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╾━━★Ciudadela: La ciudad del crimen★━━╼

Ciudadela es la ciudad del crimen, contamos con una variedad increíble con mas de 40 armas de todo tipo y mafias/pandillas las cuales pertenecer o crear una independiente, mas de 30 profesiones: Puedes ser desde un medico hasta un sicario, la ciudad siempre esta siendo actualizada y con contamos con dados y si esto no te termina de convencer no usamos crafteos.

《══【Te Ofrecemos】══》

➤ Distintas organizaciones criminales a cual pertenecer y hasta formar una independiente.
➤ Mas de 40 armas y mas de 30 vehículos de todo tipo.
➤ Una gran variedad de empleos con un salario propio y hasta fundar tu propia empresa.
➤ Eventos diarios y siempre trabajando para actualizarlo.
➤ Bots de economía y sistema de casas.
➤ No usamos dados.
(Roleplay solo en Discord no somos un server para GTA)
Link: ✓
[Meteor Shower Community Event Active!!!] Nook Crossing is an active and growing 13+ community focused on three themes: family, friendship, and community. We'd much rather get to know each other than grow to a point
where we know few. Benefits of joining the server include:

- A large variety of interaction including polls, bots, events, and more

- Constantly changing thanks to valued feedback from you and others who wish to see changes

- Games such as Pokecord, Dank Memer, game nights, and more

- A fair economy that is clear of overcharging of anything including items, turnips, NPC visits, or anything similar

- Bi-weekly community events including mystery prizes, scavenger hunts, hide and seek, and other fun activities

- Gradual rewards as part of being active such as posting images, choosing your own role color, and more, obtained when your rank hits a certain point

- Our appreciation for you
Welcome to worlds fallen after a virus broke out destroying all forms of national goverments immunitys are built and new nations rise will you be able to survive and grow or will you be lost in the pages of history
I made an Animal Crossing: New Horizons server a few days ago. It is relatively new and doesn’t have many members. I plan on doing giveaways and events! If you like Animal Crossing, feel free to join!
🌴 Hiya there! This is ACNH Island, a server revolving around Animal Crossing: New Horizons. We're still a small community but a welcoming and friendly one! This server includes:

🌿• Self-Assignable Roles!

🍃•Friendly Staff!

🌿•Lots of Trading Channels!

🍃•Suggestion Channel (We take almost every request into consideration to try and make your experience here great!)

Hello! We are a small community where we can hang out and talk about animal crossing and many other things!

We have:
-Self Assign Roles
-Stalk Market Channel
-Trades and Offers
-QR Codes
-Animal Crossing Emotes
-Mudae bot

Feel free to join and chill! We want to make new friends! :D
welcome to animal crossing! we are an accepting community that proudly features:

- 100+ emotes!
- giveaways!
- self-applicable and color roles!
- fun bots!
- voice channels for every occasion!
- lgbt+ friendly members and staff!
- a plethora of super specific channels!
- helpful and kind members and staff!
- unique roles!
- new horizons, new leaf, and still expanding to the rest of the games!

feel free to join to talk about animal crossing, find others to play with, or just join to have fun! even if you dont own an animal crossing game, you are still more than welcome to join the server to make friends!
Greetings from Universal Airways!
We are an FSXSE and FS2020 based Discord server for flight training, fun, and roleplay. Anyone can join if they are interested in aviation especially if they want to learn how to fly in FSXSE!
We provide many amazing features for our users, including:
-> Professional and friendly staff
-> Topic-specific channels
-> Training
-> Self assignable roles
-> Music Bots
...and more!
We are currently working on improving our community, so we'll be very happy about new users and new suggestions!
Greenville Realism is a Roleplay Group, with fewer limitations and rules than other groups. There are no civilian applications, no banned vehicles, etc.

Fire & Rescue applications are open!
Hi, welcome to Into the New Horizons!

If you love Animal Crossing as much as we do, come and join our fun and loving community!
We have lots of different things for everyone to enjoy.
We have a large, growing, active community that is always there to help you in any way you need.
There are server events about ACNH and the New Horizons events held by our events team.
Like bots? We have bots!
We have multiple different bots with games and features for everyone to play with.
Like giveaways and free stuff?
Come and join our giveaways held by our server members!
Looking for something that’s not there?
Throw down a suggestion with our suggestion bot and we’ll see if we can make it happen.
With so much to do, we’re sure you will have an amazing time!

We hope to see you soon!
🛩️ **Welcome to Animal Crossing Island; a community of 3,000+ members!** 🏝️

Animal Crossing is a game franchise beloved by many. While mostly centered around the latest entry, Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this server is for anyone who loves Animal Crossing. We strive to keep the 3 themes of family, friendship, and community in place to ensure that your time here is the best experience. 😊

You can expect:
• A *friendly community* 🙌
• *Level 3 Nitro Boosted* 💖
• Many *text & voice channels* 💬
• Animal Crossing *news updates* 🌴
• New Horizons *giveaways & events* 🎉
• AC *trades, visiting, and FC sharing* 👋
• *Roles & rewards* earned by ranking 🏅
• A unique *ranking system* 🏆
• Self-assignable *roles & colors* 🎀
• Fun *bots & commands* 🤖
• Custom *ACNL & ACNH bots* 🌳
• *Chill music* with DJ K.K. bot
• *300+ emoji* (many animated)! 🥳
*Nitro Boosters earn special Rewards & Benefits such as instant access to color roles, a hoisted role, special AC giveaways, and a thank you!* 💖

Join here:
Join the ACNH Mini-game Server! This server hosts regular games like Fashion Shows and Total Drama Island. Here is a review!
“ Never sent in a review and it's 3AM but-

This server is amazing and even though I've been here only for a short amount of time, you guys have made me feel welcome and remind me of the old friends that I lost when my 3DS Nintendo Account got lost and my friend list was ruined lol

Basically you guys are like... Nostalgic for me. And I hope we become closer as the days go by! Thank you so much, all of you!”

We also host regular villager giveaways! Soon, we are giving away RAYMOND! We hope you enjoy the server <3
Hey there! Are you looking to join one of the best flight simulator communities out there? Look no further because you have finally arrived! We support tons of VAs and promote aviation around the world. With active members and admin to ask questions to we are always open for business! Come on down and check us out!
Ever wanted to be an airline pilot? Now you can with 2 virtual airlines supported!
--United Planet airlines: This passenger airline (in co-op with pioneer freight ways) strives to get you from point a to point b as quickly and comfortably as possible.
--Pioneer Freight ways: Pioneer Freight ways is a small cargo virtual airline. We are active on FSX/P3D/x-plane 11. Our passenger service runs as United Planet airlines.
This is the discord server for Squid Squad! A Roblox Adopt Me squad. Join this server if you want to join us!
Chill n Farm.
FS19 PC Dedicated Server.
Realism Roleplay with Police Patrol.
Farm slots open.
Farm Owners will get any 2 pieces of land and $600,000 starter fund.
Open to anyone around the world. (must speak English)

This is a new server and we would love to have you join.
One day, a Tribe called the Tribe of Fallen Leaves heard of the clans. They liked their ways, so they decided to make their own Clans. They made 4 clans— MinnowClan, JaggedClan, StreakClan and JayClan. MinnowClan was made for cats who liked fishing. JaggedClan was for cats who liked rocky slopes and ground. JayClan was for cats who liked trees. StreakClan was for cats who liked Moors. One day, during a horrible prey shortage, StreakClan cats got so hungry they attacked their own Clanmates just to steal their prey. Elders and queens grew hungry as the warriors ate what they caught. They started going rouge, hurting one another for prey and broke the warrior code for food. The leader of StreakClan, Juniperstar, hated this, and went away forever. The deputy, who had once been a great warrior, had turned evil. He *forced* cats to give him prey. He was most vicious of them all. Soon, they started hunting other Clan’s prey. Some cats left to find more prey. Others stayed and tried to claim it all for themselves. The leaders could not accept this, so they drove what was left of StreakClan away from JaggedClan, MinnowClan, and JayClan. Will StreakClan be found and brought back? Will they stay away forever? How will the other cats handle the prey shortage? Will you be a StreakClan cat and try to help your Clan find a way back? Will you be a JayClan, JaggedClan, or MinnowClan cat and hunt for them? When will the shortage of prey end?
Join and try to help! Continue the adventure!
{Also, there’s a advertisement channel and some other things! Join now! :)}
A friendly animal crossing server for animal crossing fans, and also a community. Even if not a fan of the animal crossing series, there are things for you that can be found here.
Are you having a hard time finding people who like mystic messenger just like you? Well you came to the right server!

Our server holds..

-- Mystic messenger emotes
-- Mystic Messenger Roles
-- VIP for server boosters
-- Many channels for chatting
-- Voice channels
-- Suggestion channel
And many more!

Us admins are always putting our members before ourselves, and hope to upgrade the server by using our members suggestions!

We would love to have you on our server and make amazing memories with you all!
Hello! Welcome to the ACNH Group! We are passionate about animal crossing and hoping to help people out when playing!
We have:
– Channels for turnip prices and trading items
– accommodating to everyone (Including LGBTQ+ 🏳️‍🌈)
– Subreddit feeds including important AC related subreddits
–A place to plug your own stuff
–Meme chat for all your AC (And not) Related Memes!
–A place to put your friend code (A.K.A more friends)
–A channel for custom designs (made by you or others)
–More coming soon!
If you have any issues PLEASE Contact Alex_Bac#1871 (On discord of course)

(We are a Lv1 nitro boosted server the more boosting we get , the more features!)