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Estas buscando un server de RolePlay? Este es tu lugar , donde te lo pasarás en grande con tus amigos y enemigos disfrutando en la maravillosa ciudad de GramiWorld RP. !! Te esperamos !!
👽 Easy Leaks 👽

➡️Here you Can Find⬅️
💎 MLOS 💎
Are you looking for a new server...? Well let me welcome you to DARP!😊

We just launched And Are Looking For New Players To Join Us!

Australian Based🇦🇺

Active Developer & Active Staff Team ✅

We Need Ems,Police,Civillian

❗️Here are some of the things ❗️our server offers.
❗️Welcome New Players And Help Them
❗️New Player Friendly
ESX Framework Reskinned✅
❗️Optimised Cars
❗️Custom Code
❗️Suggestions Are Guaranteed To be Added
❗️Friendly Community
❗️Over 600+ Custom Cars,Custom Bikes,Custom Trucks
❗️Custom Maps (Exclusive To ❗️Our Server)
❗️Custom Drugs (Weed,Coke,Lsd ,Meth)
❗️Exclusive Jobs
❗️Server Events
❗️Custom Clothing 100+ (Nike,Adidas,Gucci)
❗️Custom Arcade (Slot Machine’s,Betting)
❗️Fully Working Casino
❗️Go Karting
❗️Custom Businesses
❗️ Custom Drag Strip
❗️Exclusive Donator Houses
❗️Gangs (Lost Mc,Forsaken Nation)
❗️ Any Much More!

So Come Join Us Today And Have The Time Of Your Life!

To Get Started Join Our Discord Today!
A Custom Bleach RP Server, With unique and fun Races to play as! Unique Forms and a Staff team that's more than willing to help you on your adventure! Bleach: Soul Wars is an alternate timeline Bleach, taking place after Yhwach has won the Blood War and became the new Soul King

We offer 14 Races and still counting! With numerous new systems and constant updates coming Bi-Weekly (Or a little later, because we like flavor) we constantly look to bring joy and happiness to our players!
Luthous Designs
What is Luthous Designs?
Welcome to Luthous Designs ! Luthous Designs strives in creating the best products for our clients. We build your dreams and everything you can imagine into liverys, servers, documents whatever you would like. Here at Luthous Designs we have a whole team of experienced writers ready to jump to your aid. We take any challenge and will always deliver your product the way you requested.
What does Luthous Designs Offer?

• Livery Packs for a variety of vehicles
• Custom livery designs
• Discord server development
• Roleplay related items (rosters, sops etc)

Come join us today

To Everyone in the Disboard, I've been hosting Halo: Reach Custom Games for years, even through the transition to Xbox One. I have over 400 maps and Gametypes ready to go. Recently I made a chat on IFunny and got well over 150 members interested in receiving updates. However IFunny sucks, and that platform was garbage. I've created a Discord for anyone who still plays Reach, and is looking for a fun lobby to join in.
If you
* Are Genuinely interested in joining.
* A Halo fan at heart looking for friends to play with
* Just Curious
I welcome you to join the Discord to receive updates throughout the week on when the next Lobby is being hosted.
I literally made a reddit account for this. Anyways thanks for your time.
This server is one of a kind, I promise you

The Hierarchy is an economy server whose sole purpose is economy, and nothing else!
Ran by a ▶️ custom bot ◀️ !

Some features are
✅ An interactive tutorial to help you get started
✅ Working with custom mini games
✅ Stealing from others, with a risk of choosing to steal more money
✅ A bank, to keep your money safe (or not?)
✅ Heists, that require multiple people to do so
✅ Games, for something fun to do with a reward for winning as well
✅ Gambling, to bet your money and potentially win or lose it all
✅ Fees and taxes, that are collected at a certain interval
✅ A shop, with stocks built into it for constantly changing prices
✅ Items, to assist you with getting more money
✅ Jail, along with bailing for some sort of punishment for crime
✅ Self assignable roles so people can get to know you
✅ Daily rewards that get better every day
✅ Tags that you can save to make the bot say whatever you want
✅ A wallet dropping system for competitiveness to claim the wallet first

And so much more! There are always new updates so you will never get bored!

So, you do think you have what it takes to become on top of The Hierarchy? Find out now!
Hi. I'm MegaBit and I can code custom Discord bots for you at a fair price! Just join my server and make a bot request! I hope you enjoy your bot. :)
This is where all begin, a new nations will rise to take over the world and some will become peaceful nation and help the nations are around it.

Are you willing to become a warmonger conquering the world or peaceful nation spreading peace around his neighbors.

Join now!
.! +𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙯🚀.

! +++ E-Girls/Boys:rocket:

! +++ Interesting giveaways/events:rocket:

! +++ Private NSFW contents 4 verified only:rocket:

! +++ Customized server & fast growing:rocket:

! +++ +++ !
! +++ +++ !
! +++ +++ !
------------<(Welcome to Kudos To You)>------------
We are a Gaming Community
*Active VC'S now and then.
*Custom Self-Roles and more coming
*Easy to maneuver in the Discord
*Custom VC'S & Private VC'S
*Custom Gaming Channels
*NSFW channels
*Discord WIP
*6+ bots
*Personal Advertisement/Partners
This A Community Discord Server and Once We Hit 200 Members we will Start Doing Customs And Scrims Sometimes we maybe can turn them into videos so pls if u want join
Meditation Plane is a custom magic server that features many different design games such as the Create a Commander game or Muddle the Mixture (Combine two random cards into one card). The winner of the last game gets to make the challenge for the next game. Come test your creativity and design skills in this *new* and active community!
Hello, we are the Ateia Roleplay server, situated in the Early classical age. Currently we have implemented many features like:
- A working technology system
- A maintenance system
- A MP/NP system
- A cultures map
- A religion map
-... many more things to come as well.

We hope you will feel welcome, and that you will put in the effort to help our community.
-custom oc only
-canon devil fruits only
The seas are raging with rogue marines, bloodthirsty pirates and bounty hunters. Years after luffy and the straw hat pirates there hasn’t been sight of a devil fruit user since the marines seem to have enlisted them into their own rankings or, killed them. The Fleet Admiral and previous king of pirates have been killed and both sides are at each other’s throats for vengeance. The pirates on the other hand are looking for someone to follow and hunting down any marines with power. Bounty Hunters are starting to become a lot more frequent due to a recent increase in wanted posters, making even small fry a reasonable catch. What will you do? Overthrow the World Government? Detain All Pirates? Or Use the bounty of the pirates for personal gain? It's your choice In One Piece The Battle of the Seas.
**__What we offer__**
• 💥 Very active community and staff team.
• 🌐 2 Custom 24/7 discord bot's.
• 24/7 Support Tickets and suggestions.
• ✨ Events and giveaways for a chance of unlocking premium roles.
• ✅ Active Community
• Anti swear bot that scans for bad advertisements.
• ⏏ And more!
Please join to help us reach our goal of 250 members!

Welcome to our server. Our server is a fortnite clan, but yet we still do play other games. our server is a very nice active community. Our server has active owners/co-owners/mods/admins plus we all love to chat! come join this great server.

We also host custom matches every day!
This is the best server for u if u are a art lover
we held competitions + art battles + giveaways etc
we got loving ppl too if u want to learn art
Ever wanted to make a Minecraft world inside of Discord? Well now you can! This server is full of emojis for you to use with Discord Nitro, where you can make your own worlds in a 2D style.
Disclaimer: This will only work with Discord Nitro. You can use the emojis in this server only if you do not have Discord Nitro.

One year ago, the great heroes known as the Autobots prevented the earth from becoming cyberformed by the evil Decepticons. With Megatron now dead and the new Omega Lock destroyed, the Autobots and their human friends could finally live in peace on earth…. except for the fact that the battle at the Nemesis was seen by millions across the globe. With the reveal of Team Prime came both good and bad effects, Many humans viewed them as heroes…. but a few viewed them as invaders.

With the death of Silas, leader of M.E.C.H. came a power vacuum, one which was filled by none other than Senator Harold Attinger. With new funding and political backing, M.E.C.H. grew even larger and stronger than before. They infiltrated many governments around the globe, secretly gaining control of the world’s armies. With this control, M.E.C.H. has been able to build an army…. one that will transform how humans and Cybertronians battle.

M.E.C.H. is not the only enemy the Autobots still have to worry about. After the death of Megatron, the Decepticons split into two new factions. Starscream decided to keep the name of the Decepticons alive, but Shockwave named his faction the Logicons. The new Decepticons seek to destroy the Autobots still, but the Logicons reason that maybe this war should finally end…

Will you continue to fight for the good of humanity as an Autobot or N.E.S.T. agent, or will you destroy the alien invaders by joining M.E.C.H.? Perhaps you could join the Decepticons or the reasonable Logicons. Join to find out.

What we have to offer:

● A friendly roleplay experience. Whether you just joined discord yesterday or are a 5 year old veteran, your roleplay style will be accepted and will never be made fun of. The only thing we ask is that you use correct grammar and punctuation.

● A non continuity restricted roleplay. As you can tell this is set in the Aligned continuity, but characters and items are accepted from all continuities (except RID 2015…. just no).

● An actual plot. What we mean by this is… most servers just have the lore, and then they randomly come up with events to keep the non plot driven roleplay going. This is where we differ. We have a story to tell. Several arcs and events have been planned out, and many more are to come. So if you are tired of servers with never ending, always repeating roleplay, you’ve come to the right place.

● You can join the Autobots, Decepticons, Logicons, N.E.S.T., M.E.C.H., or even become Neutral. Insecticons and Predacons are also accepted. Original characters and cannon characters are treated with the same respect!

● A chill staff team who will help you with anything you need.

● Plenty of fun bots to keep you entertained when the roleplay is slow.

● And much more! So come join us. The first 5 members will more than likely receive special benefits.