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This is Visional Graphics. Here we have GFX artists who have their work to offer and so can you offer your work. Great community with active staff. We frequently do giveaways for high quality GFX, the more members we have the more giveaways we do. Thanks for taking your time to read about us and we hope to have you come check us out!😄 We also have a game development section to share your work and get constructive feedback!
Welcome to 3D Community we are a small community that makes 3d stuff
we would love to have you in our community
we have a lot of things you can do
you can share your 3d work with others
you can see what others made in 3d
you can get help to your 3d software
we hope to see you on 3d Community very soon
Hi, I’m John F Kramer, I like making profile pictures and banners using Photoshop and I know a lot of people like it too. So, join my server to talk with other designers such as me.
Hello everyone!
This is official FRX Neo developers discord server. Well, its growing community and we are searching for people who just started their developing career. Well, as the name signifies, we are all new to this developing world. Lets have fun while learning and developing together!
Developer Community

The Developer Community is for developers how
are lookin to make games with other devs

Supporting Softwares:


|Roblox Stduio



We have:





Join Link
Come join us for some chill times, advertise your art, learn new skills, make friends, and most importantly have a great time!!!
Morein4 Development Community
Our Artist and developer are always showing there support well they're Working and chatting on:

Unreal Engine Unity CryEngine
Autodesk Maya 3DsMax Blender
Zbrush 3d_coat
Substance_Painter Substance_Designer Quixel Megascans
Adobe photoshop illustrator After_Effects and more.

Morein4 Website or

Social Media:
The official Discord server for Mortugues Films!

Mortugues Films is an individual YouTube channel, striving to create original and attention-grabbing films and 3D animation.

By joining the server, you can get indev updates and announcements regarding the channel and upcoming videos!

Please keep in mind the server is beyond from being lighthearted and there is a trigger warning for those who are sensitive towards dark and offensive humour.
This is a server that I originally made for me and my friends to come hang out but we need more people to play games and share hentai with!
Certains d'entre vous me connaissent, je suis Adri526, rédacteur Seeds-Skins-Wallpapers pour FR-Minecraft.

Je suis actuellement lycéen. Je suis ce que certains appellent "un graphiste", et "travaille" sur différents projets comme le bot Zbot. Depuis quelques années je réalise des créations graphiques, à l'aide de divers programmes. Tout ce que j'ai appris, je l'ai appris tout seul, en regardant des tutoriels sur Internet, petit à petit. Mon talent est en constante évolution, mon apprentissage ne cesse jamais.

Je réalise des fonds d'écran, miniatures, bannières, icônes, sabres-laser... que ce soit en 2D (Photoshop, Illustrator) ou en 3D (Mine-Imator, Blender) et dans la limite de mes connaissances dans ces différents logiciels.

Où est-ce que vous pouvez voir mon travail, me direz-vous. Eh bien j'ai récemment créé un serveur Discord où je posterai toutes mes créations, mais pas que ! Vous pourrez aussi nous impressionner avec votre talent artistique dans différents salons qui vous seront toujours ouverts, et recevoir des retours sur vos œuvres ! Et si vous ne postez pas, ne vous inquiétez pas, votre place est quand même parmi nous et vous pourrez toujours discuter librement avec des personnes matures et qui savent respecter le travail des autres.

→ ←

Le serveur est encore un bébé mais j'espère que vous l'aiderez à grandir comme il se doit !

Welcome to Wubba Lubba Dev Dev, A studio that makes roblox games.

We are a new upcoming Roblox Studio, Releasing games very soon!
We have a lot to offer you and hope you choose to join our community.
We have an Active Community and Frequent Sneaks of upcoming games.
Our games are making quick progress and testing will start very soon.
Testing can be earned by activity and giveaways, so stay active if you do join!

Owner - MythicalShade

Hello! Welcome to RBX GAMES this is a full server made for people that make games and even stream! You can meet new people from other platforms and overall have fun plus we even have invite rewards so you can earn game loots and even up to actual game codes so good luck :)
We are a software consultancy that dabbles in gaming and animation. This is our discord server in hopes of creating a community.

Our channels include a mental health vent, games, technology chat, art and animation, tv and music. Join us and help us build a community for all us geeks and nerds. If you're technology inclined, talk with our experienced software engineers!
A server for 3d content creators to chill and make connections. Starting small so everyone can become buddies (:
Hello! This server mainly serves as a friendly porn community but is also a place where I post my NSFW animations. If you like porn, Or just like talking about sexual things to people, Then this is the place for you. We also have a nudes channel for people that are trusted, So if you want to join and gain access to that, You just have to seem like you're trust worthy. We are really open minded and accept all (Above 18+) and are happy to talk about anything sexual.
This is a community of Blender Artists and Beginners to come and hang while you learn and grow in the wonderful world of 3D Graphics.

Post Projects
Start new projects
Join groups and create projects together
Meet other Artists
Join group projects
Share you knowledge with those still learning
Ask questions to those that are proficient
All Things 3D is a community driven Discord server based around 3d modelling, animating, and rigging.
Hey there! Join the cruit! It's mostly a server about sfm than anything else but yea! There are multiple channels for memes, NSFW, Blender, C4D, SFM etc... We are kind, not too strict and we, mods/admins and mostly me (owner of the server) are active and we answer when people talk in the server! What you waiting for? Join and make the server active! it's very dead welp
Dark Blender is a server for 3D artist who want to show of there lewd works and chat with other lewd artists.
In this server you will get help from moderators and the owner!
We can get you help on:

Also cool chats and free music is on the server!

Giveaways and free fortnite-accounts are in the giveaway chat!

Make sure you join and enjoy!