't want anything premade we have, we also do custom skins.

* We also offer technical support for
Windows 10
and more.

*Visit our discord and view each product to see it's price.

*For custom orders, prices are not defined. Contact a Developer
with what you are looking for, and they will give you an estimate
Welcome To ShadowPe | Network! We Are A New Server, But We Work Hard! we Have:
1 - Active Staff
2 - Custom Plugins
3 - Custom Discord Bots
4 - Never Before Seen Prisons
5 - Crazy Builds
6 - Vote Rewards
7 - Discord To Chat Plugin
8 - Invite Rewards
Join Now!
Welcome To The Battle, Young Reaper. You have Much To Learn.
The year is the 26bby, and the galaxy is reeling from the death of the Supreme Chancellor, Sheev Palpatine, having been revealed as a sith lord, and being executed by the Jedi Order as a traitor to the Republic. A new chancellor has been elected, Korol of Kuat, promising to reduce corruption in the Republic and it's senate. In the galactic east the planet of Mandalore, the once proud people of the planet recover from it's civil war after the Jedi descended upon the planet and wiped out the New Mandalorian faction, all but the famed Jango Fett. Soon the Republic placed the Pacifist on the so called throne, and then left. In the outer rim resentment and dissent continue to boil, threatening to break out into conflict at any moment. An unknown enemy lurks outside the galaxy's borders, with ships soon arriving at the the galaxy's edge in the name of their far off leader. The story for a new era in galactic history is unfolding, but what is your part?
Welcome to SAFR!

We are a community of Gamers who Role-play as LEO (LAW ENFORCEMENT) Dispatchers, EMS, and Fire. We have a New CAD and a bunch of vehicles for all departments.

- Civilian

- Law enforcement

- Fire and EMS

- Towing and Recovery
Greetings from the Floating Mysteries' community, wonderful! Are you bored, or got nothing to do? Well, I must say, this server is for you! This server is recent, and so we wish to grow. We kindly offer unlimited entertainment, and a unique server design, nothing is copied. Server full of ideas and projects, interested? Come join!

= What we offer! =

✦ | custom bot & commands!
✦ | active community/vc's!
✦ | fully setup roles + colors
✦ | giveaways & events!
✦ | low moderation!
✦ | egirls 1:1!
✦ | approachable staff team!

join the community, leave a mark and make new friends
Hey there this is Alisare Academy a Yu-Gi-Oh RP server designed for fun duels and overall experience!
This is a homestuck session server. It’s OPEN!!! I don’t know what to put here, for I am a fool.
LGBTQA+ friendly
Fankids allowed
Role play
Opened 12/24/19
Currently: Beta Session has been launched Alpha session is open.
There are no fantrolls due to a plot being roughly sketched out. Sorry if this deters you!
-The Admin :0
Hey, welcome! We're a new and (hopefully) growing roleplaying server that lets you RP your way. It would be appreciated if you participate in the plots we already have, but you are encouraged to make your own thread or request a plot to be made into a category.

Right now we offer:

Mushroom Kingdom
Legend of Zelda
Houseki no Kuni
The Fate Series

Soon, we hope to bring you:

Toaru no Majutsu no Index (Raildex)
Megami Tensei
Sonic the Hedgehog

But that's really just the beginning! We have a few bots, like Pokecord, to keep things lively, a twitch streaming channel, all to bring you a nice OOC experience as well.
So... Wanna RP?
Jojo(AU) is a jojo rp server where everyone gets custom stands and canon stands don’t exsist. You can make your own character and stand using the templates we have available and chat and rp with other jojo fans!!
The Apex Empire, AKA the Empire of Man, was formed in the year 2020, where countries from the old world became no more and turned into states and provinces. The capital city, also known as Los Angeles is the home to the mighty Emperor Hyper, who rules the whole planet and soon the whole system. The year is now 2039, civilians are working hard, almsot everyone loves the Emperor. When the rebels are wiped it will be peace at last.
Discord for an ark server with Custom Drops/ Custom Crafting/ Custom Engrams/ Custom Currency. Join to find out more