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Hello and welcome to our discord server! We were founded on July 7th by a couple of players dedicated to bring the most underrated players together to dominate the CODM scene. GSP eSports is based in North America and planning to expand into other regions. Our community is composed of casual players, competitive players and content creators. In addition to being a competitive team we are a family! Please read the rules thoroughly and hope you enjoy your stay in our discord server!
We are a clan dedicated to honoring the memory of The Great Greg, common guest in countless youtube videos. He will be leaving us when Beyond Light launches and Titan gets vaulted. We hope to do him proud.
— — — — 𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐰𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟𝐞𝐫 — — — —
💻 late night gaming (10PM-6AM EST)
┆• nitro giveaways / contests 💰
┆• help suggest new emote commissions ✨
┆• jar jar binks bot 👽
┆• late night gaming ☕
A nice little community focused around the games apex legends and titanfall. We are also hosting an apex 1v1 tournament for discord nitro at 50 members as well as another nitro giveaway which everyone can enter also at 50 members
voici mon serveur black ops 2 ou vous pouvez y trouver des partenaire de jeux .
tu peux rejoindre se seveur peut importe ta console on supporte les joueur
- steam et plutonium
sur black ops 2 , le fun t'attends en plus d'un satff actif rien que pour toi

c'était lyne pour te servir sur ce à tantôt ... (enfin du moins je l'espère )
__**— ÆTĘRNŪM —**__
We are a worldwide competitive clan stretching across six of the world’s seven continents, promoting the ideas of respect, **unity**, respect, and lack thereof of toxicity. We are a representative democracy, power vested in three coleaders (collectively known as the Board of Directors) which lead the clan to to its success and help in attaining global reputation.

We ask our competitive members (currently of Asia, Europe, and North America) to possess a competitive skill level of high T3 or above to keep up with our current members already enlisted, having previous or at least competent scrim experience.

We also host a casual portion, for those who want to be a part of the family but cannot make all of the requirements. These individuals can join our current level four clan, ÆTHÉR. The community is vast, and we enjoy worldwide players of various different regions coexisting in the same server.

• Must be respectful and mature.
• Must be able to work with anyone.
• Must achieve 150 clan activity a day or higher.
• Must be able to speak English fluently.
• Must lack toxicity.
• Must be able to use Discord microphones while in scrims if you are competitive.

- We are searching for one more high T3/T2 EU player to film an empty AR/SMG slot.
- All of our other comps are full, but still open to joining as well. Asia is T3, and NA is T2.

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to direct message me!

(Endless Invite)
・Welcome To Team Sexc
・Team Sexc is a simplistic chill community fortnite clan server
⠇・active chat and community
🌹chill community
💮laid back staff
🎈aesthetic layout
——💗 – - —
The Deepsea Metro is a community for all things Splatoon & Splatoon 2. Featuring custom emojis and a relaxed atmosphere, the Deepsea Metro is the perfect server for any Splatoon fans to join and make new friends!
We are a CODM clan that works for the best to find members and better ways to make it better.
Project Nexus aims to be just the right place for fans of Star Wars RP, we promise to keep experience here active.

This server is still a work in progress!
✨Welcome to R!OT✨

R!OT is a gaming community started in 2017 by Danger. We are a small and growing server that plays many games on all platforms!

As we gain more members, our server will grow and improve with it. Currently we offer:

☀️ Roles catering to your platform and age!

🌱 Many VCs for you to game in, stream, or just chat!

💫 There are art, meme, and overall community channels for you to express yourself in!

🍓 A game finder to help you find the perfect team!

🌟 Music bot...

💙 And more! Please suggest or help us grow our server. We are currently looking for simply active members!
Fearless scrims is a server owned by the Fearless Organisation. We have made a scrim server for people to practice and improve there endgame. We ban griefers after there 1st and last game in our server. We all have fun in the server and help each other get better. Also is a way to prove yourself and get recruited to Fearless eSports.
We are Team Alpha

We are recruiting skilled Apex players across the globe including you! We are also looking to grow on YouTube. We are a small server at the moment but hope to get bigger everyday!
At the moment we can offer fun bots, sponsors and coupon codes.

We are looking for:
-Competitive & Casual Players
-Streamers & Content Creators

Requirements For Comp
-800+ Lifetime Kills
-50+ Lifetime Wins
Casual players have no requirements.

Please be 14+ years old, English is preferred and be both an active member and be kind & respectful. Feel free to DM Yuri#3060 for more info or to partner as a clan, or if you wish to do clan wars.
Dm for more info!
Join the world's first community-run wager match and tournament platform. Enter DAILY free tournaments, and join a community of 1000s as we continue building a service you'll represent. We are partnered with some of the largest, most influential content creators to bring you a highly refined, anti-scamming platform that the community loves.

We have programmed systems in place on our site that detect scamming that will get players BANNED. Play knowing your money is safe against cheaters and scammers.
Serwer jednostki JW Żniwiarz do gry ArmA 3. Zapraszamy wszystkich Polaków, którzy chcą się zabawić :)
We are a Call of Duty Community Org

Vanguard Gold is our Pro-Am team

We host Monthly Cash Tournaments and Bi-Weekly Warzone Kill-Races

Weekly Scrims that are casted and stat tracked
VanguardCasting on Twitch

We will be transitioning into Cold War on release with a whole slew of tournaments and events.

Vanguard is open to anyone of all skill levels and our tournaments are typically pro-am level.

We also have a mobile division!

Just add Pokecord Community
⚜️We Are BLG (BlackListGamers)⚜️
🔺 BLG is a newly founded up-and-coming pro CODM clan, and at the moment, we are looking for players who enjoy playing for fun, content, and competitively.
BLG is a clan who will strive for the best competitively, while also having a fun time playin with our members.
Brand new ps4 server with a friendly discord community, through our server we want people to experience the full element of day z with the true pc feel.

🔫KOS on map🎁custom loot💚safezone 🤑traders/black market /econ🥊events🧨raid/purge weekends🗺factions
🆘️ Community support
Crate of Weed and 50lr rounds 5k each 💰
And much more join discord for more info!

A start up clan for Call of Duty on Xbox and warzone crossplay. |EMS| was originally formed in 2006-2007 for Call of Duty on PC (when it was only on PC) and grew to have 30+ members. Now I'm trying to bring |EMS| back. Looking for members, leaders, commanders, mods and recruiters.