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A great programming server to show your projects, help others, chill and relax. Very nice people, active administrators...
TechNick is a brand new server for all those geeks out there. Here you can talk about everything from computers and smartphones to consoles and code. It doesn't matter what tour into, software, hardware, Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, IOS, as long as your into tech, then you're welcome. If you don't know anything but want to get into it, this is also a great place to ask questions and learn. Join us, and let's talk tech!
We are the biggest brain server you can find. This server has so much to do and there is so much bots to play around with
Hello everyone !

We are a community which theorizes about time travel and time machines.
Some of us are big fans of John Titor.

Feel free to join the Time Travel discord server and have fun in our laboratory !
Tired of these dirty SJW skid servers?
Wanna join a real hacking server where you can actually learn and discuss things related to cyber security?

Join our Holy Cyber Security Server today where the only thing you'll lose is your precious time.
L'informatique t'intéresse ? La cybersécurité dans son ensemble également? Alors je te propose de rejoindre ce serveur FR qui te donnera des ressources gratuites pour apprendre, et une communauté pour échanger !

Nous sommes sur le développement d'une plateforme en ligne pour que vous puissiez faire des challenges CTF / Machines / avoir des cours... Avec des prix à gagner !
Are you interested in IT? Cybersecurity as a whole too?
Then I propose you to come and join this FR (which can adapt to english, you can talk in the #international channel !)
This server will offer you free resources to learn, and a community to exchange!

We plan to developp an online plateform where you'll have some CTF's challenges / boxes / classes.. With prizes to win !
Привет путник, добро пожаловать на сервер поддержки бота DreamBot, на сервере вы можете узнать актуальную информацию по статусу бота, и быть в курсе всех обновлений. Пообщаться с приятным комьюньнити по теме программирование, игры, и прочее. Ждём вас!
Here we can talk about MARS National Geographic or anything about Mars, Space or anything related to it.
We can also play games together like Take On Mars or Minecraft or something.
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🔹» Aktywność 24/7
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Welcome to Skelly's Discord Server! Here you can have amazing fun and you can talk to other amazing people about games such as Fortnite!!! You can also self promote too!!!
Tech Support Server
- Free tech support
- Free pc assembly help support
- Free Build Help support
- Free Overclock support
- Bot is coded by the owner with most helpful tips for computer problems
- A server where you can talk to people about new tech in the market and more.
- There's a channel only for off topic stuff and meme related, no NSFW tho
- There's a channel just for advertising your discord servers and or other social media's(No NSFW allowed).
- Special Build Showcase Channel.
- Chill Community
- Contains channels for other stuff such as gaming, linux, MAC related channels.
- Contains Colour Reaction Role to pick whatever colour you want.
We are a programming support server just shy of 175 members and we are growing quickly.
We're committed to supporting those in the developer community, and we're looking for developers to support our members who need help with a variety of languages. It would be great if you could join and help us grow!

-Team Coding Collective
en este discord podrás informarte sobre pc, hardware, software o programación, tambien hay un casino para comprar JUEGOS GRATIS
Servidor com o criado com o intuito de compartilhar experiências e fazer amizades enquanto aprendemos sobre arte, programação e musica.
- We're a community dedicated to PCMR and PC hardware stuff. Talk about the 3080 Ti and the new Ryzen processors in here.
- If you need help with your setup, your tech or anything related to PC's, our community can help you.

🎮 Active PCMR Community
🎮 Friendly experience
🎮 Find new friends to game with
🎮 Talk everything PC hardware & software

We hope you enjoy your stay.
SBRULEZ Scripts is a community for sharing our scripts for qbus framework. We are not a leaking server and provide high quality free scripts and support.
BytesToBits | Coding

BytesToBits is the right place for people who have a passion for coding or for new-comers who want to learn the basics! That's why BytesToBits offers you FREE coding lessons, as well as 24/7 Support! We are making projects, samples for you to train on, and more! We love what we do, and that's why even if you have no idea of how code works, BytesToBits is the perfect place to hang around and learn a lot of stuff in such a short amount of time!
💻 Some of our Supported Languages:
● C / C++ / C#
● Java
● JavaScript
● Python
📂 A huge variety of topics to discuss:
➥ Artificial Intelligence
➥ Databases
➥ Data Science
➥ Hardware
➥ Network Programming
➥ Security
❓ What else do we offer:
✮ Bot Support
✮ Custom Bots
✮ Discord API
✮ Frequent Giveaways & Events
✮ Premium Server for donators & boosters
✮ Question of The Day Event
✮ Tutorials

🖼️ Video:
🔗 Invite:
Hey! Du suchst nach einer hilfsbereiten und freundlichen Coding Community? Dann bist du bei uns richtig. Nebst unserem Hauptserver RexArmy bieten wir dir hier einige Channels, wo du dich mit uns über Coding austauschen kannst. Du kommst bei einem Code einfach nicht weiter? Du weisst nicht, wie du mit diesem Fehlercode umgehst? Dann trete uns noch heute kostenlos bei. Wir freuen uns sehr, dich hier begrüssen zu dürfen ;)
Bonjour !
WAAL est un serveur discord basé sur l'informatique (cybersécurité, programmation, hardware, etc), mais aussi sur le gaming. Dans ce serveur le respect et la bonne humeur sont deux principales qualités, si toi aussi tu veux nous rejoindre, alors n’hésite plus.