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During quarantine you probably feel lonely, bro. C'mon and join the Boys, we're all wanting more to join us. We got bot games and chill peeps, so what're you waiting for?
CKS-Gaming has been around since 2004, our current main games are Battlefield V, Apex Legends, Escape from Tarkov, Call of Duty Modern Warfare & on release Valorant. We run weekly events for BFV currently and are on the lookout for gamer's who want to have a laugh communicate and enjoy playing the games we support. Feel free to drop by our discord - its quite unique with Dynamic and Custom voice channels.
18+ and Mic required.
Welcome to "Astral Death" We're a small clan and we do scrims every single day depends on if our members are online or not but we do scrims every Monday through Friday so see you there!
We are Quantum Bit eSports, a new clan in the Call of Duty: Mobile community. With dedication we hope to reach the top of the codm community while having fun along the way.

Our main goal is to become a profesional eSports team. In order to reach our main goal we will start by setting up our eu teams where we will participate in as many scrims and tournaments as possible. We will also be working on extensive maps and scrim tactics in order to give us the best advantage to win matches.

- We will often host training where we will look to improve a specific skill and teamwork of all team members.
- Inners where our comunication, map knowledge and gun skill will be put to the test.
- Scrims and Tournaments

Feel free to join our clan to look around or join the team or send one of the admins or request for a scrims against our team.
A team of highly elite individuals , who are looking for more players to play with. You can join our server to have fun as well . Hope you have a good time here.
⋆ Welcome to iŃdestructible Gaming ⋆

Originally created in November 2018 and re-branded April 2019. We are a family oriented, North American based clan; consisting of pro, semi-pro and casual players who play FPP and TPP each season.

We participate in weekly scrimmages, leagues/tournaments and some of us also stream daily. Primarily a PUBGM clan, we are beginning to branch over to CODM.

Join our server and say what’s up. Share some victories, post some selfies, or join us for our music sessions!

If you are interested in joining our clan (for PUBGM, CODM or both), please join our server and head to #apply-to-ń

Clan Requirements:
• Must have name change card
• Use of Mic Regularly
• 16+ Age Requirement
• Active in the community
Please speak to Co-Leaders if you are interested in playing competitively!

We will not tolerate any cheating, hacking, game manipulation of any sort or toxic behavior. But if you want to see where you fit with us, we are always looking to build our family, so please reach out!
Offizieller deutscher Call of Duty : Warzone Server! Jetzt beitreten und mit den Jungs ein entspannten Abend machen!
Ein Perfekter Server um jegliche COD Spielmodis mit netten Mates zu zocken. Man findet immer Leute die aktiv auf dem Server sind. Der Server wird schnellstmöglich an das Spiel angepasst..

Viel Spaß und Glück gewünscht!

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[$200 Domination Event next week! Join the server for registration.]
[Public Cash ($$$) Tournaments every week! $40-$500 matches!]

APĒX is a CODM community that ranks **top 0.01%** in clan leaderboards.

Our goal is to serve as a platform to connect skilled players together and provide daily scrim opportunities.

APĒX prides itself on the authenticity of its community and zero tolerance for toxicity. If you’re interested in applying, we are looking for candidates with the qualifications below.

**Tryout requirements:**
➼ KD: 2:00+
➼ Accuracy: 20%+
➼ Voice Chat: Yes
➼ Activity: Plays Daily
Welcome to HunterS server. This is the server for all Gamers and Otaku. This server is new so lets be friendly and lets try to grow this server together.
This is The Horizon. A fun place to chill with a very nice community. Our moderators are very nice and we love to play around and have fun. We have an economic system and so much more. With the money you get from jobs you are able to buy cars, houses, and lots more! Join The Horizon today!
We have a nice community that we want to grow I guess lol. We're rlly chill and give quite a lot of second chances.
Zodiac is a Third-Person shooter roblox game and this is the discord server.

However the game is released it is in the earliest stage of Alpha. We are working on a huge update at the moment introducing shop and locker. We are working on becoming popular and hoping one day we can see you in the grind as well. We are doing active updates and adding new stuff such as Challenges and Gamemodes, Those will be released within the upcoming days. I hope the game one day becomes fun and if you will come, We will see you there! :)
eSports Org is now presenting you a professional gaming organization that is not toxic, always active, and full of support Join Our Server so we can have fun and improve our skill together!
we are trying to build a big discord with mods and roles. find players to play within cod or nba2k, but join if you play other games we would love to have you. come join an active discord and chill and have fun. we are here to have fun and grow our community so come join and say what's up.
This is a fortnite and CoD clan for any platform and any servers, to join just beat the owner and your in.
A server around KingSolrac's music & his friends & fans to meet and interact with new people and make their next online best friend!
- Any rank!
- Newer players welcome
- English speaking, International squadron
- We are mainly WT players, but other games are welcomed
- Looking for mainly active players but everyone can come
Come join us to have a great time!
Zoek actieve spelers om je team te vullen! De Nederlandse discord voor COD MW Warzone Battle Royale.

Win matches met goede communicatie!
Hello everyone ! Make sure you join this server, You will be able to join many types of giveaway . Join Today