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zero dark twenty is now recruiting active BR and MP players. we are a tight knit community with many different kinds of players who play both competitvely and for fun.
Please reach out to Refused#6832 or Mr. Slayer#9188 on discord via friend request For information or direct invite.
~•~ CODM
we are a new CODM clan recruiting Competitive members to form our teams for constantly having scrims and tournaments. Active members will have the opportunity to train focusing on their skills. We could also help you find your perfect gunsmith attachments and make a team of perfection :)
Basic requirements :
•Master III +
•rename card for clan tag
•that's pretty much it, hop in if you wanted a non toxic gaming community :)
~•~ Among Us
We also have a nice community of Among Us players. And lobbies where you can find your team.
HI! JOIN OUR SERVER! (or not your choice lol)
We are a small server (for now at least)
We like to play games and VC!
Everyone is friendly and we accept all.
-among us vc games
-cod mobile casuals
-minecraft java and bedrock
-confession bot
We are planning events and trying to make the server more active!

>> Hello we are Anonymous and we are a SMALL COMMUNITY based in EU but accept players from anywhere in the world.

>> We are a small community server for those who enjoy playing CODM and would like to get along with other players.

>> This server is NOT A CLAN. However, if you are indeed looking for a clan, pop up in #general and state your region. There are players here who have their own clan and might interest you in joining theirs.

>> This server was originally made for the championships from Summer of 2020. Fortunately our member count grew so it has decided that we open up for other players to come and join for funsies.
The purpose of this public server is to engage with the Call of Duty Mobile community as a clan and build a good relationship. It will also help us in hosting private rooms, tournaments and events where everyone can participate.

- Skull Riders -
Welcome to Synn Esports! We are a new team that is looking to recruit comp members, staff, managers, and coaches.
Help us grow!
Wassup everyone! Hope your having a great day and a great week! I want to introduce you to my server! Gamers Arcade, a multi mobile gaming server for you to meet and play with members all around the globe! And not only is it a gaming server but it's also a chill...relaxing server to social with others. We got music, movies, tv shows, Horror, Art, etc. This server takes the vibez to WHOLE NEW LEVEL. So don't be shy....step in, we accept everyone! No matter what you are!
Hey Everyone!!!

Welcome to WarWolves, a competitive/casual clan striving to build a family and become known in the CODM community! We are a friendly group of players who are always open to meeting new, talented people and we all share the common goal of becoming a known clan through our skill.

If you are interested in requesting a scrim or applying for the clan, head on over to our server to find more information about it!

For further partnerships, DM our Core Members personally to discuss it. Enjoy your stay. ッ
Welcome to Invalid

⋆ Invalid games is a new content creator clan in North America founded in 2020. Mobile game-based and soon, pc/console. We are looking forward to expanding our horizons into esports.

➾ Our channel has almost 2k subs on youtube
- Be apart of the Invalid Games community & grow with us!
➾ PUBG Mobile & COD Mobile based.
- PC, Console, and mobile games are all welcome to the server
- We have a wide range of players from all platforms
➾ We talk about a wide range of topics in the server
➾ Join the server to find players to play with!
Looking for a server to talk about Cod Mobile? Meet new members to play with or collaborate? Anyone is welcome!! Join Here!
We are a fun and friendly mobile gaming community looking to have great people join us, play games, hang out in the music room, join movie nights, make new friends, take part in our giveaways! We offer partnerships and COD Mobile support. Join us today!
Hi there! 👋

We are The Bounty Hunters ⚔️

We have some of the most social, chill & friendly group of people bundled into one clan.

Our server includes: TRENDING emotes, giveaways, dank meme, fun games, leveling up, among us, movie nights, streaming + more!

Here we are a family and we’re looking for mature and drama free members who are willing to be active in our clan💥

Our main focus is camaraderie formed through gaming and friendship. Come join us for some fun , while we hunt down our enemies🪓

- Age 18+ only.
- Must use mics often.
- No toxicity and drama.
- All regions are welcome.
- Must be consistently active.
- English for text and voice chats
- Decent performer in a competitive scene.
We are Gulk, a call of duty mobile based clan that has the motivation to grow and grind. We offer: scrims, an active in-game community, and players willing to improve your gameplay. We are currently accepting applications for our in-game clan, so come and join us!
Welcome to The Slayer. Here We are organise practice scrims of Call of Duty: Mobile MultiPlayer mode (5vs5 TDM). the time of scrim is at 6p.m IST. Server: Asia. Join to our server with your team inorder to register. Read #❲〄❳〢ᴄoᴅᴍ╴scrims╶info to known more.

You can also get a team or find player for your team in #❲𖣔❳〢find_teams and get your own good team or get good players for you team!

Thank you! :-)
💪 Welcome to The Minty Zombies, we are a new clan that mainly focuses on cod mobile and has a few other games!

💬 Here you can talk to others about different things in different games or just have fun and chill!

⚡ Whether your looking for a gunsmith build or just someone to play with we have it here!

💻 We also have a few small content creators to check out as well!
We are a new Mobile FPS Server that promotes small YouTubers and Clans. Come say hi and maybe join in recording sessions! All levels of experience are welcome :)
A welcoming community based on meeting new people & making friends
A place where everyone can make friends and hang out!

Active VCs!!!
✧ Low Moderation
✧ Self-Assignable roles
✧ Games
✧ Partnerships
✧ Selfie Channels
✧ Custom bots to keep you entertained
✧ Friendly/non biased chill staff
✧ Nitro boosters also receive their very own custom role
❗️Recruiting NORTH AMERICA players for our comp. teams for scrims, tournaments, etc.❗️
❗️1v1 Tourney to be held soon. Join us to learn about rules and prizes!❗️

Cønfide Gaming is a Call of Duty Mobile clan looking to build the biggest and best team there is! Looking for strong, well rounded players, preferably in NA servers, but all are welcome to join!
If interested, feel free to pop in and say hi, always looking to meet other players! Join us on our journey to beat the best and be the best!

:round_pushpin:Active everyday or every other day
:round_pushpin:Legendary Rank
:round_pushpin:Scrim Experience preferred
:round_pushpin:Team player
```Welcome To DiVe Mobile
Esports .

Created by DiVe Deluxe and DiVe Golden

I Welcome you to this Clan as a friend here you will be able to Play All Mobile Games have Competitions and Make Friends.

Rules of the Clan:

•Must Be Active 5 days of the Week.
•Have A Good Mic
•Age 13+
•KD 1.50+
•Any Region
•Dont Be Toxic
•Change Name to DiVe [GT]

You can Self Promote in the Promote Category.

Games we Play:
•COD Mobile
•PUBG Mobile
•Among Us

If you need an Editor for anything DM me I'll do anything for Free

With all that being Said I hope you Enjoy your stay in DiVe Clan and Have Fun....```
Servidor GAMER, con diversos canales para socializar, jugar y divertirse.

Características del server:

- 10 salas para jugar Among Us (canales de texto incluidos).
- Salas de Minecraft.
- Salas de COD Mobile.
- Salas para videojuegos en duo o squad.
- Salas de Música
- Salas de Memes, Anime y Economía para divertirte con los bots y otros usuarios.

- Somos una comunidad amigable y divertidad.

- Tenemos más de 10 bots para divertirse mientras esperas una partida.

¡¡¡ Unete y pasala increible en nuestro server !!!