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Server where you can talk about military shit, just make sure you read #rules and get #roles. We also have a fun rank up system with U.S Army Ranks. Which every month if you prove you been here for a month-by-month you get ranked up. Officers are staff and warrant officers are elite and OG's.
Who Are We? The 11th Cavalry is an Armored/Air Cavalry Unit based on the U.S Army 11th Armored Cavalry. We use Standard U.S Army gear and equipment as well as use there tactics

What Makes The Team Different? We bring a realistic turn on all our operations as well as taking a break and having fun or goofy ops as well.

We are just starting out so we are pretty small and always looking for new members!

So you guys are realistic. How realistic are you? The 11th Cavalry follows strict realism but we know arma is a game and meant to be enjoyed we walk the line of realism and fun, but we ask and require for all members to maintain maturity.

What Are Our Operations Like? Our operations are modeled off of real life operations and conflicts with dynamic campaigns. Our operations take place in a wide variety of era and genres, such as Vietnam, World War Two, Somalia, Iraq, and even Halo

Unit Features And Information:

Well explained realistic and dynamic campaign that emulates real life conflicts and operations a Army Cavalry unit would find themselves in

Modern tactics and procedures that add an aura of realism to the unit

Semi-serious milsim

Transparent command where the unit is consulted on major decisions

Dedicated Arma 3 and Teamspeak Servers

Operations on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 4:30pm or 5:00 EST, with training's and meetings scattered throughout the week

Basic Cavalry Training that serves to teach new players the basics of Arma, ACE, TFAR, etc. to new players looking to join the Unit.

Special MOS for members wanting to be UAV operator, Sniper, Designated Marksmen, EOD/Demolitions, and Rotor Wing Pilot.


Must be 15 years or older

Show up at least once month

Applicants must have a functioning microphone, the ability to use Teamspeak

Pass a BCT

Must Speak English

Discord: https:
What makes the Rejects a Semi-Serious unit?:

We are a unit that likes to approach operations, training's, radio traffic, and lots more with a serious attitude, but we do enjoy letting loose, playing other games and hosting community events! When it comes to Arma we like to be as serious as possible during our Operations/Training's.

What Do The Rejects Offer?:

-Two 24/7 dedicated servers[Server 1- Public(rotating game modes)][Server 2- Operations/Training].

-Middle Eastern and European war on terror campaign

-Throwback operations from the 1990s to 1914 and anywhere in between.

-In-depth Reconnaissance, info, and planning.

-Custom Training, Operations, campaigns, & maps.

-Player vs AI / Team vs AI / Player vs Player.

-Dedicated Staff, Players, servers, & map makers.

Type of Missions We Do:

-Guerrilla Warfare

-Quick Response

-Special Reconnaissance

-Combating Terrorism

What Is the Rejects Schedule?:

Sunday: N/A

Monday: N/A

Tuesday: Basic Training/Possible Certification Training

Wednesday: N/A

Thursday: Certification/Leadership Training/Possible Basic Training

Friday: Main Operations

Saturday: Possible Fun Op/PvP Events

Note: That all training and operations are not mandatory but we strive for you to come to rank up and learn. Operation/Training times are based off of US EAST.

Training Info & More:


-Basic Training (Formations, shooting range, grenade range, demo range, MOUT, etc...)

-Certification Training (Training certifications vary).

-Position Training (This is held by the lead of the position & varies by position)

MOS Training:

All MOS (military occupational specialty code) [aka your job/role/position] have a set training course and each one varies Ex: Rifleman- Basic Training, Medic- Medical Course(Covers how to treat all wounds, and how to properly handle the dead).

Note: All MOS training is required for you to use/play/act in the designated role.


All MOS's are optional to you. You are allowed to get certified for any certification you want after completing your required one, but you may only use your designated role/position.

Social Media Platforms:

Website: Work In Progress

Teamspeak: Information In Discord



A3 Unit:

Member Count & Info:

Total Count: 42+ (Subject to change)

Active Members: 28 (Subject to change)

Reserve Members: 5 (Subject to change)

Member Minimum Age: 16 (will consider younger based on maturity)

We hope to see you in our servers soon!
Roles For Recruitment:
Squad Leaders/Team Leaders
Originally a Planetside 2 outfit founded in 2013, VVarMachine Gaming has expanded into a variety of other PC multiplayer games including Arma 3, StarCitizen and more. Tactical team-based gameplay, 18+, hosted in US timezones with a worldwide presence.
The 911th Unit is an ARMA unit focused on being a casual and friendly experience to any ARMA players interested in a more casual and laid back Mil Sim that doesn't have a heavy focus on realism. We make use of lighter and less punishing ACE settings where combat is more focused on enjoyment over realism.

After every two months we like to switch settings from things such as Halo to Modern and whatever else we vote in for those two months.

We hope you'll enjoy our community if you do decide to join :D
The 38th is a casual Star Wars milsim unit for Arma 3 that focuses on fun and a sense of community rather than more realistic features. We offer a variety of roles for our members and if something doesn't sit right, we're willing to work something out. If you have any questions please feel free to join and ask for a Recruiter and they'll get you all sorted out.
-Ever wanted to be apart of one of Americas most remembered wars?
-We are one of the only unsung servers with high quality custom made missions.
-All of our members are highly trained and well knowledged in military history.
-We look to bring realism to the vietnam setting also with a brief bootcamp so you don't have random GI's running around!
-Hopefully we caught your attention!
Official discord server of the Joint Security Organisation.

Interested in an in-depth ARMA 3 milsim experience but don't want to be confined by what happens in the real military? Being a virtual military we provide a unique gameplay experience entirely tailored to ARMA 3.

Hey there! are you interested to join a milsim/semi-serious casual group? Well, then our unit could be something for you! We have training for people who are newer to the game and for people who are more experienced! We are based around the US-army and play in the European time! We use mods as TFAR, ace, RHS,...

If you're interested to join our unit then fill in the application in #applications in

Our Discord:
Arma Ireland is a semi-serious Arma3 clan that tries to replicate the Irish Armed Forces in the realistic military game Arma 3. We accept all kinds of people, not just Irish people. Don't join if u don't intend on playing Arma
Taskforce Mantis is a small, startup group of casual-ish Arma 3 co-op players who use a variety of mods to enhance our experience. This includes the CUP maps, All of the RHS mods, various weapons and uniform mods, and more!

We also have sections for our community to chat and talk about things other than Arma 3 in the downtime between missions and such,
Hello there! I'm part of a new group known as "REA [Redeploy, Engage, and Annex]". We are a relaxed milsim unit in the Arma community. We are a multi division style unit and consider ourselves a "Semi-Realism" unit and use a lot of mods to enhance our game play.


- Working mic is HIGHLY recommended
- Must be able to speak , understand , and type in English.
- Must be willing to contribute to the unit. Whether it's helping staff or showing up for ops, we like it when our members are a little more hands on.

What We Offer

- A friendly community of like-minded individuals who are teammates on the field and friends off of it.
- An environment where Quality of members is more focused on than Quantity. We like it when a lot of members join our operations, but do not like it when members start ruining the fun of everyone else.

Our Divisions
164th_Infantry_Company -The main attacking force of REA. Typically composed of those that have a thirst for action.

62nd_Force_Recon_Company -Secondary attacking force of REA, also specializes in Recon, and works closely with the 164th.

10th_Mountain_Division -Main Recon unit, typically located on mountain sides, not sky-lining. Primarily keeps over watch for other divisions. Can consist of a few Snipers/Spotters.

82nd_Para_Infantry -Airborne Unit, Focuses on jumping out of aircraft near combat areas/behind enemy lines via. C-130 or CH-47. Able to survive using limited resources.

300th_Menewa_Waya -A special unit that specializes in CQB, commonly clearing buildings and extracting subjects and/or hostages.

16th_Air_Cav - This Division specializes in anything air related. Redeployment, insertion/extraction, gun runs and more.

9th_Armored_Division -This division specializes with anything armored, aka tanks.

195th_Artillery_Detachment -This division supports from the ground, whether it be self-propelled artillery vehicles, or via. ground mortars.


Sunday: Post-op training
Monday: Open for training/small ops
Tuesday: Open for training/small ops
Wednesday: Open for training/small ops
Thursday: Open for training/small ops
Friday: Recruiting/Pre-op training
Saturday: Main Op 4:30pm EST

If you are interested in joining us or coming in for a chat, please join our discord or our teamspeak.

Discord Link:
TeamSpeak IP:
We're a Arma 3 Milsim community with a disciplined but relaxed leadership style. If you enjoy the organisation and strategy of Milsim units but don't want to spend your entire day sitting in a muddy field shooting at rocks, then we're the unit for you. We have weekly ops and antistasi sessions but in our downtime we can be found playing a variety of games, including Planetside 2, Post Scriptum and Squad, as well as much more.
What can 552d Air Control Wing offer me?

We can offer a variety of roles within our ranks, as well as a fulfilling experience some units cannot provide, the structure allows for in-depth training and stability of individuals so the unit runs smoothly and professionally. We hold our operations within a 552d ACW Story Line, but make them as good as we can possibly make them.

We also offer a series of qualifications and sections for our members to pursue.


Combat Engineer

Although we offer a lot of qualifications, we offer few sections, the reason for this is so our unit can primarily focus on the adaptation and ability of our main forces, we do not have any special forces due to our numbers or our beliefs in ourselves. As well as having these sections and quals, we also work on our leadership drastically as well, making sure our leadership are constantly learning and adapting to overcome and improve throughout their time in ARMA.

Can I join and be an officer or squad lead?

Real answer is yes, but not instantly. Throughout this unit there are no shortcuts. You have to put your time and effort in to improve the unit to then get the reward, those selfless enough to push the unit to better standards for the better of the unit and not themselves are the ones who will get the most out of it.

How do I enlist?

If you wish to join our milsim or our discord where we play all games, do not hesitate to apply for our unit here and get in contact with the admins! We'll sort you out as soon as we can!
We are a new Arma 3 Exiles and Altis life community. Any joins would be greatly appreciated. We are a friendly community and always provide a welcoming hand to new people
Task Force Tempor 8

TFT8 strives to create MilSim experiences according to our shared vision: compelling gameplay, authentic combat, interesting premise.

We adapt real-world military concepts and practices that meaningfully contribute to the Arma 3 experience, and reject those that do not.

Regular Ops: Sundays 1400, Friday 2000 EST (UTC-5)
Mods: ACE, TFAR, RHS, SMA, etc

TeamSpeak 3:
Highlight video:
This is a Discord for an Arma 3 Unit, we have Infantry, Air, And Armor, along with many MOS's and many opportunities, Join if you are looking for a caring unit!

TIMES: Friday - Training Saturday - Operations Sunday - Fun Ops
We are a new multi game server join this server and you will get to be in a great active growing clan we play lots of games we also have a clan youtube channel that you can send your funny moments into me or your best clips and i will post them. So JOIN NMZ and start your adventure TODAY!
Welcome to This discord is the Hub for our Hosting Company. over at our discord you can Win giveaways, which include A free server of your choice ( any game ) for one month. You can also receive support for a server you currently own with us. But, this server is also a community, where you can hang out and have fun.