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In the world Lofroumia, theres Elves, Dwarves Humans, Ogres, werewolves. Pretty much everything in a fantasy world. And you choose what you want to be.
The year is 3M 485. The war between the Humans and Dragons continues to be a stale mate. Zimayrth, the Dragon God of Life and Time and Xaeris, the Father of Mortals
are still trying to find way's to kill each other. Each side only needs one hero to turn the scales. Will you be that hero?
raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamdooooooooooooooooooooooom :V
We always dreamed that one day we'd reach out amongst the stars and grasp them for our own, taking our place as a super powerful race, right?

We made it...a few million miles. Humanity conquered the rest of the Solar System, terraformed as much as it could...but the vessels it sent out to deep space returned with alien forces at their heels.

The good news was that the races wanted to mingle...and one of said races opened a warp gate nearby, allowing one way transit to this paradise of a System...but as tensions between factions rise, this paradise could soon be thrown into disarray.
We are an active community of online students. We also accept public, international, charter, and independent study students. We provide tutoring and a friendly community to socialize with. Educators and parents welcome!
it's a starting server where you roleplay your way.
hope too

the roleplay is
dom sub
and more are comming
⋐▬ 🌲 ▬⋑ The Overgrowth ⋐▬ 🌲 ▬⋑

The Overgrowth is a studio headquartered on ROBLOX. Our goal is to create a flow of high quality products such as games, clothing, literature, music and other various content.

Our first official game will be based around a post-apocalyptic Canada ruined by fast-growing mutant plants. People have been forced to survive without the laws of humanity, but with the laws of the jungle. The key elements of the game will be roleplaying, gathering resources, gaining currency, PVE, PVP, joining factions and getting the best gear in order to survive in the harsh environment.

🌲 ⋐▬▬⋑ Positions & Programs ⋐▬▬⋑ 🌲

We strive to be a point of interest for everyone. Builders, scripters, mesh designers, GUI artists, ROBLOX animators, authors, programmers, singers, rappers, SFX creators, voice actors, musicians, GFX artists, illustrators, graphic designers, animators, clothing designers, streamers, youtubers, come here together to show off their work and promote, or sell their products at our Service Program. Event managers, partner managers, marketers, sales associates and interns assure the welfare, entertainment, and growth of our community. Still didn't see a position that suits you? You can appeal to create a role that fits you, even a department!

Besides the various professions we offer, we have many programs too. One of our most successful, and enhanced programs is our 'Partnership Program'. Our Partnership Program offers servers to partner with us every 48 hours. Servers who partner with us every 48 hours for around a month will receive free premium partnership. More info about it can be found at our server.

⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑ ⋐▬▬⋑

Cretus est ut supercreturus esse.
Grown to outgrow.
The server stars many years after the books (aproximately 1000+ years), and strange tribes have been appearing (fan-tribes). There's JMA which is still active (though we need teachers), but the rest of the world is open to explore.

People are open to add their fan-tribes to the server, though submissions are closed until more members come
There's currently no main plot, but there are four clans:

Rockclan - a group of cats who are strong swimmers and great climbers

Ashclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have great endurance, they are more friendly towards Rockclan than other clans

Wolfclan - a group of cats that are strong fighters and have good pain endurance, they are usually loose on the warrior code and hate Rockclan

Vineclan - they have long tail that help them climb and grab objects, they are great climbers
Come join us at the Lewd Roleplay Hotel!
We're a community focused on casual roleplay with NSFW content, we welcome all kinds and are open to suggestions for improvement!
Please note, new accounts will need to at least upload a profile picture!
Far mountains is a roleplay based on a book that I'm writing on wattpad. If you want to know more, I'll give a link for the story!

The main information:

Earth is connected to another dimension called Far Mountains. Humans always believed that it was a myth, a classic story told by parents to their kid but is that really true?
Far mountains is a big land, surrounded by thousands of mountains. There are special creatures living their like: hybrids, ottaku's, witches, trolls and a lot more.
You can join us in this thrilling rp where you can be one of of the far mountains civilians.
It has been 541 years since the ice age started. Blizzards engulfed the entire world in snow and ice. This left the world in chaos. After a few years, factions and clans were created as a new sign of civility in the world. Entire oceans are covered in Ice. The whole world is lurking with this new enemy to man. Come on over to The New Ice Age to discover your purpose in the new world. The story begins with you.
A new warrior cats roleplay server. Semi-lit roleplay and many high roles in the clans are still open and are first come first serve. We need more members!
Welcome to Running With The Pack!
A brand new, mature, realistic wolf roleplay server!
Self-assignable roles!
NSFW channels! (Must be verified 18+ to get access)
Organized and ready for roleplay!
Mods that actually care!

Most wolf roleplays are simply not thriving anymore, so this roleplay aims to change that with active new members. Considering it's just starting up, lots of ranks are still available and your character won't be drowned out like in larger and bigger servers!

Consider joining to become part of the pack! <3
A modern, urban fantasy Dragon Age roleplay server with room for PCs, OCs, and any character you can think of from Origins, Awakening, II, or Inquisition. Feel free to come in and check us out, and if you like what you see, apply for one of our open characters.

Some familiarity with the series required, but you don't have to have played every game or read every piece of media. That said, this is not a spoiler-free zone! You've been warned!
--A New Start--
Made for socialization

‣ Economy
‣ Custom Roles
‣ Active Community
‣ NSFW Area
‣ Self Roles
‣ Levels
‣ Need Staff
💜EROTIQUA💛 est un serveur 99% PORNO où l'on souhaite avoir 100% des membres MAJEURS, ici on est un serveur avec des membres [FR] - [BE] - [QC] uniquement.
Heyo! This server is a fan group of Erenii! You don't have to be here if you're just a fan, you can also just do what a normal server does, as well! The youtube channel, Erenii makes some videos people don't know a lot about (Or maybe they do), which are animation memes! Not the ones that include dank memes and stuff, but they have short music playing and have their OC's (original characters) do some action in it! Erenii does some other things too! Every Saturday she makes a video called, "Art Saturday". She draws something random that comes to mind and draws it in Ibis Paint X! She is gonna make some gameplay videos too, but not a lot. When she is bored, she makes shitposts. Anyway, that's gonna be it! I hope you enjoy this server, I mostly talked about the YouTube channel OwO but anyway, yeah! We're hiring an editor who is talented to edit videos for Erenii at the moment. So yeahhhhh! Join if you are interested!
Просто общение, и размышление на глубокие темы.
За быдло агрессию и примитивный поток сознания - легко попасть в бан.
Обсуждение видео, музыки, артов, историй из жизни, научных статей, своих теорий и тд.
This server has a lot of history to it. Myself and few friends had started chatting on Skype years ago and had made the transition to discord. During this time, I had met and made a lot of great friends and we keep this server going in hope to give you all the same experience.

We keep true to our values. If your looking to meet new people, hang out or even looking for love.

Our server welcomes all and we intend to make all our members feel at home. If your looking for a welcoming warm place this is the right server from you.

Our server differs from most other servers because we treat everyone as if you were apart of a family.
We hope to meet you soon and welcome you to La Familia.

😛Our server has:😛

👍We have a strong and respectable staff

🤔Vent Channel to talk about your issues.
🏆Achievement room (All Games)
🎧Voice Chatting
We have different kind of events with prizes

🤖Tons of fun bots! Including
😀Dank Memer
🎸Music bot
...and More

😈We do have 18+ NSFW
Both Porn and Hentai including Yuri, Yaoi and Furry

This is a somewhat haven for most roleplayers.
I hope that you enjoy this server. Here are some pretty basic rules.

N1: No spamming.
N2: Keep nsfw roleplay in NSFW Roleplay Category.
N3: Keep nsfw in #💊sexual-shit.
N4: Don't be a little tit sucking asshole mother fucker. Nobody likes a little shit.
N5: Use atleast somewhat of the template rules in #🚩oc-template-n-guid-lines🚩 and #🚩nsfw-oc-template-n-guidlines🚩
N6: No racism. Its painful.
N7: Post your memes in #💊epic-memes. Unless it is related to the conversation.
N8: No kind of abuse or disrespect to women. They are the more respected here.
N9: No kind of abuse or disrespect to men. Just cause you are the respected gender does not mean that you can be rude.
N10: No kind of abuse or disrespect to @Admin @My Waifu💖 @Thy Owners Or any other power ranks above you.

You Get 5 Warns Before Ban.
This is a growing community dedicated to meme.
This is a server where you can have fun and make new friends! We have many channels for you all to discover and awesome people to socialize with. You can speak freely without getting judge ever.
Altiria is a modern-fantasy RP set in a post-apocalyptic world- the evidence of that previous world lays in spaceship ruins that litter the desert and other places throughout the world. It's as if someone hit the reset button on society. We began to advance as a civilization once again; going through the motions of history once more. This leads us to the modern, current day - 2072.