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T̷H̷C̷ is a casual and competitive clan with a lvl 10 for competitive players and a lvl 2 for casual players.
We run Custom games every day (anyone can join) around 6pm CDT!join the discord for more info.
We don't want to make our players feel trapped so we only require a few things!
(We are looking for someone to run our battle Royale side of our clan! Pm me if you want more information on that)

T̷H̷C̷ requires

✯We don't require but we do recommend putting THC* in front of your name
✯if you are in our lvl10 clan once it is completely full we will require 400 a week otherwise we will move you to our secondary clan
✯there is no requirements for our secondary clan
2nd Clans in game name TheHigherCommand
✯We will require you to participate in our discord and clan events if your in our lvl 10 clan otherwise discord is only if you want in on our clan and public events
✯14+  we don't have any requirements for lvl but you must be at least elite 4
We are a mainly focused Call Of Duty Clan and we are looking to a safe and friendly community. We are new and still working on everything but we will be coming strong soon!
Actually I have a server (a really small server) which I wanna grow and I need members for it....

Now yeah people ask me what is this server for? So the answer is FUN! this server is just for fun! We also have roles for people who play COD mobile, PUBG mobile and Among us... And yeah you will get really friendly members here, and they can be really good friends... And yeah don't worry if u don't play games still u can join this server, we will do a lot of fun

Will be really happy if you join it

Still need to edit this server more but Will try my best thanks for giving your time
Grasz w Warzone? Masz indywidualne oraz wyjątkowe poczucie humoru?
A może po prostu szukasz kogoś do gry?

Pochwal się swoimi osiągnięciami i dołącz do nas już teraz!
We are in need of active member and got the following bots that you can use
~~~》Dank Memer
And willing to add more, if you ask for it.
Here at Krycheck's Corner, we're a small community, that includes some multiplayer games such as Among Us, Minecraft, and Call of Duty :P

So come and join our lobby, choose your own roles, and level up by talking!

Channels included:
vent- spam - rant

Help us get big so we can be constantly be playing games together :P
We're a small Call of Duty Zombies and Multiplayer Server that welcomes players from all Zombies and Multiplayer games and we include fun challenges that include players form all games. Hopefully we'll see you over there!

Update we have now added compatibility for Warzone and Campaign players to discuss things such as lore but also to meet people to game with for all modes now!
Join our Epic Server!! Our server has tons of emojis to use. It is very active server so can chat, hangout and make new friends. We also hold giveaways of dank coins and ingame items. We have a lot of gaming bots and music bots, they will not let u get bored easily.
Let's play Among us,Chess and more exciting games. It's a decent gaming server for you guys. Make friends!!
Looking for friends to play games with?!
Gaming is more than just playing games with people. It's about making actual friends and show everyone you can have good friendships without having to see each other irl.
Our discord has been newly changed to cover all platforms, we are here to play and chill with laid back, relaxed and friendly people.

Players between noobs and pro, everyone is welcome!

What we offer:
- Music Bot
- Useful bots to track stats etc
- Channels for your favourite games
- Easy ways to find friends
- Regiment for Modern Warfare
- Banter
- Cross platform gaming
- A place to promote your streams
Hyper Gaming IT è una Community Multigaming italiana
Il nostro obiettivo è quello di dialogare, giocare e divertirci tutti insieme, i giochi 🎮 che vanno per la maggiore nel server ultimamente sono Rocket League, CoD e CoD MOBILE, R6, VALORANT, Minecraft, League of Legends, Fortnite, Among Us e tanti altri.
👌Server attivo in testuale e vocale
🎨Ruoli personalizzabili
🤗Staff Attivo e disponibile
🔴Supporto agli Streamer
🎈Bot Musicali 🎵 e di Gioco testale 🎮 in chat
🌟Sezione Download Game PC e offerte per qualsiasi piattaforma in costante aggiornamento
A social server that is welcome for all ages, this server revolves around a growing streamer but also a social community where everyone is free to talk about gaming and anime :)
Γεια σου ταξιδιώτη τα κατάφερες έφτασες στο στόχο σου, μέσα από αυτόν το Server θα βρεις μια μοναδική πύλη μεταφοράς για τον νέο σου κόσμο. Συγχαρητήρια..!!!

• Εντός του Server μας (Discord) προσφέρουμε πλούσια ενημέρωση γύρω από τα Games και τον κόσμο της τεχνολογίας και φυσικά δεν θα μπορούσαμε να παραλείψουμε την πλήρη οργάνωση και την συχνή αναβάθμιση του για την καλύτερη καινοτομία & λειτουργικότητα του.

• H κοινότητά μας είναι ένα ήσυχο διαδικτυακό "GAMING" μέρος χάρη στην βοήθεια των "Antispam" μας και της ομαδικής προσπάθειας της Διαχειριστικής ομάδας αλλά και των προγραμματιστών μας. Τα τελευταία στατιστικά μας δείχνουν 0% spam, 0% mention-spam, και 0% invites, δεν δείχνουμε καμία ευαισθησία και δεν ανεχόμαστε τους Toxic, Spamers, & Τrolls, θέλουμε ησυχία και ευχάριστη παρέα Gaming, γι’ αυτό και διατηρούμε τον σεβασμό των κανονισμών και κατ' επέκταση τον σεβασμό μεταξύ των μελών του.

Σας περιμένουμε για GG...
PubG MOBILE Server with weekly scrims and weekly custom rooms with streaming bots amazing staff and great content!
~•~ CODM
we are a new CODM clan recruiting Competitive members to form our teams for constantly having scrims and tournaments. Active members will have the opportunity to train focusing on their skills. We could also help you find your perfect gunsmith attachments and make a team of perfection :)
Basic requirements :
•Master III +
•rename card for clan tag
•that's pretty much it, hop in if you wanted a non toxic gaming community :)
~•~ Among Us
We also have a nice community of Among Us players. And lobbies where you can find your team.
A 15+ server for the purposes to talk about siege, chat with new people and just vibe. We accommodate to all platforms including PlayStation, Xbox, and PC
The purpose of this public server is to engage with the Call of Duty Mobile community as a clan and build a good relationship. It will also help us in hosting private rooms, tournaments and events where everyone can participate.

- Skull Riders -
A Call of Duty server focussed mainly on zombies.

If you are looking to chat or team up with other zombies fans, this will be the right place for you.

We are a new community and are looking to grow together with you and enjoy everything Call of Duty-related!