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hésitez pas a rejoindre le discord c'est un discord communautaire afin de trouver des personne pour jouer a différents jeux dans le respect et la bonne humeur !
We need Among us Players for our discord server
•We have many other games player with
them u can play and have fun
•We have music in which we chill
•We held some amazing giveways to
participate join fast
Ages 13-17 are welcomed, all types of gamers can join. Memes are encouraged.
We play a lot of shooters, talk a lot of shooters. Late night MineCraft and Among Us.
We are a fun and friendly gaming community looking to have great people join us, play games, hang out in the music room, join movie nights, make new friends, take part in our giveaways! Join us today!
Friendly Active server with lots of FPS gamers for all needs and games. Everybody is welcome from all around the globe.

● Call of Duty: Modern Warfare ✔️
● Rainbow Six Siege ✔️
● Apex Legends ✔️
● Division I & II ✔️
● PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds ✔️
● Hunt:Showdown ✔️
● Dead by Daylight ✔️
Yo dudes! We're just a bunch of Teens playing Call of Duty: Mobile!
If you wanna play with Enthusiasm and Get your Adrenaline Rushed then join us! XD
Ich sage mal Hallo :)
Zum größten Teil geht es in unserem Discord um das Thema Spielen (Paladins, Minecraft, Dead by Daylight, Fortnite und vieles mehr), dazu kommt auch noch, dass wir einen eigenen Minecraft Server für die Community besitzen. Zusätzlich streame Ich selbst auf der Streaming-Plattform Twitch.
Von Pc bis zu Nintendo Switch/Handy ist alles vertreten, wir sind derzeitig auch am Planen wie wir vielleicht mal ein Turnier (Rocket League, Rainbow Six: Siege, Mario Kart) veranstalten könnten mit Preisen.
Es sind verschieden Bots auf dem Server Installiert (Nate Bot, Rollenzuteiler, Musikbot, Erisly,...)
Natürlich sind auch viele Anime Liebhaber auf dem Server und auch andere Themen sind immer Willkommen.
Vielleicht klingt das ganze ja ein wenig Interessant und ihr schaut mal vorbei :)
The Fallen Few

Our mission is to provide a place for gamers both competitive and casual to find people to play various games with, find, create, or bring an existing team, and bring out your potential. We will be doing regular hosted tournaments for different esports games. We encourage users to bring their existing team over and join in on the action!

We are a new organization for gamers founded by a few friends who decided to break off on their own and strike it big with their vision in mind. An organization with no petty politics, no favouring and 0 tolerance for abuse of power. We are The Fallen Few, we offer many games, such as popular party games like fallguys and among us, with more to be added regularly.

We are also an environment that is 0 tolerance to hate, racism, and any/all slurs, slang words or anything that is targeted at someone’s sexual orientation, gender identification, etc. So what are you waiting for? Party games? Check! Comp games? Check! Join The Fallen Few today and find out truly what we have to offer!
RF: CODM is a highly competitive eSports server that grows immensely by the day. Events and training sessions are hosted every week along with occasional community events! With a ranks system in place and weekly promos, you can truly feel a sense of accomplishment while having fun. A server filled with gamers of all ages, casual and competitive players alike are guaranteed a fantastic time! Take your shot and join Rebel Federation: Call of Duty Mobile today!
Salut! Acesta este discordul oficial Call of Duty Modern Warfare Warzone Romania. Va asteptam pe toti sa ne distram si sa ne imprietenim. Aici puteti gasi playeri cu care sa jucati Warzone.

Welkom bij 'Cold war Grind (NL/BE)'!

Wij hebben deze server opgericht om een community op te bouwen voor Nederlandse en Belgische mensen. Ons doel hiermee is ervoor te zorgen dat je altijd iemand hebt om mee te grinden of te relaxen en je dus niet alleen hoeft te zijn!

De regels zijn vrij simpel:
- Wees niet toxic, racistisch of op andere manieren vervelend.
- Vragen of verzoeken kun je stellen aan de oprichters.
- Gebruik de chats en calls waar ze voor bedoeld zijn.
- Heb het naar je zin! (:

Veel plezier in de server!
-Active players
-small talks
-democractic and joyful members
-free off problem
-brotherly relationship among all
-any games u play we will be playing
Welcome to The Gaming Zone, Where we want all ages to feel welcome! We try to host the hit-game Among Us almost everyday, and there are certain pings for each game and platform you own, feel free to join! And of course, you can leave if you don't like the server.l, have fun!
Solar gaming is a new and upincoming gaming server,we have esports teams for many games and we provide a perfect environment for those who need people to play with.Hope we see you soon!
Join the Gaming House for great content given by 141 Nick S! Enjoy conversation with other gaming house members, along with amazing staff team!
👋 Ein Server für Alles und Jeden😊
👋 Starke Audio Qualität🔊


💬🎮✨ Ganz gleich, ob es nur zum Plaudern oder zum Zocken. Alle Spiele sind hier vertreten - Warzone, LoL, CSGO, Valorant, FIFA und viele mehr. Habt einfach Spaß, respektiert euch gegenseitig und seid aktiv!

🤖🎶🐢 Viele verschiedene Bots (Musik, Leveling, etc.), viele verschiedene Emotes!

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💑❤️ Join the Community!
The best gaming server, with best community and staff with friends to make...
Also have a gaming youtube channel...
Come on :)
🟡 Dacii GaminG Romania [Dac.]
🟡 Call of Duty Warzone Romania
🟡 League of Legends Romania
🟡 Valorant Romania
🟡 Discord level 3
PFR Gaming is an Esports Organization that hosts gaming tournaments for Call of Duty, Rocket League, Fortnite, Apex, and many more games!
Become apart of our community and grow with an organization that wants to HELP you grow‼️