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Hello. This is Dylan's server! In this server you can relax, chat, and have fun with bots. We also have a global chat for people who don't speak English
Cool server with bots n' stuff to do.

This server is mainly for just chatting/hanging, but theres no rule to use it for anything else, sooo this can also be a gaming server or what ever you want to call it :)

"We" dont have a community yet so it would be cool if you would join.


My server has great staff and kind members. You can talk and chill. You can support my yt channel. You can promote your discord and yt with my permission as well!!!
hi do u need a fun nice and cool server well my community server is the real deal we need staff we are respectful we support lgtqa+
we dont tolerate racism homophobia sexism etc.
Hey bande de bg, tu t'ennuies et tu ne sais pas quoi faire ! Rejoint ce serveur plein de bg et blg, ici on est la pour parler sans prise de tête mais en restant sympatoche ^^
Les gens sont cools, le staff est wahouuu (en toute objectivité bien sûr ;3 ).
Don't be shy et viens !
Hey there! Welcome to the 4anime’s server! We are a 13+ server that offers a variety of things including:
Role play~ where you can talk with your fave anime characters
Friendly and fun stuff
Various secret channels which you can unlock with different roles
People of all ages!

So come on home! we don’t bite... much
Welcome to Otama! This is a lounge-type server where you can do literally do almost anything, provided it's a channel. this server includes:

│ tf2 obsessed owner

│ fun bots with fun features!

│not too many members, but i swear some of us are active

│describe your interests and your overall personality with different self roles

│nice voicechats you can lounge in

│butta dawg

│nsfw (only in nsfw chat)
Hello! Welcome to Just a Server! We have fun bots and cool members. This is an anime community where you can chill and take breaks from any problems you have. I hope you enjoy your stay. Have a great day!
Hello! This server is LGBTQ+ friendly and we have a great community! You must support BLM, ACAB, and everything in-between. If you support Trump, you cannot join. If you are racist, you cannot join. <3
Welcome to Jordy's Cottage!! A place where you can hang out and have fun with people! We're a nice community with lots of helpful people who will always be there for you. We are lgbt friendly and support blm (as the owner is a poc and apart of the lgbt community). We accept anyone and everyone and would love for you to join us!!!!
Voici un serveur Naruto Rp francais ! un staff actif prêt a vous écouter a tout moments !

Bienvenue dans le monde de Shinobi Story, basé sur naruto, rejoignez un village et un clan aléatoirement. Vous pourrez devenir le ninja le plus puissant du monde ou bien monter des alliances solides avec les autres joueurs pour régner en paix sur le modne ninja !
Hope you join this server. Join our server now! Rob disabled. Daily giveaways! Plenty of other bots to have fun with!
Hello there, here is a new server project, for an community,

i am the owner, Esteban, and i will be there to welcome you when you came there, and it will be a pleasure to talk
A small server with my bois, join for a nice chill time and its also cool.... Did you know that?
☁️Bonjour a toi, tu cherches un serveur actif ? Ou tu ne seras pas mis à l’écart ?
Eh bien, le Paradis est le choix idéal !
Qui a t’il dans le Paradis ?

💬 - L'activité est régulière sur le tchat textuel comme vocal.
⚽️ - Discussions sur le sport, les Mangas et plusieurs autres sujets sont présents.
💠 - Des bots fun tels que Koya, Mudae et + encore
👤 - Des membres actifs et agréable

Que manque il ?... Vous !
Tu es le bienvenue !💠