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⌗❜⋮ ⭐️Welcome to wayva ° ♡ ₒ
│ ✎ ˎˊ- "about us...”

│ ┊ y2k themed ˎˊ˗
│ ┊friendly & chill community ˎˊ˗
│ ┊ cute roles & colors ˎˊ˗
│ ┊ fun bots & events every week! ˎˊ˗
└——————— - []. +

✿ gaming nights (minecraft, roblox, league)
✿ movie nights
✿ karaoke
✿ active vcs
✿ poc & lgbt friendly
✿ accepting
✿ make new friends & vibe
✿ chill owner & staff
✿ custom emotes
✿ be funny lol
Welcome to the Comedy Club! We are a low moderation gaming, get together, memes and anime server with fun nights where we play jackbox, cards against humanity and other games as well as having a weekly anime night. On top of that we also host a weekly meme contest to be the top comedian in the server. We have tons of levels with roles to earn and reaction roles. Start your journey as a comedian today!!!
It all started with a love for Satisfactory, We love the game, Come join the fam! We also play and chat about other games as well now, expanding out into other games in a variety of genres. If you love satisfaction, you'll feel right at home. Welcome to the lab.
⏦Night-Swimmers 🖈
》 16+
》 Active Vc
》 Chill members
》 S+ Memes
》 Interesting "People"
》 A wide variety of channels
》 Very much has no skeletons
》 Useful Life Tips
》 Crackhead energy
And Other Wonderful Things....

Join Today...

We are a new server that welcomes anybody that's not an idiot.
if your not a crybaby and interested in joining our community you are welcome.
【N I G H T S W I M M E R S】
We're looking for active members to join our friendly community to socialize with people from all over the world, chill, hang out, talk about everything, play games, make new friends and more! Come take a dip!

We offer:
》 Chill and supportive community
》 Minecraft Server
》 Banter/Shitposting
》 Cool bots to play with
》 Nsfw channel (18+) for you kinky people
》 Active VC nightly
**Welcome to 🌺F.R.I.E.N.D.S🌺**

🌸We are a kawaii discord server for everyone 13+. We are a server for people who are looking for a friend, or just want someone to call theres.🌸

**What we have to offer**

🌸~Self Assignable Roles
🌸~Friendly Staff
🌸~Friendly People
🌸~SFW Community
🌸~A Safe Home

**If you're interested in joining, please join! We'd love to have you here in 🌸F.R.I.E.N.D.S🌸**

🌸Other Stuff🌸
**Never Ending Link:**
Stay Comfy 2.0 A server to chill out in, talk about anything and make new friends. Our voice chats are super active! (๑╹ω╹๑ )