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Hi, this is my discord server. my name is NotWhiteBlossom and i am a streamer / content creator / gamer. We are trying to make a friendly server for everyone with multiple games to play and just have fun. If this seems like something for you go ahead and join on in, you will be verry welcome !
This is a new ark 25x server with modded drops stack mod and instatame and would really appreciate some support and players with instatame and stack mod with meme channels and more
A server dedicated to teaching aspiring ARK PVP players how to play solo and get better. Most veterans are elitist and refuse to teach newbies, but this server is dedicated to providing all of the best resources and advice for a new player.
Welcome to Cub County ARK! A non-toxic discord and chilled relaxed atmosphere for people to enjoy well balanced boosted/grind ARK servers. Servers are secured to keep them free of trolls and structure/dino spam, just join the discord and get to know the community for access!
hello, so not to much going on here, just a few friends and a few channels, tbh im trying to grow so dont expect a whole lot when you or if you join, we a e a small group of people between the ages of 18 and upwards of 32 so we are legally adults but by nature immature fuck heads who like to play games. so again please dont expect alot i am trying to grow.
9 server PvP Ark cluster on PS4

『15x 6Man』
『InstaTame & Fast Breeding』
『Custom Dino spawns』
『Balanced stats & PvP』
『Cool events & In-game Shop』
『Colour Roles』
『Idle miner』
『Friendly and helpful staff』
『In-game giveaways』
**Try something different today. I bet you will like what we have to offer. Public Admin logs in discord, no Admin Abuse. [No Wipes/Small Tribes/All maps/20Maps total/Long running cluster]. A Cluster Owner that cares about your time investment and will not let it go to waste. I am willing to bet you will not find a better cluster out there. Come and help us grow today! A lot of clean fresh maps still available to be claimed by an Alpha! We will never complain about money or ask you to give, that is up to you. We are well funded and only offer donations as a way to support the cluster and get neat rewards for showing your support! NO P2W. We want you to stay a while and enjoy the game completely and not just relive the first 2 weeks of grind that most wipe maps offer!**

***AOA is The Best Place to Ark! This is the place where people come when they want the fun of Official Ark without all of the grind. The only No-Wipe game in town! Boosted harvesting/taming/breeding. Easy/Transferrable Element system to live that Tek life. 6Man tribes w/ no ally [No ORP]. Custom Drops! [Good Loot].Admin events. Active Discord. Admin Shop. 18 Slot Maps w/ Maps added as population demands. All Maps x2!*** [Free Starter Kit for a Limited Time]

[No-Wipe][Small Tribes][Long Term Cluster][Custom Drops][Admin Events]

**This is not a place for people that want to jump around clusters C4ing everything and then leaving a mess behind. We are looking for those of you that want something more. We want people that enjoy the community and content of Ark. Challenge other tribes to meet on the battlefield, conquer those missions and trials that are scattered throughout Ark, enjoy some unique and fun Admin Events, and much more. Come stay a while and see for yourself what AOA can offer you!**
Welcome to this gaming community! Most known as the MoonWalkers PS4 gaming community, where we hope to make everyone’s gaming experience the best! Some of the current games we have are:
ARK (cluster of 6 servers), MINECRAFT, GTA, WARFRAME, ROCKET LEAGUE, BL3, MHW, FORTNITE, and even some online/discord games, we always hope to continue adding more in the future. A special feature of our server, is having a special custom server currency, which can be utilized and made from trading and or games. The players are the main priority here, this community was made for the players, and we hope to make it the best community for gamers. Our area of expertise is being able to add new content, updates, and new ideas frequently.

Our background; We started off, and are still running PvE cluster for the game of Ark. There are 6 servers including Genesis in our cluster. The server admins are committed to keeping these Ark servers open and enjoyable for a very long time, which we still do to this very day. We appreciate you for your valuable time and reading this! 🎮😊
10x Harvest
Xbox/Win10 crossplay
Wipes soon
5 map Cluster
Infinite Weight
Infinite Pickup
3 day ob timer
Waterless Cookers
105 players
150 wilds
Custom Drops
Auto engrams
Alpha Prizes
Custom crafting
Stack mod
A discord server with an Ancient Roman theme. Libertas Invicta is a latin phrase meaning Liberty Unconquered. This is a general gaming server, but we host several in-game clans as well.
Join Outlaws Ark!!
10x Harvest
Just wiped a few days ago
Active and Friendly Admins

We are looking to grow to be the biggest PVP server around. Wanna help us reach this goal?
🥚➥ Egghosting
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📰 ➥ What do we offer?
Web hosting
Minecraft servers
Discord bot hosting
Virtual Private Servers

❓ ➥ Why Egghosting?
➤ We use the very convenient pterodactyl panel. This has been adapted to our customers' wishes.
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➤ We offer free minecraft servers.
➤ All our servers are SSDs

ℹ️ ➥ Specifications of servers:
Intel SSD
Dell R620
2x intel xeon e5 2690
Unlimited data traffic
1Gbit uplink

👯 ➥ Customer service
Our employees ensure that you have 24/7 support! So we can deal with your questions and your questions/problems are dealt with quickly!

🛰️ ➥ Information
➤ Discord:
➤ Website:
➤ E-mail: [email protected]

***__Wipes August 25th__***

Tired of dead servers?

Fear not!

A more active community awaits you!

***__Join ArkOrama!__***

⃰. Ark-O-Rama - ๑’,~

800+ members!
Tons of giveaways!
Lots to do!
Give it a look!

Welcome to ARKoholics Anonymous!

Our cluster settings start with 5x base rates (However, there are in-game XP/Harvest Rate Increase Kits available in the #📝ark-shop that can give you 15x or 30x). We have also included many popular mods. However, many of the mod items and structures are only accessible via the in-game #📝ark-shop.

In this way, a player will need to collect and spend shop points wisely, and each players base will most likely have some #📝ark-shop items other players did not purchase.

Currently, resources and dinos will not be offered in the in-game #📝ark-shop .
Players will need to hunt for their breed lines and search for their resources, staying true to the fundamentals of playing Ark.

Shop Rewards & Stats
Automated Ark 3
Dino Storage v2
Naj's Speedy Flyers
Solo Farm
Structures Plus
Super Spyglass
Tek Armory Cabinet
Offline Guard System (36 hours protection)
New Player Protection (72 hours or level 100)

6 player tribes - No alliances
5x XP/Farming base
20x Taming
15x Breeding, Egg Hatch and Mature Speed
2 day Tribute timer
ARK : Official PvP Salt is a ARK Survival Evolved Discord made for one purpose. Saying whatever you want to who ever you want.

We offer a non biased server where all the tribes can argue, fight and so on without being interrupted by abusive mods.

- PvP Events.
- Giveaways.
- Salt.
- Custom role for nitro boosts.
- ARK Content creators.
- Updates about the game.
Welcome to Aftermath Gaming:
With an active group of admins and a friendly community, we have all you could ever ask for in a discord server!
• Active Admins!
• Amazing community!
• Content Creator dedicated channels!
• Custom emojis!
• Tournaments and events!

Ark*, Atlas*, DayZ and more!
We have multiple different servers for multiple different games.
• Join for giveaways and in game events
• Find an amazing group of players to play alongside
• Compete with others to win prizes through in game auctions!
*Xbox/Win10 only
this is an national ark survival evolved server for anyone who is looking for a tribe, friends/people to play with or maybe ark server and help with their ark experience we hope a lot of people join so they can have lots of fun in ark together with all of us at Ark EU
[Ps4] ✨New Server✨ [PvP]


⭐6 man tribes
⭐15x Harvest
⭐15x Experience
⭐30x Taming
⭐105x Incubation
⭐130x Maturation
⭐105 Player Level [+40 Chibi Levels and Ascension]
⭐150 Max Wild Dino [180 Tek/190 Wyv]
⭐150 Turret Limit
⭐300 Dino Limit
⭐Cheap Craft
⭐Custom Recipes
⭐Transferrable Element
⭐Custom NPC Spawn
⭐Modded Drops
⭐Faster Structure Decay
⭐Auto Engrams [No Tek]
⭐Unlimited Pickup Timer
⭐Bushberry Seed Currency

🌟🌟Players Decide🌟🌟
🌟🌟No Admins Play🌟🌟

Community Italiana ARK: Survival Evolved ITALIA
Server PVE CrossArk con moltiplicatori ben bilanciati per lunghe sessioni coop in piacevole compagnia.
Se cerchi gente per un party su ARK porta da bere e unisciti a noi!
BENVENUTI a BonjiARK! :) 🤟🐲🌵😎🐲🌵🥳
Contamos con:

- x10
- Ragnarok
- Mods
- Economia (Mercado, mercado negro, Coliseo...)
- Packs
💠Fibercraft Lockdown Ark💠ALL Map PvP Cluster with private event map,Fresh Wipe 11th November, Starter Griffin in Discord, Instant TAME, 15x Gathering, SuperFast Breeding, Massively Boosted Drops and custom Dino Spawns, Lvl 300 wild dino, Weekly events, Friendly Admins,Xbox/Pc Windows.