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👋Welcome to Modern Nations RP!👋
🖐️What we offer🖐️
-meet new friends 👥
-funny bots 😁
-real world politics💼


Je suis un grand fan de Clash Royale.
J'ai donc créé le serveur **FΔN ROYΔL**.

__Tu **peux**:__
-**participer à des tournois** : 💬
-**échanger des cartes** 💸
-**voir tes stats** __(grace au bot Deck Shop)__ 📊
-**faire ta pub** 🌍
-**recruter pour ton clan** 😀
-**faire une demande graphiste**

__Nous sommes **pressés** de te voir **parmi nous**.__

``Ton ticket:
This server is dedicated to the game We are Anti-Savage players who try to make the game a better place.
Here at GMM, we're set in the universe of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

The year is 1180, and the setting is Garreg Mach Monastery. You are the characters of GMM; the canon characters and original characters that make up the student populace. With a vibrant community, the opportunity to play canon and/or original characters, and an ongoing plot that you can make your own, we're devoted to creating an RP experience like no other!

With over 50 unique RP channels and a thriving group of roleplayers of all quality, we just ask that you help make this server a wonderful place!

Currently looking for certain canon characters!
This server all about having fun it is a dating, game server.😂🎉 We dont have much rules because I wanna give you the freedom as much as I can to enjoy the server. This server has so many roles to pick. This server include anime, dating or marrying, gaming.
We are happy for you to join our discord and become part of the puffer family 🥰🥰
This is a server where Rainbow Six Siege players can come and hangout with there friends and play R6 with a tone of other people and get to make new friends
A server dedicated to the videogame RimWorld

All gamers are welcome for gameplay discuss!

Share your experiences or follow a player's colony!
Clash of Clans Gaming Server. Just a regular fun clan. Join Crystalline, command your troops, feed your dragons, upgrade your town hall wage wars, donate, challenge, strategize and become Victorious.
Hey, are you tired of searching for the right Pokecord server? Well you can stop, because you've found this one! We have multiple channels for spawns, frequent giveaways, lots of Pokemon themed emotes, and we have a great friendly community of avid pokecord players!
☘️PvZ Rp (Version 3.5)!🍀
🍁Welcome to the only and second most popular PvZ RP Server in disboard! Here we are a big growing community that has a lot of stuff on it that will make your stay agradable and such...
Here are some of the stuff that we can offer you in the server.
🌿More than 100 Rp channels for you to use!
🌿Nice and active staff!
🌿A bio template that you can use for your character!
🌿Many bots that you can use for making your stay better!
🌿self-assignation roles
🌿A vent channel for explaining your problems to us!
🌿 And many other stuff that you’ll find in the server!
🌴So? What are you waiting for? Come join us and spend a great time together!🌴
A remixed classic: a prince resorts to forbidden measures to save his beloved kingdom from a great evil once sealed away and to take back his goddess' holy land.

「A new take on fantasy」
Join the prince in his mission to defend his kingdom and Battle with weapons and magic using coded, RNG movesets, as well as strategic actions in roleplay. Victory is not purely decided by one's strength.

「Character creation: simplified」
No longer will you need to invest your energy and time over traditional character sheets! In a world where much of your character's memories are not there to manipulate him or her, you are free to develop your character as you wish from scratch and development!

「A storyline developed by the players」
As a roleplayer, even your character's minor actions can influence the roleplay greatly.

「A lasting community」
Bringing over a community that has been on Discord for more than two years, we welcome intellectual communists and crackhead dropouts alike. Please do not feel unwelcome, because that wouldn't be reasonable.

Please do let us entertain you!
Hello old sport welcome to the city this is a new server so please give it a good welcome it has action it has drama it has death please join it will be amazing
Bastard Gaming is a gaming discord where people can have a say in tournaments and events through titles such as Total War and Paradox.
Our games include HOI4, Stellaris, Empire Total War and War Thunder

We host weekly and hold monthly competitions

Come Join Bastard Gaming TODAY!!
a very helpfull save the world server that gives news about the game and having fun together and u can also make teams to play missions and check daily missions everyday and we are trying to grow the server up and become more popular by ur support
Este es un Servidor que Apenas esta en crecimiento.

Si buscas un servidor amigable, este podria ser el servidor que buscas!

Eventos: En un Futuro, se agregaran eventos al servidor, minijuegos, etc!

Geometry Dash: Si juegas Geometry Dash, puedes unirte, el Owner es algo Noob, UltimateGD Bot Tambien esta aqui!

Que esperas? Unete!!!
HUGE SALE 1 shiny pokemon of choice 50 CENT'S

We are the cheapest genning service around for swsh! We host almost daily giveaways and first time buyers gets a free 6 iv Japanese dittos!
A community for hoi4. Pretty active. Come here if you wanna jump into a quick game or something. Will host multiplayer soon.
Les Six Royaumes est un tout nouveau jeu directement sur Discord.

Si vous souhaitez démontrer vos compétences en gestion et stratégie, aiguiser vos techniques de manipulation ou simplement expérimenter un tout nouveau genre de jeu, n’attendez plus !

Rejoignez un des Six Royaumes disponible, créez votre propre organisation, prenez le contrôle de puissants bâtiments, manipulez vos adversaires avec vos espions et décidez vous-même de la politique et de la diplomatie de votre faction.

Écrasez les cinq autres royaumes et vos noms seront à tout jamais honorés dans le Panthéon !
Jouer ne comporte aucun risque.
Servidor oficial del youtuber Zolokotroko.
En este servidor puedes encontrar clanes para clash of clans, aldeas para mejorar o consejos de ataque. También puedes conversar con jugadores y realizamos sorteos de vez en cuando.
Are you tired of searching for friends to play with? We are, too!
Join our server for instant Dead by Daylight SWF/KYF lobbies.

We're a Discord made to be a close knit community to play together and make friends with common interests. Anyone is welcome, at any age 13+ and any country.

We offer channels to advertise your YouTube, Twitch, other Discord servers, and artwork (commissions are also allowed).

We have:
• perk builds, share your favorite builds
• rants, gripe about a bad match
• bragging rights, show off a new achievement
• debates, casually debate on any subject DBD related
• memes
• infinite voice-chats for KYF/SWF lobbies
• looking to game channels for every platform (PC, Playstation, Xbox, and Switch)
• survivor's rulebook for killers
• bad tips
• lore and theories
• DLC giveaways, every 2 or so weeks
• and more, we're constantly expanding!

We're over 500 members and doing our best to grow into a happy and fun community-- we hope you join us!
See you in the Fog...