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The Rejects 1st Battalion
A3 Unit:

-Basic Rules-
Member Minimum Age: 16
Microphone: Must have a functional microphone
Language: Must be able to speak and understand English

-What type of unit is the Rejects?-
We are a unit that approaches Operations, Training, Radio Traffic, and a lot more with a serious attitude. That being said we do consider ourselves a Semi-Serious unit, Meaning we do not expect everyone to be a soldier but we do expect you to participate with a serious attitude and still have fun!

Our operations are done in a campaign style spanning anywhere from 8-12 weeks. To explain this in more detail *“Every OP will follow a storyline with a consistent lore, This lore can be affected by the actions of others and yourself!” ( Type of operation we are hosting, Ex. Throwback operations from 1914 to 1990. Middle Eastern and European war on terror campaign, And more!)

-What Is the Rejects Schedule?-
Tuesday: Basic Training (7Pm Est)
Thursday: Certification/Lead Training (7Pm Est)
Friday: Main Operation (7Pm Est)
Saturday: Possible Skirmish Ops (7Pm Est)
The 75th Ranger Regiment is a MilSim unit striving for hardcore realism, tactical situations, and enjoyment for those who like slow-paced but intriguing and serious combat environments. We are always looking for new members, especially those who are willing to try military simulations, or a tactical hardcore Arma III unit. If you are looking for serious, intriguing, enjoyable and adrenaline pumping operations, join the 75th Ranger Regiment unit
In search of the darkest, most disturbing content on the Internet? Well, go find somewhere else weirdo. Just a bunch of chill gamers here. ;)
The 2nd "Berserkir" Division is a group made of players wishing for an Arma 3 experience that is directed around teamwork, without having to be too realistic. We are a multinational group that got members from all over the world. We have MAIN and SIDE operations at specified times, We have the unit members divided into different Sides, Platoons, Squads, and Teams.
27th Special Forces Group - 27th SFG is a milsim unit modeled after Army Special Forces, We currently operate 2 ODA Teams, ODA 271 "Achillies", and ODA 272 "Leonidas". We also have a fixed-wing squadron (74th Fighter Squadron) and a Rotary-wing detachment (160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment)

We are huge fans of story mode campaigns, this means all of our campaigns will have a backstory to them, it adds a lot of immersion to our Operations, We focus on having a fun environment for people to come and hang out. Our operations will consist of (but not limited to) HVT Extractions, and high-risk operations. You can go from talking to the local populous to breaching a compound to extract an HVT.

Training & Operation Schedule
9 PM EST Wednesday, Team Training Exercises
9 PM EST Friday, Main Operational Deployment Part 1
9 PM EST Saturday, Main Operational Deployment Part 2

Our List of Active MOS(s)
Note: All incoming recruits will start as 18X Special Forces Candidates, Once you finish your advanced training you will receive your respective 18 Series MOS

-Rotary Wing
-Fixed Wing
-Drone Operator

How to Join
If you're interested in talking to us or joining our unit simply go to our Discord

Requirements For Joining
16 years of age or older. (No Exceptions)
A legal copy of Arma 3.
Working microphone.
Willingness to Download our mod
We are a group of guys wanting to have a chill, awesome, fun experience with awesome ZEUSes! If you "cannot" ZEUS, that's alright! We'll teach you with our most experienced ZEUSes, we do both Public and Modded and are welcoming any and all members that will grow our server and help us connect to all who are wanting to have an EPIC ZEUS experience!

You know this is the server for you! So come on down and join the guys for chill and fun!
Spartan Gaming is a Discord based around well... Gaming Servers

We are a Friendly community focused around gaming and having fun. We offer a place to come relax and get away from world/life events and a place where people can be free to do pretty much whatever they want.

We currently own 2 servers for Arma 3 and ARK and are looking to expand some more with the help of our growing community. We have a role "Supporter" for people who wanna donate and boost as well as a channel to show our gratitude when someone does this.

Our Discord has a Streamlined appearance with functional chats so it does not become clogged or have dead chats. Our staff team is also made up of a small number of Active, Mature and Trustworthy users who are mostly all adults and have experience running a Community Discord.

We hope you choose to help build and grow our community by joining us
- The Spartan Gaming Staff Team
Main Language: English

Time zone: GMT

Operation Times: Wednesday/training - Weekends/ Operation. All types, PVP and PVE, 10-60 active players per operation depending on mission size and day.

Operation Type: Recon, Patrol, Hearts and minds, Search and Rescue and Battlefield Recreation all Non-mandatory

About us:
We are a US Army unit that will soon be opening up a Marine and Navy groups, our current groups have the US Army and the US Airforce...this community was revived more recently and is looking for people to take command and to process new recruits as we have many, we hope to see you in the server soon!
На нашем сервере вы сможете пообщаться с другими игроками,найти себе команду,и весело провести время! Здесь вы можете найти себе команду в такие игры как:CS:GO, FORNITE,THE FOREST, PAYDAY2, ARMA 3, MINECRAFT, STALKER и многие другие!
Semi-Serious Military Simulation Unit
(MilSim) with a 15 year history of gaming. Our primary gaming
platform is Arma 3, but we enjoy other games as well. We are
a small, but dedicated unit of gamers and friends. We have 2
dedicated Arma 3 Servers as well as a
Discord Server, and a Team Speak Server. We also have an Arma
Unit with dedicated in-game patch. We have members from all
around the world.
Serwer jednostki JW Żniwiarz do gry ArmA 3. Zapraszamy wszystkich Polaków, którzy chcą się zabawić :)
7th Infantry Division

Branch: Serious-Milsim

Main Language: English

Timezone: International


16+ Years of Age
Working Microphone
Legal Copy of Arma 3

What we offer:

- Experienced Leadership with years of knowledge.
- Transparency, with previous units we had a lot of issues with units simply not transparent and always having occluded information or happenings.
- Diverse and well made operations with thought put into it.
- Realism, we strive to be as realistic as possible.
- You can join us at any skill level from completely Beginner to Expert.

What we are looking for:

- Infantry (From Grenadier to Medic)
- Team Leaders (Better chances with previous experience)
- Stryker Crew (Commander, Driver)
- Radio Telephone Operator (JTAC, FO)
- Platoon Medic
- Dedication to attend 1 Operation and 1 Training weekly.
- Zeus/Mission Maker

Operation Times: Saturday (3 PM EST/9PM CEST/8PM BST/7AM NZT)

Operation Type: Stryker (Mechanised) Infantry, COIN operations.

Required Mods:

We are a Star-Sim unit that provides serious operations as well as a relaxed atmosphere while outside of Main Ops and Trainings. Our timings allow for both Europeans and Americans to partake with relative ease. Our operations range from squad sized combat to larger scale combined operations.

We provide 3 different types of operations that being:

-Field Training Exercises (FTX)
-Fun Operations
-Main Operations

These operations are usually held at 9pm UK time on a Saturday. We also hold trainings to teach the basics and more advanced designations and tactics, these trainings are not too serious as long as you listen and learn.


-Ammo Bearer

With more to come in the future.

So, what exactly is expected to come?
-Mechanised Squads

If you have any questions or would like to join please feel free to @ a Recruiter in our discord
We are an established group looking for players who want to enjoy semi-milsim operations without being too forced, we just want to enjoy the game and create funny memories. We also welcome new players and have a training team ready to help!

UK - 8pm Operation
EU - 9pm Operation
US/EST - 3pm Operation

- We are an established group looking for players who want to enjoy semi-milsim operations without being too forced, we just want to enjoy the game and create funny memories.
- Our admin team alone has over 5,000 hours in Arma 3, so you can expect professionally made missions and any questions you have to be answered.
- Pick your own roles! We always try to ensure you get to play your favourite role, just let us know and we will get you playing it.
- During the week we play other games, and have a 24/7 messaround server to do anything you like. We also have our own Altis Life server, and occasionally Antistasi or Minecraft.
- New players welcome! We have a training team who are ready to help you learn the game, or just refine your skills.
- We don't do ranks, no silly promotions all the time (or lack of) we are just here to have a good time. But we do have commendations for people who impress us!
- Dedicated Server. We run our Arma servers on a dedicated server hosted in Europe, providing good frames and connections for the EU and East Coast.

To join you must:
- All players to be 16+
- Have a working microphone.
- Speak English.
- DLC : None (but Apex is nice to have)
Hello! we are an Arma 3 unit, I will put our staff and requirement down below:
Group: Task Force Omega.
Branch: Semi-Milsim
Language: English
Time zone: GMT
Operation times: Saturdays/Fridays 19:00 pm
Operation types: Invasion, Recon, Defend, Paradropping, etc.
Mods: On discord.

A very young server made for ArmA 3 players who want to get into a casual milsim unit. We focuse on recreating and creating conflicts and battles which are both fun and engaging!
We are a unit consisting of Jackson's we play Arma 3 and other games dor fun we are not a milsim but maybe we will become one

The 3rd Mediterranean Combined Naval Forces (NSWC SEAL Team 3) is a MilSim unit striving for hardcore realism, tactical situations, and enjoyment for those who like slow-paced but intriguing and serious combat environments. We are always looking for new members, especially those who are willing to try military simulations, or a tactical hardcore Arma III unit. If you are looking for serious, intriguing, enjoyable, and adrenaline-pumping operations, join the 3rd Mediterranean Combined Naval Forces. The 3rd Mediterranean Combined Naval Forces is a MilSim unit striving for hardcore realism, tactical situations, and enjoyment for those who like slow-paced but intriguing and serious combat environments.

We are currently having open applications with just a simple verbal interview within our Discord, We have merged with a Marine MilSim sever to have a better MilSim experience, SEALs and Marines is a good Combination, Feel free to contact me or talk to me in the Discord at any time with the links provided. Once our numbers our meet (Only a few spots are open) we will close the enlistment, we try to stay small within our SEALs for a more realistic experience.

Of course Yes we are Navy, But we don't do the Typical stay on the ship lifestyle if you know anything about the SEALs that's only 1% of there job. we are both casual and serious at times, we are casual when we are hanging out and training but serious when it comes to missions.


Navy Ratings/MOS

SO - Special Warfare Operator

SB - Special Warfare Boat Operator

EOD - Explosive Ordnance Disposal Technicians

ND - Navy Diver

AIRR - Navy Air Rescue Swimmer

BU - Builder

NAP - Naval Aviator

MN - Mineman

HM - Hospital Corpsman

MA - Master-at-Arms

GM - Gunner's Mate

BM - Boatswain's Mate

IT - Information systems technician

EO - Equipment Operator

FC - Fire Controlman Surface

MT - Missile Technician

PR - Aircrew Survival Equipmentman

IC - Interior Communications Electrician

NFO - Naval Flight Officer

NAP - Naval Aviator

(Flexible we sometimes do Operations at random points and training so it can form to your timezone, but the ones we are base and set but there is always more to do)

Operations: Sunday, 1700 EST | Wednesday, 1800 EST

BUD/S: Monday, 1800 EST

SQT/NSWC Training: Tuesday, 1800 EST

Hospital Corpsman Training: Thursday, 1800 EST


CO - Captain Floyd

XO - Commander Garnon




Content Pack:

Steam Group:

Arma Unit:



The 1st Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group is an Arma 3 Mil-sim group dedicated to recreating and acting as the Canadian Armed Forces. We are a group focused on teamwork to get the job done and make sure people are having a good time with the group. We accept non-Canadian members, and we use the EST timezone.

Contact us at , or join for more information
We are a serious Milsim with active military members and real life experience. We are looking for people to fill all types of positions for both our Special Forces ODA. and our Ranger Team. We also have our 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment.

We currently run 2 ops a week, they are on Tues, and Sat, at 6:30 PM EST

We have been a unit since 2004. Our core belief is to respect one another, and have fun playing together

We look forward to hearing from you.

Please reach out to us if you are interested in signing up.

Thank You.
*ENGLISH ONLY* Welcome to Task Force 10. Here we are trying to create a unique gaming experience for the individual people of our community. We offer a realistic milsim experience for both Arma 3 and DCS.
Hello and welcome to 43 Commando Company

We are a British Milsim server/Roleplay. We are very strict and very realistic. We want to make sure that you get the most realistic military experience every time you play here.

All Nationalities are welcome. We are LGBTQ Friendly.

**Regiments We Have**

British Army
Royal Marine Commandos
Royal Irish
Parachute Regiment
Special Air Service

And we are looking to recruit you!!

We have a realistic rank system and we even go as far as British medals you can earn throughout your Carrer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this we hope you consider joining our squad!!