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HiLow is a recently new, PC-Only, GTAV car meet server made with community as the center focus. The name, implying all cars from off-roaders to stance builds, is what we live by: A community of all cars regardless of owner and style.

We as a server do not critique on style or modifications. If you’re looking for the cleanest meets or to make fun of ricers, look elsewhere. We value each other as a family most of all, spreading constructiveness and positivity rather than hate and exclusion.

In the end, we’re just here for the cars, so why not enjoy them together?
Hope to see you soon!
- HiLow Staff
Hello!! Everyone and welcome to Chills Meet's I @Fatal am the founder of said server.
I made this server because I found joy in hosting meet's, it gets tuff to host sometime.
But the goal is to host 2-3 times a week. I'm constantly looking for host, and sometimes mods.
This is a PC only car meet group

As the name states this is a chill only group. So no extensive use of mod's, no harassment,
no lies, and most importantly read the theme and rules of the meet so you don't have to ask
when you join the game.

Things we offer:
We have a crew, we have a few partnerships that range from Forza to GTA,
a crew color that changes once a month, custom color roles, age roles, car meet pictures,
and a whole bunch more extra content.

Co-owners: @Chill (Ethøs)
We show off cars and clips of our beauties driving/drifting/racing and have fun. All cases allowed whether you're a drifter, a racer or just some one who goes to the meets for fun! Come join!
𝙉𝙄𝙉𝙀 𝙁𝙊𝙐𝙍 𝘈𝘜𝘛𝘖 𝘊𝘓𝘜𝘉™ is an active carmeet crew in GTA , we welcome members from all over the globe and we also encourage new hosts. Come join us to grow the car community of GTA and have a fun time ingame with our crew members.

We are The Lost, join us and expand our community! We mostly play GTAV and help newcomers and veterans. We like carmeets and blowing up the people who ruin the carmeets ;)
Give it a try :)
Welcome to the UN\\RICED Car Club! Est. Mar 27th 2020

The URCC is a brand-new, active GTA car-meet community that is easily one of the best developed on Discord. Our server is well developed and detailed, and our management system is top-tier.

We host multiple events weekly, including;

-] A number of Car-Meets
-] Racing Series
-] Drift Tandems
-] Regular cruises through LS
-] Offroading
-] The Occasional Air-show
& Much more!

Come and check us out. We promise you won't be disappointed!
-URCC Management Team.

Here at GTA Stance Nation, we don't care what car you have or drive you're all welcome to our community. also, did you know we are a recently new PS4 GTA 5 car meet community? and aim to be the best and biggest PS4 discord server also, within the future, we aim to have an XBOX and PC community.

We as a community we do not critique style or modifications. If you’re looking for a stance or clean meet you've come to the right place. We value everyone as part of our family. We've got plenty of spots for YOU in our community of cars so come on down and join our community :)

- Stance Nation Staff
Sigma Services

We offer a wide range of GTA services free and paid including money drops, recoveries, level upgrades and much more!

Can’t wait to see you online :)
Hello and welcome to GTA Car Meets! Here, we provide:
-Community Chat
-All-Platform car meets
-Having fun
-Making friends
𝗪𝗲𝗹𝗰𝗼𝗺𝗲 𝘁𝗼 𝙅𝘼𝙔'𝙎 𝙈𝙀𝙀𝙏𝙎!

We are a friendly, welcoming car meet community.
Our primary goal is to bring the best possible Car Meets to you!
We host car meets on GTAV (PC) and Forza (PC, XBOX).

- GTAV PC Car Meets.
- FiveM Meets.
- Forza Car Meets.
- Mini-Games.
- Giveaways.
- Friendly Car Community.

Flight Car Meets is a GTA5 Online car meet server We hope to host weekly car meets ranging in all different types of cars but we need people to make these more enjoyable and entertaining you can rise the ranks in this server by helping our and/or making it more popular untill eventually you are able to host your own meets or if you just want to relax and cruise around los santos were the place for you
Hey! You may have seen me on YouTube already! This is the official server for Luxury GTA! This is me now launching a brand new discord server for everyone to join!

Come join and get to know the channel and our community! You won't regret it!
We are a community that is all about racing. We associate with racing games, car games, car meets, Real world racing, etc. We stride to have a community that is kind, respectful, helpful, and most of all fun. If you have any questions about car, races, rules, or parts/help fixing your car ask other community members. If you can’t get a answer or have a question about the community ask staff or the owner because we are always happy to help! Thank you and remember to be kind, respectful, and have fun!
Welcome to our Car Meet Discord! We are a GTA Car Meet Community that was founded on 21.07.2020 and refers to PS4 lobbies only. First and foremost, it is important for us to experience many things together and to combine our hobbies (cars). For this, good cooperation is very important. Up-to-date our community is still very small but we hope that this will change soon. Have fun!
We like to have fun its all about the cars we like to meet up and sometimes go on a cruise if you like cars this is the place for you swing by
Hello, its Cereal from Redline Car club.

Were an open community with many, many different events, car shows, and many other things to offer. Well I couldent think of any other things to say while writing this but i hope you consider joining the Redline community!
We are a developing crew trying to make an army of great and nice individuals we dislike Cargo Griefers or K/D Warriors as they take the fun out of Gta and out task is to protect the low levels and save cargo. We only fight when its right to. We are like the guardian's of Gta.