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bem estamos no começo, então queremos que os usuarios conversem, encontre amigos, e claro, se divirtão
A very friendly community/anime/gaming server and other fun channels | Mature 18+ Community. || ♡LVL 3 Boosted & GOOD EMOTES!♡
AF tai Anime Finland on discord server tarkoitettu kaikille suomalaisille jotka ovat kiinnostuneet animesta, mangasta ja siihen liittyvästä kulttuurista.

Servumme tarjoaa:
- Mukavaa juttuseuraa
- 100+ erilaista emojia
- Useita erilaisia kanavia liittyen animeen ja peleihin
- Botteja kuten Nadeko, Groovy, Rythm ja Mudae
- Rankkeja joita ansaitset olemalla aktiivinen
ja paljon muuta!
We're aiming to be the most chill anime-rp server on disboard! We do Demon Slayer, which is already a pretty fire anime, and we allow all sorts of rpers, ranging from 1 liners all the way to paragraph writers. We also allow tons of creativity but if you choose, you can also use one of the canon breathing, as well as the big 2, sun and moon!!

This RP takes place in an Alternate Universe, disconnected from the main Timeline and its events. The Plot is similar to that of the Canon Universe: A sickly man was given an experimental treatment which resulted in him becoming the "Demon King". The demon king quickly realized that being hit by a ray of sun would burn through his skin. This made the man furious and he set out, sharing the blood of the demon king with innocent humans, turning them into demons. The source of food for these demons were humans and the demon king awarded the strongest demons who killed the most people with more of his blood. 12 of the strongest demons later became known as the 12 demon moons. In order to combat the rampage of the demons, the Demon Slayer Corps was formed. However, with the threat of the 12 demons still very real, the corps decided to name 9 of it's strongest swordsmen it's pillars. These pillars had strengths that rivaled the 12 demon moons, and the corps and the demons were finally at somewhat of an equal footing.

In a vicious world where the strong kills the weak, many scenarios are do-or-die that almost always requires a quick flight-or-flee response. Choose your side in this world as either a blood thirsty demon that desires nothing but to kill and devour humans, or as a warrior that wants to protect all who are innocent beings. Climb up the ranks (or start at) either the 12 demon moons or the 9 hashira and defeat your opposition, protecting the weak on their respective sides. Maybe you want to be leader of the first generation of demon slayers? You could also play as the most powerful demon marked in history and decide to play the first demon!

If that sounded like fun to you, come on in and invite your friends. The only main rule is: Don't Be A Dick!
Jesteśmy okołojapońskim serwerem dla starych ludzi (nie ma ograniczenia wiekowego, ale średnia wieku to aktualnie ~20 lat), skupionym wyłącznie na dyskusjach (ale shitpostujemy też czasem więc spokojnie). W przeciwieństwie do większości tego typu miejsc nie mamy żadnych zabaw z botami, giveawayów, nagród, miliona ról i kanałów głosowych, memów, kolorków, emotek, poważnych gejmerów i w ogóle niczego ciekawego.

Mamy za to:
🔸 comfy atmosferę i ludzi traktujących swoje hobby serio,
🔸 kanały związane z mangą, nowelami i anime z dodatkowym kanałem na sakugę,
🔸 kanał vn-kowy, figurkowy, fandomowy oraz dotyczący Japonii,
🔸 kanały do postowania obrazków SFW i NSFW, piosenek i grania w Anime Music Quiz,
🔸 kanał z newsami z branży oraz głosowy kanał radiowy.

Jesteśmy też otwarci na propozycje, żaden temat nie jest u nas zbędnym dodatkiem, jeśli przynajmniej 2,5 osoby chce rozmawiać o czymś, co nie było wcześniej przewidziane, to robimy na to osobny kanał. Czekamy, na początkujących też, prawie nikt nie gryzie.

We are open to english-speaking users too, and we have dedicated channel for them.
Hey, you...yeah you, please read our description 0w0

This is The Duck Pond!
We're a slowly growing community, and
are hoping that you’ll be apart of it!

In our server, we offer:

🦆 Giveaways

🦆 18+ channels

🦆 75+ emotes

🦆 Plenty of self roles

🦆 Friendly and lenient moderators

🦆 Partnerships

...~And much more~

We support LGBTQ, alongside pretty much any
fandom that you’re apart of, if you’d like your
fandom as a role in the server, simply ask
one of the staff =3

We currently have 2 boosts, and are excited to have you be apart of it. You've already come this far, so go ahead and join already!

WE ARE MAINLY EASTERN STANDARD TIME! (Meaning: the server is quiet around the AM of this time zone, just a warning if you’re joining late at night)
A friendly SFW server with an even set amount of rules and an enjoyment for the littlest of people. We try and keep ourselves organized and at our best.
♡ 𝕒𝕙𝕖𝕘𝕒𝕠 𝕡𝕒𝕝𝕒𝕔𝕖 ♡ . . .

is an edgy, wholesome, cute, and aesthetic server mainly centered around ahegao, and lewd emojis.

we offer...

~ 200+ kawaii, lewd and meme emotes
~ cute, aesthetic layout
~ semi-active chats and vc
~ events and giveaways
~ 7 server boosts :D
~fun and nsfw bots
~ egirls + eboys galore

Looking for partnership managers and staff~

𝓳𝓸𝓲𝓷 𝓯𝓸𝓻 𝓪 𝓰𝓸𝓸𝓭 𝓽𝓲𝓶𝓮~!
Here at Frahppucino Café we play games and chat with other memebers! Everyone here are friendly and so are the staff, rules are not that strict as long as you don't go overboard other than that we welcome everyone with open arms !! ❤☕
Anyone is welcome, we're a small community so be free to join, our main objective is to make to otakus a place were they can chat about anything and share their work.
Anime Lounge is a server where we talk about anime and game. Why should you join us?

✮ Cool emojis!
✮ Weeby and Friendly Staff!
✮ Lots of Bots and Fun Games!
✮ Anime Discussions!
✮ Anime Recommendations!

Do you need somewhere to talk about anime with other weebs? Join us and lets talk about anime together senpai ^_^
Welcome to Hero Reboot!
Here we have the following ;

- Easy channels to locate
- Reaction roles
- Clean systems
- Places to get verified
- Many rp channels
- Semi literate to literate server
- Canon quirks to audition for!

And remember to read all the rules, and the information channels! When you're in the server you will need to go to reactions roles first to get your roles and get verified. If you do not get the verified role, you will not be able to talk- unless you talk in the unverified chatroom.

Our lore goes off of MHA, but with a new added city, and a few changes in the ranking! Come join us in Hero Reboot.

perm link ;
Behold, the Kinnery! (Kin + bakery)
🍞All triggers welcome
🍞Exciting weekly VCs, game, and draw nights!
🍞System friendly
🍞Doubles friendly
🍞Nice, drama free community
🍞No Factkin
🍞Host your own private chat with your friends in server called a house!
🍞Request kin content (pastries) to be made by Bakers immediately!
✨Have fun!✨
𝕎𝕖𝕝𝕔𝕠𝕞𝕖 𝕥𝕠 𝔽𝕠𝕣𝕖𝕞𝕠𝕤𝕥 𝕎𝕖𝕖𝕓𝕤! We are a small community looking for more people to interact and make friends with! 𝒲𝑒 𝓃𝑒𝑒𝒹 𝓈𝓉𝒶𝒻𝒻 that can help us. We have self-roles, non-weeb/weeb role, voice chats, and more to come! This server may not look so good and not have that many people, but we hope to try and change that! I hope anybody joins!
Hentai Center:

You Like Hentai And Porn ?
If Yes, This server is for you !!
Join now if you want

In this server you can find:

- More 50 Category Porn and Hentai!!

-Furry channel

- Hentai and Porn Bots

-Yaoi and Yuri

-A lot of Hentai and porn Channel Where you can share your Picture

-5 channel no nsfw for -18 person

-2 general for talk and make friend (Or more)
Requiem, un nouveau serveur basé sur les animés et mangas, notre staff est très actif et à l'écoute. De nombreux événements sont à venir
**》Welcome to Persona Link Academy《**

Persona Link Academy is an 'original concept' RP Server which does not take place within a manga/anime/show etc so we are not limited in what we can do with the server itself. Our concept borrows things from different series and takes the things that Roleplayers find fun and puts them all into one place. Our server has a simple and easy to use progression system that does not require you to RP every day of your life and also rewards people who are active in non-RP channels. This means people that have work, school or other life commitments can still enjoy Roleplaying without being unable to progress a character.

Simply put. Our setting is a scifi Tokyo in the year 3XXX. The server focusses on a Military Academy that trains people between the ages of 13-20 to use powerful weapons called Persona Links to fight against creatures called Hollows. You can find far more information within the server itself but this should give you a rough idea.

**》What we offer《**
- Fair progression
- Fair combat
- An easy to understand setting
- An open power system
- Rewards for activity
- Open staff slots
- Giveaways

**》Contact《** Swooper#5144

**》Note《** This server is NOT a Persona 5 server, also the server is in an early state so please help us improve and make changes to our server to make it more fun for everyone.

**》Invite Link《**
Hey du!🌸
Ich habe einen kleinen und neuen Server für kleine Weebs.🍜
Hier kann man sich treffen und andere Leute kennen lernen.👫
Die einzige Regel ist es Respektvoll mit den Usern umzugehen. 👮‍♀️
Ich (wokkka) bin eigentlich immer da, um mit euch zu reden oder zu schreiben.

Liebe Grüße
Plongez vous dans l'univers de Naruto et Boruto avec les fiches rp. Choisissez votre personnage et devenez un membre à part entière du server. Débattez aussi sur ce que vous aimez dans les salons débats. Exposez vos théories, argumentez votre opinion sur le manga et l'anime. Mais surtout : Amusez vous !
Have you ever wanted to play a killing game but not go threw a whole 5-6 chapters? Well my servers great for you! We will have 2 chapter killing games with a cast of 10 -11! Join for fun and come rp with us! Just keep in mind you may not get a role immediately as im the current only mod
-Kok the head b*tch bee!
Se cercate un serve di JoJo che sia attivo e con uno staff amichevole allora vi conviene entrare da noi. In questo server potrete trovare qualsiasi cosa riguardante JoJo (meme,cosplay,fan art ecc.) e se volete potete anche parlare tra di voi.
+13 possibilmente