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come share your music, the server's getting out of a quiet time and we need some tunes to spice things up!
Wotcher! We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. 💌

⭐ We're the top-rated RP Server on Disboard!

😘 2000+ Members
📝 Active and evolving roleplay
✨ 200+ Roles & Channels for RP
🏰 Set in present-day Hogwarts
🧙 RPG Duels & Quidditch Games
🌈 LGBTQIA+ inclusive
💪 Dedicated Staff & HP fans

🔮 Knowledge of the Harry Potter canon is valued but isn't required!!

All are welcome. We eagerly await your return owl and hope to see you at the start of term. Safe travels! 🦉
Safe Space (CG/L)
What we offer:
🕯️Safe space of everyone
🕯️Fun events
🕯️Chats for everyone
🕯️Good environment
🕯️Friendly and helpful staff
🕯️Regular Voice chats
Come join us, we're a 14+ server! <3
*Hello people of the Internet! We are a very new server that was based on another server with more then 300 members that got deleted because of the new Terms Of Service. *

*This is a chill server to chat, meet and date new people. We are open to any kind of people and we have no judgement*

*We are a Teen Server so no -12 or 19+*

*We are very new so for now, not many chatting will be happening but just join and the server will grow like it used too*

**I'll give u a cookie if u join!**
we practice low moderation. just be cool

┊active staff
┊self-assignable roles
┊fun misc bots
┊gaming nights
┊active vc
┊lvl 1 server nitro
Hello there! Welcome to Warrior Cats! We're a small but welcoming group and would be happy to have you! With an event team, a new team of moderators and admins, and constant server improvements, we'll do our best to make you comfortable and enjoy your time here!
We've got:
A channel for spoilers!
Discussion about the books!
Music and roleplay bots!
We are completely average!
Friendly staff!
Talented artists!
And more! I think! Wanna know for sure? Join us to find out! But no matter what, we always promise you- you will never be surprised
Create characters! Roleplay! Share your art! Have fun!
Heya! i hope you will join us in sharing and discussing hentai, anime and manga! We also have a range of porn and hentai for you to steal.
Welcome to ponyworld Explorers a place for all fans of mlp and Dora the Explorer note you don’t have to like Dora to join you can like mlp but not like Dora If you don’t like Dora thou please respect the people who do like it.
What is this server about?
It's a Brony/Pegasister server, Dora fan server for all you fans of ponies and mlp and Dora.
What purpose does it serve?
To form a community, and to bond; while enjoying the contents of the server. Be it Art/Memes or just NSFW. We also offer special Reward roles in which you can earn by being engaged in the server. And if you like movies we have movie nights and other events.
What do we want to achieve as a community?
we want to gather everypony and every creature and every explorer here, to become large and spread the word of friendship.
Welcome to Swanky Central! This server is a small but ever growing discord for people who want to share and discuss hentai and other NSFW stuff! We have loads of stuff like Roleplay, Yuri, Rule34, Overwatch, Feet, Furry, Futa, BDSM, and much more! Join now, look around, and have some fun! ;)
Coffee Addicts is a community of assorted inviduals from every race, colour and country who come together to play games, discuss politics and talk shit about everything in life. We started of as a World of Warcraft guild but has since evolved to include a wide variety of different games while keeping the warm, welcoming community.
Hello! My name is summer and I have a server to share with you! This is the Gacha Mini Server! WE'd love to see you there, I won't expose much info if so that will ruin the surprises this server brings! Just a click of a button! Hope to see you guys there!!!
Welcome to make money here!
This server is basically a job interview show off your drawing skills, acting skills and writing skills in hopes that you get hired! I made this server in hopes to help people find work.
Server for trans and questioning people to chat and hang out. Loosely related to the Egg_irl subreddit.
community that values open discussion AKA no trigger warning BS.
Talk about mental health issues and share stories or any other topic.
Server has a 4chan culture but mature minded so not edgy nazis etc
♥~♥~ Welcome to Heart Beat Support ~♥~♥

We are a server created with the intention of educating and collecting information about individuals who are systems. Not just that but we are also a server that wants to help individuals with finding a nice and comfortable place to talk and find other people like them. We offer a myriad of features including, but not limited to --

♥ ~ Support
♥ ~ Holiday Events
♥ ~ Game Nights
♥ ~ Movie Nights
♥ ~ Art Events
♥ ~ Help and Aid
♥ ~ Individuals who are always willing to educate
♥ ~ Homework helpers
♥ ~ A place for every type of conversation
♥ ~ Custom Roles and Pings
♥ ~ A warm and healthy environment for anyone who may need it

Our goal here in Heartbeat Support is to make the world a little less bad for individuals who are members of any type of system. All system types are welcome as well as all alter types!

Note: Both singlets and systems are welcome! So long as you're patient, understanding, and kind, than we will be happy to have you! Also remember, we do not allow for any discrimination between systems in any regards! We want everyone to feel welcome here!
The official community Discord server of ZHC - An Art YouTuber with millions of subscribers. The server is strict and fully Safe For Work. Events are held monthly. The luxuries and entertainment are many to choose from.

If you're not a viewer of ZHC, then that's not a problem. The server also provides the facility of teaching beginner to professional artists alike. Every artist with any skill set can openly join. There are various art teachers that will allow you to improve your art in every way.

Make the most out of your experience if you intend to join. Pleasure for reading this information.
Welcome to Artist Nation, a group of people with an artistic side to them. Whether it be from drawing, to writing, to photography, we have respective channels where you can post what you have created.

In this server you can share your art, photography, writing and other creative things that you have made. There are dedicated fandom channels to talk to others about the topic.

We’re very friendly and welcoming towards new members, always looking forward to those who are willing to stay.

Have a lovely week~!
Are you interested in powers or are you interested in an evil organization that wants to take control of the universe? Well, come join Mystic Lands! We have many features that we hope you'll like, which includes
-Many RP locations
-A friendly community
-LGBTQ+ friendly
-And much more!
And if you don't know what we mean, don't sweat it, us admins will be here to help you out and guide you. There's only one rule in RP, don't get caught by them...
Welcome To The Pervy Palace, Here you can find and chat with others like us all that like erp and if you like sending or looking at selfies or nudes we have channels for that too, all are welcome