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Sindria MC
Hi! Welcome to Sindria MC
Sindria is a Modded SMP server.
What’s in-store
Sindria MC Has Over 200 mods Filled to the brim, With magical mods like Witchery, Blood Magic,and more! Explore the world of tech with ae2, Immersive Engineering, Mekanism, EnderIO Rftools and more exciting mods.
• A good community where you're able to speak your mind.
Custom events including Drop-Parties, Battle Arena, Community Based events, and Scavenger Hunts.
Build Your Own Kingdom Fight Your Enemies Protect it with turrets, mystic arts, and other wide-spread technology
• Looking for staff!

Want to know more about us? Join our Discord for more information
Needs about 4 gigs of ram
Hardly any banned items
Hello! We aren't anything too special except a small community server that started out as a personal friends server. Familial Fury is dedicated to fun gaming of all kinds, organized through events by staff (and sometimes even small events by regulars).

♥What do we have?♥
- Friendly and caring staff and users
- A channel to introduce yourself
- 30+ channels and self roles and 50+ roles altogether
- For all ages as long as you can legally use Discord! (or 13+)
- 100+ users and more to come.
- Interactive channels such as Questions of the Day and a Counting bot channel
- +more to be added in the future

♥And much more!♥
︵‿୨・ 。゚ The Hoomans Server V.2 ♡:. ୧‿︵
◦・ ˚₊๑
And Companionship is our Custom ♡

୨୧ A server which commits to all people around the globe for empowerment, support and friendship !
୨୧ We allow Commissions to be sold and to be advertised inside the server!
୨୧ A human community that welcomes everyone who has a heart for family and friends!
୨୧ Disregards discrimination to all people of all races and gives motivation to those who have personal problems and those who needs a helping hand!
୨୧ Newbies are also welcome and treated as family!
୨୧ Toxicity and stressors, detected NEGATIVE!
Have fun in this community server! We have 7 bots for non-staff use, each with their own respective channels: TacoShack, MEE6, Dank Memer, Erisly, Idle Miner, Minecord, and Purity. Have fun listening to music in the music channels as well (which for some reason needs to be earned). We also have a question that is posted every week. Please read the rules and verify yourself before heading into the server!
There's currently a giveaway for 250k.

Hello, the server is still in development, we're trying to create a community around Dank Memer!

I hope you're gonna have a good time.

- Dank Owner
Welcome to good kid, M.A.A.D. server!
Here we talk about just about anything that comes to mind; gaming, anime, music (certain folk are obsessed with all 3), memes, tv shows, social media, etc. We vc just about every night-every other night at around 6pm-8pm CST and we can finish as late as 3 am. We hope you enjoy the server! Tell all your kinfolk and cousin, huh?
Hello, we are Sadness Overdrive. A small community server that likes to socialize with other people who feel the same way. We have bots you can play with, a venting channel to let out your frustrations, and a loving community! In this server there's memes, you can go window shopping, talk about technology, and even promote your social media! What are you waiting for? Don't miss out and join Sadness Overdrive today.
Join for fun times or just to chill, very laid back rules and chill mods/admin. This server welcomes anyone and everyone! Any games!
Hello there, you might be wondering what this server is, this is a community kid friendly server for everyone, we have partners, self assigned roles, giveaways, level roles, emojis and mod applications.
︶︶꒷꒦·˚ʚ welcome to komando!❜
an aesthetic themed community server

୨୧ ˚· ʚ we offer❜

⸝⸝ ・channels!
⸝⸝ ・amazing & friendly community!
⸝⸝ ・active channels!
⸝⸝ ・amazing bots!

︶︶ 🥨・join now!
Welcome to TheUnknownCommunity! Honestly, I think you are the best for coming here and looking at this ad. Me and my staff hope you have a nice time here, and we hope you meet some new friends!


What we have to offer for you!

『 》』Woah, tons of bots!
Yeah. You will have endless fun with our many bots, and almost never get bored!

『 》』Roles and Perks Galore.
Heck, you could get many cool things for yourself here, including color roles, pings, even more!

『 》』Friendly Staff and Many Cool Channels!
Our staff will help you, no matter what. Its our policy. Channels will keep the bordom away, and keep the fun coming! Including:
Game Channels!
Music Channels!
Media Channels!
Wow, even depressional channels for you depressed bois. We understand you.

『 We have a whole ton more, so if you are interested, join our community! 』
Hello! This is my Official Presidential Community Server [High Roles!].
---In this server, we don't talk political - we talk about our favorite moments on Discord, such as Gaming (Roblox, Fortnite, Minecraft, etc), Special Moments in our lives (Gaming, Community), etc.
---We can talk about ANYTHING, as long as people follow 3 short, but important rules.
---Swearing is allowed, but up to a limit.
---We already have AWESOME Administrators, AWESOME Bots, (MEE6, Dyno, Groovy, Dank Memer, etc), and this server is growing very rapidly. Up to 12 messages are sent every 1 minute or more, and this server is very organized.
---The Creator of this server (Me), is always open to DM's and Pings. Also, I'm open to Friend Requests.

---ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: When people join, they get to become the Default Role, which is "[NM] New Member". After that, one of my Administrators/Moderators will give you assigned roles that fix the criteria. The Criteria is:
1: How many messages you send during 1 day
2: How many interactions you have made with other people in the server
3: How many verbal/bot Warnings you have gotten.

We are Officially hiring NEW and AWESOME people to the server! DM the owner when you join and ask him if you want a different role. My Staff Team will chat with me and decide if you get a free promotion, The chance of getting promoted is 95% out of 100%!
Just a normal community server for weebs, but with nice people! The owner is kinda an admin abuser but she’ll add you back. She likes to joke around. We’re not really proffesional but just join cause why not :p
Hey, looking for a server to join? Well you're in luck, this is a safe server! You can talk about anything in here, just make sure its not offensive, this server has many members from around the world! Feel free to join, anytime you want!

This server offers --
♡ cute emojis.
♡ sfw.
♡ active people.
♡ self colors / roles.
♡ events, giveaways, invite / booster perks.
♡ plenty of partnerships.
♡ lgbtq+ supporting server!
We are a community server looking for new members 🎆

We are a new server
I would appreciate if you joined our server and invited your friends😊
We have a suggestion channel for you to give us some suggestions on how to improve our server! 😝
Want to embark on a brand new adventure ? Then come in the SpaceCruiser Harmony !
This is a community server based on a spaceship theme/inspired from Startrek ships.

We've got heaps of stuff for our members :
-A leveling up system with perks such as advertising !
-An environment friendly to the lgbtq+ !
-Bots for you go have fun with, like dank memer, Akinator or rpg bot !
-Friendly staff !
-50 memes emotes !
-Lots of channels for you go have fun in, and I'm planning on adding more based on demands !
-Giveaways from time to time !

So,what are you waiting for ? Come and join us ! (Moderator apps will open soon)
A starting out community server, not so much is happening at the moment as the server is under construction,but we promise a chill chat to participate in,fun to use bots, a place to vent and just talk to other people so why not join in?
Hello welcome to Roblox Lounge! We are a growing community server and focuses mainly on roblox (but we have an off topic channel to talk about other games). heres what we have:

💫▫️SFW Community
💫▫️Anti bully and racism server
💫▫️Strict rules and moderation to achieve server peace
💫▫️Seasonal events
💫▫️Color roles
💫▫️Server theme is cozy core aesthetic
💫▫️An off topic channel for other games
💫▫️and more!
Join the group you will not regret this
Also if you are very lucky you might be a milestone user
This is a Community server connected with a Halo 5 clan.
have a great time here and hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome all to the PAW Patrol Ultimate Fandom. If your a fan of the Nickelodeon TV series, then you've come to the right place! Come and chat about your favorite pups, relax, and chat about anything you want!

We look forward to seeing you in our beautiful server!

No job is too big, no pup is too small!