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A new server, with a nice admins. There is role-playing.You can share your art.
We are happy to have you on server. - Chara =) & Sans ;)
Welcome to Genshin Impact! We are a community of people who love genshin impact, we offer:

╭⊹₊˚๑🍡꒱︰Partnerships and Affiliates!
┊⊹₊˚๑🌸꒱︰A growing community!
┊⊹₊˚๑🍡꒱︰Lots of genshin impact fans and simps!
┊⊹₊˚๑🌸꒱︰Lovely Staff!
╰⊹₊˚๑🍡꒱︰Many channels to choose from!
Unity DnD is a DnD West march and living server looking for players. We’re focusing on and addressing the failures, issues, and setbacks other West marches have and eliminating them. As far as west march is concerned we are very flexible and have a variety of DM's in different time zones to meet your needs regardless of what time you post or plan on playing. It's truly a full "living server”

We have a large lore base with a 400 page lore book soon to be released in english as well as epic levels, balanced homebrew content and much more!

On top of this, we have a large RP expansion and quickly growing player base as well as round the clock world RP and Quest events!

There are Two quests run at minimum per day.

Please note: Extra DM's are always needed and looked forward to. Please PM the owners for Dungeon Mastering information and application.

If you were part of the previous server, PlanesWalkers DnD, we highly recommend you rejoin as we had to restart due to an error. Your progress has been saved.
Welcome to TFD. The warmest most welcoming server you’ll find. Afterall we're all a big happy family.

Main features:

-A kind and helpful community :)


-Nitro Booster perks and Nitro Giveaways

-Leveling System with role rewards-

-Staff/Mod Applications

-Dedicated Spam Channel (with 100m/s auto delete)




-Epic RPG bot with miniboss/arena rooms, horse rooms, duel rooms and self roles based on area/horse etc for finding dungeon/horse partners

-Self-made auto-reminder for Epic RPG :)

-PokeRealm and Myuu for Pokemon Fans

-Rumble Royale (a battle royale bot)

-Our very own Melon-Farmer bot

--Dank Memer (Dank Memer Robbing is disabled)
★Wolves of the Wild★

A pack has been separated into 2 after the horrible conflict, now they roam.

Will you be the one to conclude the packs?

Find out

What We have to offer!

♢ A loving community! ♢
♡ NSFW Chat! ♡
☼ Active Role-players!☼
° Active Staff °

Join us today!
Olá Gostoso(a) 💖, venho lhes convidar aos prazeres do servidor conhecido como “🔞 Dubae (Hentai Boing) (NSFW)“, que tem como principal temática conteúdo erótico e adulto !!focando nos seus mais pervertidos e safados desejos 💖. Venha conhecer a cidade de Dubae, uma terra de prazeres e devassidão, enquanto sua imaginação e criatividade caminham pelas ruas desta lhe proporcionando os mais agradáveis prazeres. Também, damos suporte para outros jogos separados a cidade de Dubae para aqueles que desejam libertar seus maiores e mais pervertidos fetiches, como também poderá conhecer outras pessoas e ficar íntimos com elas . Se é o que procura, estarei esperando você por lá 💋💋💋.


🤍 Chat de Bate Papo de Comunidade de ERP e ERPG.
🤍 Canal Para Divulgação de Imagens e BOT de Imagem NSFW
🤍 Ficha Para Criar Personagens.
🤍 Suporte Para Se Narrar de Maneira Aberta ou Privada
🤍 Bots de Dado de RPG
🤍 Bots de Musica
🤍 Cidade de Dubae (Roda de ERP)
🤍 Canal de Memes.
We are just a server dedicated to all things monster hunter from flexing your fastest time on a quest to finding friends to hunt with.
🔥 NA DU 🔥

Ich komme von Highlifeonline und stelle euch heute diesen Roleplay Server vor.

Wer sind wir?

Highlifeonline ist ein Server der seit dem 25.09.202 in Entwicklung ist. Wir basieren uns auf deutsches Hardcore RP
Unsere Closed Beta eröffnet bald.
Bis dahin brauchen wir euch!
Ihr wollt Fraktionen übernehmen, habt Wünsche oder wollt eure eigene Fraktion gründen, dann meldet euch bei uns auf dem Discord.

Was suchen wir derzeit?

⚡️| Fraktionsleitungen werden gesucht (Arzt,Feuerwehr...)

⚡️| Teammitglieder

Was bieten wir euch?

⭐️| deutsches Hardcore RP
⭐️| Einzigartige Scripts
⭐️| extra entwickelte Scripts für die Crime Scene
⭐️| Lagfreies Spielen
⭐️| Echte Automarken

🛑| Closed Beta bald

welcome to hogwarts, school for witchcraft and wizardry.

here, we offer:
╔═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╗
— 🔮 experienced staff team, always here to support you!
⚡ — unique and limited powers like animagus
— 🌈 lgbtq+ welcoming [we do not condone j.k. rowling's behavour]
🌙 — fun events & engaging plotline
— 🌹 lots of ways to expand your creativity!
🌿 — open prefect/head positions
— 🌸 maybe a bookclub in the future
╚═══*.·:·.☽✧ ✦ ✧☾.·:·.*═══╝

the sorting hat and staff await your arrival, young sorcerer!
serveur français basé sur le rpg de Sky, un super bot. Si tu ne connais pas son rpg viens nous voir nous nous ferons un plaisir de te l'expliquer.

sur ce serveur :
des giveaways, des salons de farm et plein d'autres choses.
• Torne-se um shinobi em: Naruto: Shinobi Legend「RPG」🇧🇷

• Comece a história de seu personagem

• Evolua

• Combata o mal ou junte-se a ele

• Combata a Kara ou junte-se a ela

• 7 aldeias diferentes para participar

• Vários clãs diferentes

Venha participar de nosso RPG, estamos te esperando.
A Hypnosis themed Overwatch Rp/ Erp server

A 18+ rp server
Canon and OC allowed
Many characters open including leadership positions
Join Today!
Hogwarts ist die Schule für Hexerei und Zauberei in den Schottischen Highlands.

Viele haben sie besucht darunter auch Harry Potter, Ablus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore und weitere Berühmtheiten.

Und diesmal bist du dran! Lasst uns gemeinsam das neue Jahr in Hogwarts beginnen. Es bieten sich viele Möglichkeiten für dich hier Freunde zu finden. Und natürlich hat jedes Haus dasselbe Ziel den Hauspokal am Ende des Jahres zu gewinnen. Schreibt eure Geschichte an der Hogwarts Schule für Hexerei und Zauberei!


Was dich erwartet:
- ein vielseitiges und aktives Rp
- nette Mitglieder
- NSFW nur in dafür vorgesehenen Kanälen
- Selfroles
- Überschaubarer Server


Wir würden uns sehr freuen, wenn du unsere Schule besuchst ^^
Liebe Grüße, dein Hogwarts-Team
We host games within discord. For example, a planet locked to it's sun, humans thrive in this planet in the 1912, can you lead your nation to victory? Join us and find out!
Family and friendship is #1 here
You can play bot game
Suggest another game
Chit chat with others
Get help with the game
Oh im forget
We try to always make epic rpg coins giveaways everydays
But tbh for TT0/1 Mostly
Seeking for a community to play with people about Monster Hunter? Boom Boom Flash Tails is all about that while having some collaborating, sharing, conversation, and more! We also feature a good variety of topics for more content such as non-mh related ones.

Join now Hunters!
[18+] The World of Midera has grown from a small RP kingdom to a budding open-world concept RP. What this means is you as the RPer are not bound to only function in one town or kingdom. You can choose from a wide variety of roles, both in a kingdom or as a nomad. You can even play the antagonists! You are allowed multiple characters so you never feel stuck in one particular place. There is a whole world that can be explored and traveled, and as we continue to expand the lore for these diverse locations, more will become available. How will your story unfold? Arrow-to-the-knee adventurer? Magnificent mage? Kingdom conqueror? If you can imagine it and take the initiative to work towards it IC, then the World of Midera is your oyster.

Please note that we are an 18+ group of writers (sorry youngins). We prefer this because there can be sinister or adult themes, language, or content displayed on our Discord Server, as well as in RP. Refer to The Laws for more info on our rules!
Welcome to BATTER UP! This is an OFF-centric server, so be warned for horror themes in the media sent here and dark discussions. If you can not deal with such things, please take your mental health into account and maybe step back for this one. Besides that, I hope the server remains civil and a pleasant experience for anyone who wishes to join!
We are a fairly new Roblox RP group
We are based of of the Roblox game Greenville
We are always happy to have new members.
WELCOME to the Yo-Kai Blaster's Association here u Sign up for ur team n interact with fellow Blaster's need help with grinding or training Everyone here will be able to help no matter ur rank but um be at least rank 10 before going online tho also if u need help figuring out Yo-Kai builds n learning the ropes we've got ur back enjoy n Blast on y'all ;3
————>open me<————
^~ You have been invited to the New red eyes, where adults can be adults. Would u like to come?? ~^

~we have:

-open staff
-active chat
-Emotes/sfw and nsfw
-erp/rp chats