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Unofficial english Community server for the multiplayer survival game called Last Day Rules: Survival.
Best server yet. With up to date patch notes and server news.
The #1 GTA 5 Recovery Service. Premium service and a Great Community!
-Invite Rewards
-Money Refills

☄️Asteroid - $2☄️
Cash: $150 Million Banked
Level: 0-100

🌎Planet - $5🌎
Cash: $450 Million Banked
Level: 0-250
Stats: Maxed

🌑Moon - $10🌑
Cash: $900 Million Banked
Level: 0-500
Stats: Maxed

🌌Galaxy - $15🌌
Cash: Any
Level: Any
Stats: Maxed
Unlocks: All Unlocks, Account Stats: Custom Stats and K/D to look believable! Your choice of stats or preset by me.

Unlocks: All (Admin shirts, LSC unlocks, Clothing, Bunker Research, e.g, Everything in the game)

Recovery Status: Free Lifetime Refills!
Looking for a chill Minecraft Bedrock Realm to play on? You're in luck! But first, a little backstory.

As the name implies, we're currently on our 6th iteration. We were founded back in June 2016, ever since the beginning of realms for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition. And since then, we've established ourselves as a tight-knit community that occasionally goofs around - whether it'd be "accidentally" setting someone on fire or "accidentally" shoving someone off a cliff. Even with the amount of work our skilled player base puts into their builds, we still find time to play around and have fun! Despite having been griefed or bogged down by game-breaking bugs before in the past, that doesn't stop us from having fun.

And y'know what else can add more fun? New people! Which is why we're seeking new recruits on platforms like Minecraft Forum! Wanting to join a realm that fits the bill for a vibrant vanilla experience in Survival Minecraft? Searching for a realm that isn't brought down by trolls or griefers? Chances are, we are just the realm for you! If you want to know more about Genesis, or even want to apply, we highly advise that you check out the material below. Or if you have any questions, then don't be afraid to ask! On Genesis, it is our duty to provide a fun yet casual Minecraft environment for those we open our gates to! Tally ho!

Be aware that our process is incredibly selective, as we want to make sure we can pick out the best people to join our realm!
If you love OP-Prison servers, then this is the place for you! Risen Cloud is a server revolving around our most popular server prison, however me have many other game modes such as: Skyblock, Creative and Factions!

We have Unique plugins and features, join may others in prison in their mission to rise through the prestiges, acensions and rebirths, , while enjoying hundreds of cosmetics extras in Prison, conquer bases and survive battles in Factions, and show your building brilliance and skill in Creative. Skyblock takes you back to basics, with its own twist.

**And we also have..**
.. An active community
.. Great staff
.. Lots of giveaways
.. A friendly community
.. Game tournaments

**So what're you waiting for? Join us today!**
**IP:** For more information see:
Ark Mobile Server on:
Titansquad 2.0, Europe, PvP, Hard.
This is a server where you will receive a starter kit on your arrival, provided by active, supportive and patient admins.
Starter pack includes
-fur/flak armor,
-asc Hatchet and pickaxe
-lvl 65
-400 of each resource
We have events every fortnight as well as giveaways every week, with drops every now and then on top of mountains and near caves!
We are a new small server looking to expand our community and make new friends.In our eyes, Pixelmon Evolved is a server truly built for the community and that's the way it should be. You, as the players, decide on what we add to the server! We would love to have you join us on our Pixelmon server. Be part of our community; Your Pixelmon adventure awaits!

We have lots to offer: random events with exciting rewards, kits to get you started and 8 different gyms for you to battle your way through to try your luck against the champion! When your all done with that you can enter one of our tournaments with even more prizes on offer.
We're an Active Minecraft Realm Survival Server. We have many active nightly players, and take great pride in our trading economy. Our small survival server has had over 50 new visitors in the past week, and the regularly active playerbase is growing by the minute! Enjoy!
What is Library Minecraft?

Library Minecraft is a project to create a giant collection of player-written books within a Minecraft server. The topics of these books can be almost anything: fictional stories, a guide, or just a short poem or message.

Outside of the libraries in this server, everything else will be pure anarchy, hacked clients allowed and all. Library Minecraft strives to be a record of people's writings throughout time, as well as provide a pleasantly unique take on the classic Minecraft anarchy experience
Minecraft porn/hentai, blocky boobs, square ass, whether you like it seriously or ironically you're welcome here, even if you're just curious about the server, if you're not even interested you can still join and become part of a nice little community, we've even got normal porn, and memes too
Gamma's RP is a scripted role-play YouTube series that follows the villain of a medieval era as he does acts in the gray areas of morality. As the villain builds a huge empire of minions and invents a lot of steampunk technology, a knight and his love interest discover the villain's evil plot to take over the world. The ending leaves the viewer to wonder who was truly the villain?
Set in a universe much like our own, The Very Thing We See takes place in a alternative reality where humanity, despite the odds, has discovered interstellar space travel. Humanity's lack of awareness of the dangers around them, may indeed, perhaps lead to their very downfall.

In the year 2000, an alien race formally known as “The Lanchkies” neared human solar systems, eventually stumbling upon “Voyager 2” a space probe containing information of the basic human anatomy and earth’s location; parallel to the sun. A response mirroring the information given in the voyager was sent to earth for humans to find, they eventually did and chaos ensued shortly.

Having sent Voyager 2 themselves, NASA had the upper hand, but rumors spread quickly and the U.S was warned not to take action just yet. Finally; The NASA, SETI, European Space Agency, China National Space Administration and other extraterrestrial committees present around the world.. came to an agreement and the GAETC (Global Administration of Extra-Terrestrial Contact) was founded, working with all Earth’s Great Powers’ but adjacent to them.

This process took 10 years to accomplish and in the year of 2014, the GAETC was made public, after the human race had not only already sent their replies, but now had direct methods of communication with the Lanchkies.

As of 2017, humans had already visited Orsisnois and Lanchkies had visited Earth, a peaceful bond arranged with them where tons of equal exchanges were made; this helped humanity overcome some of their limitations regarding space exploration, spaceships able to travel to other worlds were built and contact between regular civilians and other species was slowly introduced.

Everything seemed to be going smoothly, Earth had managed not to go into complete chaos and as of 2021 other worlds had been visited, lines of communication with the Lanchkies were now more abundant than ever. To our misfortune, the first trip to Slaxxr was carried out, and suddenly we had unwanted attention upon us; The Tabblinks had their eyes on humans as a species and it suffices to say the agents sent to the trip did not come back.

Now it's 2022 and the Chaos begins.
~Written by the server's admin, Tokger.

The Very Thing We Seek is where you are capable of making multiple different alien race, where they would be playable by others or just you. Creations made by you can be made on already premade planets or on other's planets (with permission), or just have their own! They'll follow a format (and be submitted to the species lore) or will be described by the owner (or the admins) in the species lore!

Colour roles! We have already made ones and or ones you can request!

Fun for the whole server! We're always expanding the amount of bots we have, and are willingly to take request.

Google doc format is a little complicated! We have a simplified version too! You don't have to be professional, after all, we all write in our own ways!

So my question still stands, why don't you give it a attempt?

OWNERS NOTE: This server is pretty big (in terms of channels and categories) and we're still a major wip.
We've been developing the server to make sure it will be different than most Minecraft servers. We are preparing to launch soon! We could use a couple more developers and any suggestions for the server are welcome...

Embark on a difficult Minecraft journey of survival, alone or with friends.
Create a masterpiece to show the world.
Parkour your way to victory!

The choice is yours... Earn rewards the more you play, compete for the top spot on the leaderboards and invite your friends to play along with you.

Join us today for a fun, but challenging, adventure! SMP, Skygrid and Creative launching soon... Factions and Skyblock in future plan.
C̶̟̒ḧ̵͉i̸͇̾ḽ̵̔l̶̋͊ ̵̑̔S̵̓̇q̶͂̿a̵̭̓u̶͌̾.

about us
We are an on growing community creating a safe place to make friends we offer lots of bots and even our own bot! We also take staff currently and we don’t discriminate for you’re gender, race , sexuality , nor religions so we make sure you’re safe and respected because what is community without respect? We hope to see you the dimmed side

New Haven is a series of bedrock realms which are 2 years in the making. Coming in several iterations, Reborn being its most recent.

Looking for a community for you and your friends to join?

Rule the land of New Haven, and become the strongest faction.

Or just farm and build in the offskirts, the impending doom of invaders possibly anyday..

Join the realm today
I really hate how there's no personal connection on a lot of minecraft servers. What's the point of playing online if not to have fun with other people?

I made a server that only allows people who are honest and not super angry all the time. We can build together, share laughs, talk about our day and chill, that kind of thing.

The server's set to hard difficulty. We've just rebooted the whole thing with a brand new application form and whitelist.

To apply, just convince us you're a decent person. It's that easy. Check out the google form at the following link:
1. Swearing is allowed as long as it isn’t directed at anyone!
2. Do not ask for personal information after the person says they do not want to share it!
3. Do not pretend to be staff!
4. Re respectful!
5. Do not threaten anyone!
6. Do not be an attention seeker! (Saying you’re going to kill yourself.)
Age Limit:
This community adheres to an age limit to help maintain our goals for operational success. Everyone age 15+ are allowed join our community and be eligible for membership in the San Andreas State Roleplay. There is no exceptions to this age limit.
➪| Xbox One Only (Unless Dispatch)
➪| Legal Copy Of GTAV
➪| Xbox Live
➪| 100% Working Headset
➪| Laptop, Computer, Tablet Or Phone
Welcome To San Andreas State Roleplay:
SASRP was founded 1/12/2019 By Cameron B | 1-K-27. Our goal of realism, as well as professionalism, along with a friendly environment is what forms SASRP. Having a community were people get along is one thing, but a community that is built for the love of roleplaying and the willingness of bettering yourself and others is the backbones of our community. Our staff have spent countless hours, minutes, and seconds creating a standard a way of life. We pride ourselfs knowing that our goal of striving to stand out and be unique, to be ourselves, and to do what we love most roleplaying.
What We Offer At SASRP:
Here’s what we can offer to the new comers and already existing members!
➪| Active And Welcoming Members
➪| Active Staff That Work 24/7
➪| Rules That Everyone Follows
➪| Simple To Use Discord User Interface
➪| Fully Fleshed Economy System
➪| Working CAD/ MDT System
➪| State Of The Art Roleplay Experience
➪| Professional LEO’s And Civilians
Department Status:
➪| SAC (Civilian) [OPEN]
As Of 13.01.2020
Thank you!
We want to thank you, Our Administration Team, fans, and members of the San Andreas State Roleplay community for taking the time to dedicate yourself and thrive this community that we call home.
Welcome to DayZ & Chill. The Largest Private PvP Server On PlayStation.
Over 900 members, spanning all over the world; DZNC hopes that one day we can be one of the largest Day Z community there is :earth_americas:


All servers are 52 Slot and Full all the time. Filled with a super fun community that enjoys chaos-fueled PvP, silly adventures, and generally *CHILL* atmosphere.

🌏 52 Slot [HIGH/NYC] - **Page 1**
🔥 K/D % Tracking + LIVE KILLFEED
🌱 Organic PvP with no forced events.
🌖 Longer Days.
⏲ Server resets every 6 hours.

**Discord Information:**
✅ Discord Link:
🗣 Language: English :speaking_head:
🇺🇸 PlayerBase: Majority USA & UK 🇬🇧
⏱ Hours of Operation: 24/7
📋 Challenges, Bounties, KillFeed + more!
💰 Rewards, Rankings and Full Economy
🗺 Dedicated Rooms for help learning (Tips & Tricks, iZurvive, Videos etc)

**and much more!!**
Terra MC Minigames is a purely Minecraft-dedicated Discord where small member-made minigames can be created and played on using a dedicated VPS! (Virtual Private Server)

Have a minigame suggestion or idea? Bring it to life at Terra MC Minigames!
SMP Earth (MCBE) is a SMP Server for Youtubers/Streamers of all sizes. The map is a 1:4000 replica of Earth.
Minecraft pocket edition server offering free creative mode.
Games include:
—> freebuild
—> creative plots
—> minigames (parkour, dropper etc)
—> roleplay
Come be part of our friendly community :)
Welcome to Lost Lands Redux RPG Survival Server!
We started our server a with the idea to make a friendly survival server.
So if you want to be a part of a growing lore and community, or just play normal survival out in the wilderness, this server is for you!

TokoVoip :
64 sloty
Rekrutacje do frakcji: LSPD, EMS, LSCM
Ciekawe interiory frakcyjne
Abonamenty u operatora komórkowego
Narkotyki dostępne na serwerze!
Ogarniętych Administratorów jak i supportów
Importowane samochody do innowacyjnego Car-Dealera
Ciągła aktualizacja skryptów
Ciekawe napady i inne rabunki
Black Shop
Interiory dla organizacji, szafki i dużo więcej
Możliwość sprawdzania prochów na rękach/ubraniach oraz sprawdzanie działania narkotyków
Ciekawe skrypty ciągle dodawane na serwer
Prawie natychmiastowe naprawianie błędów
I Wiele więcej!

Polecamy sprawdzić, serwer już wystartował!
Serwer jest praktycznie gotowy, jedyne czego brakuje to full ludzi
Zapraszaj i powiększaj nasze Community

Sam się przekonaj i zapraszaj znajomych!