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A Witch Hole is, obviously, a hole for witches to discuss and learn different practices. We offer classes, fun duels, a bunch of drunk witches and much more!

We have some rude bots to cater to your needs, Magick currency, plenty of chat hubs, different server exclusive emotes and a fat load of crickets!

Basically, we are a bunch of witches that kinda just gather. Chill. Vibe.

Blessed be.
Agora com toda a essência de um grupo de whatsapp:0, viemos apresentar um server muito bolado━☆゚.*・。゚veja:

"Um grupo ou um server?" Um server!(>▽<) só que com toda a essência de um grupo de whatsapp, ( ՞ਊ ՞)como aquele grupinhos de amigos que sempre tem aquele que gosta de falar só por meio de figurinhas(que seria os emojis no server) ou áudio(que seria call ou um arquivo de audio no server), e como se esquecer dos outros tipos de grupos ,de família, putaria, jogos e outros, cada um tem sempre suas pérolas, e elas estão no nosso server, então entre e se divirta ╰( ・ ᗜ ・ )➝━☆゚.*・。゚

O bom é que não temos aquele bagulho chato que quando vc tá escutando música e vem alguém querer conversa por áudio com vc.
By Facebook é o caralh*
--Hope's Climax--

- A Danganronpa ERP (erotic roleplay) server!
- Dozens of rooms to live out your fantasies in!
- An active userbase of DR lovers who want to RP with you!
- Age verification - strictly 18+
- Bots for levelling up, music and more
The DC Universe in all of its glory. Heroes and villains galore and an endless sea of possibility!
What we offer:

The chance to play canon characters

Semi-literate to literate RP

An extreme level of freedom with character creation

Friendly staff

RP events! And much much more.
Whether you want to play as a badass hero who saves the day every time, a villain who tries to destroy the world, or an edgy anti-hero who just wants to do right by the people/get revenge then we have it here! The question is... who will you be?
Artsy Fancy is a Art server and community with no toxic people and a hall of fame where YOU can be featured! It also includes art competitions and space for writers, arts and crafters, and gamers!
welcome to hell. We already know 99.999999% of you reading this belong here anyway, so why not stop by for a visit?

We offer:
🔥Tons of channels and bots to entertain yourselves
🔥Simple rules
🔥Many self roles for you to choose from
🔥A 13-17 community. We try our best to ban all the pedos and children

Things to note:
-if you are annoying, you will be muted, bullied or banned
-if you are inactive you will loose all respect from the owner which makes their tolerance of you lower. This may result is bullying, muting, or banning you :)
-members will instantly judge you off of your name and pfp and treat you accordingly, deal with it.

Guys seriously, if youre not gonna be active or youre just gonna join and leave, don't come here. Its also kinda dead so we need people to revive it
This server is all about gang banging so feel free to be horny.
Years ago 3 powerful beings came together and made many things, but they oversaw a single mistake, people would get trapped in-between and end up here. Years passed and this place has grown larger and larger, to the point there are kingdoms. The first kingdom, The Kingdom of Rem. This has those of hero type of background. They are what try and maintain peace. The second kingdom, The Kingdom of Tenebris, is where those of evil stay. And then final kingdom is The Kingdom of Neutrum, this is where those who have not picked a side stay. All together they are what make up this place. Who will your character meet? Who will they become?

Any type of character is accepted!

The first few to join get mod or admin

Hope you enjoy!
Hi Welcome to the Pokèmon Center, we are very welcome and enjoying your stay. We also have a suggestion and catching some of your interest. A Grande Opening of the server. got all houses and mansions for the members and such. We got suggestions on a given channels would like to suggest for. Also this is 18+ adult content ERP/RP server, so if aren’t old enough, don’t access this server, if the admins or mods find you out that you are underage, you know what to do, leave, you must or ban

The Pokèmon roleplay center has many more Role-play sections and channels has got many, almost roaming around the city and people’s home from role-play channels. Suggestions always include here for the members’ request. Please enjoy your stay on the lobby💕

RP server💖
Porn channels💖
Color Roles💖
ERPs in a certain channels💖
Non-toxic people💖
Requesting for Moderators👓
No character approval💖
star board💖
100+ channels💖
welcome to love bots !

this is a sfw server dedicated to all things ateez. of course non atinys are welcome as well, but make sure not to disrespect ateez or kpop or else-

☁;; self roles
🥡;; plenty of ateez emotes
🎱;; aesthetic vibes
💨;; ateez updates
🕸️;; friendly staff

and much, much, more!

come join today !

looking for staff and pms
Dark Plug Market ⚡ ( banned at 300 members ) offers variety of things such as:
💰-wts and wtb channels
👋-friendly staff
🔥-trusted market
🤝-partnered servers----
Its mainly a nsfw server

But your free to do whatever you want

(But pls dot reak too much havoc, its still a growing server, thanks)
Welcome to ℂ𝕝𝕠𝕦𝕕 𝕂𝕚𝕟𝕤 𝕊𝕖𝕣𝕧𝕖𝕣! This is a server inclusive to all kins (except for factkins)!

We have:
-Channels specifically for kin talks
-Blacklist to protect our members
-Vent channels to talk about your worries
-Easily navigable channels!
-Self-Applicable roles for your Identity & Pronouns!

Joins today, we'll see you soon!
Lewd Central
•☽ This NSFW server has all the irl and hentai categories you could wish for, along with a great and active community of amazing people! VCs and chats are always active, so even if you don't like the porn you can come and chat with us!
———— ❀ ————
❀• Cool Stickers
❀• NSFW Chat
❀• Self Roles & Color Roles
❀• Active & Chill Community
———— ❀ ————

A server for users with Nitro to access custom emojis.
The server itself has some miscellaneous emojis, but it also has links to several other servers;
Babber Emojis (2 servers), Better heart emojis (3 servers), Bugcat emojis, Cat emojis, Cute emojis (6 servers), Default Styled emojis, Dragon emojis, Egg emojis, Face emojis, Holiday emojis, Neon emojis (4 servers), NSFW emojis, Panda emojis, Pepe emojis, Pride emojis (3 servers), Recolored emojis (2 servers), Weird emojis (2 servers) & Word emojis
-Amazon Deals & Coupon Codes
-INSTANT In-stock alerts for
-Know when items like Nintendo Switch, Logitech Webcams are in stock!
-In stock alerts for Corona supplies
Hey! Welcome to Rainbow Six Siege Roleplay! Here we focus on giving people the opportunity to ship characters with other while giving a military roleplay feel! Our main focus isn't the Military side of things though, so do not rely on us to be serious Military Simulation, but to give you a quick run down of the whole server, I'll list off what we give you!

-Easy to follow character template with a good review system!

-Custom colours! Unlike other a lot of other servers, we give every character a role so you can choose your own colour to be displayed as!

-IRP (In Roleplay) Text chats where all of the operators connect in a virtual world so when you're feeling bored you can just text fellow operatives! and the texts do connect to what happens in the servers roleplay so it's canonical to the server

-Erotic Roleplay, we know everyone enjoys the occasional release that erotic roleplay can bring to you, so we allow it! But the ERP Scene has to be believable, two characters can't just randomly decide to do the sexy, there has to be mood set beforehand!

-16+ This server is strictly 16+, if you are found to be younger than this, you will be removed from the server!

-Fair moderation server, our moderation team focuses on listening to our members and allows them to speak up, kind of like a 1st amendment right! Fair criticism is key to a server's success

-Headcanons! This server doesn't follow character lore exactly so canon relationships or anything of the sorts can be abolished if chosen by a character's owner, and you can also add on to a canon characters likes such as maybe Caveira now likes cake! The simple stuff or complicated.

-And last but not least, a good variety of channels to choose from while you roleplay with one and other!
A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there lived a colony of space-dwelling cats...

These cats lived in harmony on a small planet, with plentiful prey and water to go around. Then, one day, a meteor came crashing down into their planet, and their lives were twisted and turned both figuratively and literally.

They were sent spiraling through space and many different galaxies, before finally landing on what we call Earth. This new planet was drastically different from their original home, and they had to learn how to adapt and survive.

They tried to live together in harmony as they did on their own planet, but they couldn’t protect and feed and shelter everyone properly here. Many were going to bed each night with an empty belly. Four of these cats had had enough, and finally snapped after yet another cat died of hunger.

Galaxy, Cosmos, Asteroid, and Moon all formed their own clans to keep as many cats as they could alive. They each moved to different territories, and tried their best to live in harmony.

So, the four clans were born. They still try to live in harmony, but there are secrets, lies, and hidden rivalries buried deep beneath the surface...

Welcome to Warriors: Darkness Strikes! This is a Warriors-based roleplay server with four new clans based from space! We have many great things here, including but not limited to:

-Four original clans 🌌💫☄️🌙
-Many roleplay channels!
-Many open high ranks
-Open to staff applications!
-Fun bots!
-Interesting lore and plots!
-And so much more!

So go ahead and give us a shot, I can promise you won’t regret it!
Love eggdog
This is an eggdog group and I spose it's a cult but it's mainly just talking to other people, suggesting eggdogs so the owner can make and there's also a kind of rp thing I guess.